PF Cadres Take Over Bus Stations In Kitwe

Patriotic Front cadres have invaded bus stations in Kitwe charging over K500 to operators.

Former Kitwe Deputy Mayor Godfridah Chulu has complained that the PF cadres are inviting lawlessness in the transport sector.

She says the Kitwe City Councils’ revenue collection has dropped as a result of cadres taking over councils.

She asked District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu not to tolerate such lawlessnes.

“DC we have a very serious problem in these stations why are we allowing these boys we call security to be collecting such huge amounts of money in bus stations? This is a serious problem we must all address otherwise Council collection will continue to go down,” Chulu said.

In response, the District Commissioner blamed politicians for allowing such lawlessness in bus stations.

“It is you politicians creating these problems. You are always coming to my office that they are your people and we must allow them to be there, so its a challenge back to you deal with those issues because its you who bring them,” Mpundu said.

Lawlessness has invaded bus stations with PF cadres collecting more revenue than the council on a daily basis depriving it of the much needed revenue.



    PF government every thing is politics….. Why is it that even issues that shouldn’t be done by cadres are being done by them? Its seems as if cadres in Zambia have been giv


    Why is it that even issues that shouldn’t be done by cadres are being done by them? It seems as if cadres in Zambia have been given a lot of power even to handle issues they are not suppose to.,,,,,now where are we going

  3. Ndondo Ngindo

    u always blame the opposition, see wat the so called cadres that they have done, this completely shows that there is no order in the governing system, beside that there is this viral prouncement ubomba mwibala,the president is to blame period

  4. Sj

    If one took real interest in the matter and went as an Under cover Agent you’ll unearth that there’re people needing cuts/ncekeleko @ these bus stops causing the escalating costs there. Why can’t legal officers man these stations? Comment


    See now what UBOMBA MWIBALA means these cadres ware given that authority by their own leader to eat from kitwe Bus Station so this issue must be stoped by the Police before it is to late other wise these people will distroy this country through stealing zambian funds and put into ther pockets leaving ba Kitwe City Council Empty in there treasures cofer, ba POLICE, am humbly requesting you to stop all cadres from that animal action around all coners of zambia .

  6. George Mainza

    I wonder why PF supporters are always deffending themselves from their bad leadership, how long are we going to over look over all bad news that are happening in our country? am very desappointed about Ubomba Mwibala Idiom.

  7. Mujala

    Ubomba mwibala alya nwibala, Edgar’s slogan is working.

  8. Chanda Dylan

    Just take them to jail

  9. Akapenya-Mushi

    Mumbwe aaitile mpashi nokumububashamububa!why do cadres seem to have powers than the govt itself? Let Bakanfinsa-Mobilo unit control the situa:K500 or 5zali and you are watching them yet councils need 5he Sam money for its daily operations. Mobile/Mobailo help the situations pliz takuli I fyakubomba mwibala APA.

  10. Mulenga Justin

    But where are the cadres and the same bus station in the photo?

  11. Edwardo

    Its to much mwandi we re all suffering

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