Kambwili: Medical Doctors Pilfering Medicine

National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant Chishimba Kambwili has accused medical professionals of pilfering medicine from public health institutions to effectively run their private medical stores.

Kambwili said it was shocking that all public health institutions have no medicine while private hospitals run by medical personnel employed by government are well stocked with medicine.

He said the behaviour of patients being referred to private hospitals and preferred medical stores to access medicine is slowly befitting the purpose of government running health institutions in the country.

Kambwili has called on government through the Ministry of Health to quickly carryout investigations on private hospitals, drug stores, pharmacies and chemists owned by medical personnel employed by government.

“how can you have a situation where when you go to the hospital you are always referred to a private clinic or told to go and buy medicine from this and that drug store? This is very unfortunate, public hospitals should have the capacity to serve the people especially that most of them are funded by government,” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili has further condemned government following the recently hiked fuel prices in the country.

Kambwili, who as Information Minister bragged about Zambia clinching a deal with Saudi Arabia for the procurement of cheap fuel, has accused government of having too many middle men in the oil supply chain.

He said government needed to cut off of middle men in the supply chain to stabilise fuel prices in the country.


  1. Wise me

    Is it not know by Mr Kambwili that he can enforce a citizen’s arrest where evidence is available? When aspiring to become a President of Zambia demonstrate how corruption can be dealt with before you can be voted for.

    • pontino miti

      CommentBa kambwili mwitendeka ma doctors.Mwilalwala.Mulepushe ba zindaba soko

    • John

      Mr kambwili can not challenge president or vice president by then was known as yes bwaba,so you commenters why don’t you arrest your boss at working place if has miss used money but if it happens to servant (you)expect to be arrested?.

  2. Justwas

    its true.

  3. Wise me

    Lead by example, perform a citizen ‘s arrest.

  4. Real man

    Pliz we don’t know which hospital is for govt or private, maybe govt is private

  5. ba drifta

    Mmmmm no wino wino pa zed

  6. Bwana Kambwili you were there ,why complain now.please tell us why you couldn't correct the problem.

    Bwana Kambwili you were there why complain now.please tell us why you couldn’t correct the problem when you were there.

    • chonde Isaac

      Kambwili you worked with them but look now you are blaming,cause there disconnect you in stilling government resources. You are just like them ,you are all claminals you also enjoyed our Nation wealth in astilling organizations political party, God is watch us guys,give back what you stolen and what you are stilling from God and his people. Mother Zambia

      • marcel m kangwa

        collective responsibility is Key wen you are not there.but there is always individual/citizen responsibility to voice out. we must encourage such pipo to keep things in check.not shut them up.

  7. Moses

    ZESCO petauke can u pliz connect us to the national grid. Very tym u don’t have connectors what? For 2 years now.

  8. King cool

    Please when you are commenting on some issues that you don’t know, simply remain quiet. Kambwili knows better than you think. When you are a minister you are not a President . A minister has less power to do things, it’s like a father and son ,a Son can not tell his father the wrong he is doing, he will rather remain quiet for the sake of being a little child to his father.

  9. Tina

    At least for the first time, without insults

  10. Isaac

    You’re able see all this bad Manner’s cause its what you use to do. Kambwili ule kwetako insoni

  11. Ken you smile

    Is it that the government of the day is working hand in hand with these so called private health institutions???

  12. Mutale jnr


  13. Eugene muyalu

    Just listening

  14. HCF

    ba zed let us not always criticize things wen sam1 az the point. ck z right.. there are no medicines n hosptals bcoz doctors are jx falfilling the idiom said by lungu “uubomba mwibala alya mwibala” …. pliz ma felow zambians wakeup … en be alart wth ba koswe mumpoto .

  15. Lady Gaga

    You’ve got a lot going on in your country

  16. Lady Gaga

    You’ve got a lot going on in your country …….keep it low

  17. Lady Gaga

    You’ve got a lot going on in your country…..

  18. Chosa Ziba

    Others may just not like kambwili but this man is not speaking from without , I have seen such with my own four eyes. I even know a lot of hospital that stock government workers.how about government stocks. Napwisha.

  19. Mambo George

    BA kambwili you have gone off your limits please have some respect for the doctors its almost impossible to sell grz drugs in a private set up because grz drugs are clearly and seriously labeled don’t drag hard working doctors into your battles twamipapata twaleni uko your oral vomittus your have serious oral diarrheoa

  20. sim~G

    But why pipo conderm kambwili when is advising the healthy sector that they must investigate the situation. Learn to understand and accept wrong things why always ukukana ifishinka. Don’t behave like poor Zambian cadres

  21. Fredzo

    Me I have just stopped voting bcoz I believe in no one,Mr Mwanawasa and Mr Data ar the two men who wanted to change the shape of but died soon. The lest ar not inspiring, they don’t stand for the pipo nowonder we can even have medicine shortages. Wen Mr Data can into power he brought a law where by if u employ someone u shud at least pay him/her not less than k700 but since he died dat law has also died pipo ar being paid k300 per month and the government cannot do anything. Even the so called HH wen he comes in power it will be the same

  22. Cleomous phiri

    That is what you must be doing,Not insults. Report those doctors to the police

  23. chirwa

    Ck is right ,no minister can challenge the President while serving his or her ministerial position. We should understand Zambians please.

  24. Clifford chepwe

    It is true! Mr Ck

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