Nkana College Lecturers Down Tools

Lecturers at Nkana College of Education have downed tools demanding that management at the institution pay them their salaries and improve working conditions.

The workers took to the City Square expressing disappointment that management at the institution has failed to pay them their salaries for the past 9 months.

They said management has in the past remained adamant to addressing their issues and they have been left them with no option but to abandon work and press management to pay them their dues.

“For the past 8-9 months, we have not seen our salaries so we are wondering what type of administration this is because how do you expect someone to continue working while we are not being paid?

“This is the worst of its kind; management seems not to be bothered with our challenges. When students do not pay they are automatically sent away but why are they failing to pay us,” the teachers argued.

They say for as long as they are not paid their salary arrears and gratuity they will not get back to work because they have no other means of doing so.

“We have families as well and we deserve to be treated like human beings and not in this manner. We have raised our issues with management on several occasions and nothing positive has come up so the best is to withdraw labour for now,” the lecturer’s representative said.

When contacted on the happenings at the institution of learning, management failed to respond to issues preferring not to talk on the phone.



    Ba board zoona, look not a week ago Mr Lungu pronounced that ubomba mwibala alya mwibala,now were do u expect these lectures to be paid if u are not giving them something….. U are elder pipo think twice!

  2. Akapenya-Mushi

    Icibemba citila:Iminwe taikatamafii;meaning hands can not hold dirty for nothing,pay what is due for them period.

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