RB Celebrates 81st Birthday

Fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda celebrates his 81st birthday. Banda ruled Zambia from 2008 to 2011.

He has since taken a backseat role wearing a statesmanship hat.

Happy 81st birthday RB!


  1. Clint muwowo

    Happy birthday

  2. Kazembe Simon

    Happy birthday Mr President

  3. Kazembe Simon

    Happy birthday

  4. Moses


  5. hanene

    Congrats bwana RB. Being such old and loosing hair without Any apparent reason is no easy situation . Move with your age. You could be a factor of uniting Zambia but you have missed this opportunity.

    • shu shu shu

      Don’t bring RB into your foolishness. Let RB rest and not involve him into HH’s madness.

  6. chitambo zulu

    happy birthday mr president

  7. Samson Banda

    Happy Birthday RB

  8. Adams mtonga

    I wish you happy birthday Mr.bwezan RB may God add another more years for you

  9. Dziwa Zako Mailosi

    Happy birthday Mr President

  10. Joyce

    Happy birthday Mr president, may God increase your days

    • chonde Isaac

      Happy birthday Wiseman Mr RB.Galu wa mukota sakandila pachabe !!!

  11. Joyce

    Happy birthday Mr president, may God increase your days. I salute you

  12. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Happy birthday Mr President.

  13. RABSON

    Happy betherda

  14. Love your neighbor

    Ni birthday lini ya n*ko.

  15. Love your neighbor

    Ni birthday lini ya n*ko.kkkkkkk

  16. Abraham

    Happy birthday Mr President

  17. Mwale Henry

    Happy birthday day Mr president.

  18. Aram K Chabula

    Happy Birthday to you Sir

  19. ramsey johnson

    Happy birthday uncle wishing u many more returns

  20. Kaps

    Sure sure may God be with you

  21. Charlesmicklay

    Happy birth day boss R.B.may God add many years to come.I salute u

  22. Charlesmicklay

    Happy birth day boss R.B.may God add many more years to come.I salute u

  23. Alimaswe sichz

    Happy birth day mr banda

  24. Majoni Tyson

    Happy birthday my friend. Reaching at that age is really a blessing. May God add more days to life as u served this country in a Democratic manner. Accusations ar normal features of life, u are a man for Zambia. God bless u.

  25. Jk

    Happy birth day the former leader,wisdom wisdom our father

  26. Taonga Banda

    HBD Dear Rupiah Banda Live Long Sir

  27. Robert

    Yeah,happy birth day may God bless you!

  28. jk

    Happy birthday Mr RB. I salute u

  29. Mr Lee

    Cobgratulation mr RB……

  30. Kennedy chulu

    Comment happy birthday grandfather

  31. Felix Banda


  32. Joseph zulu

    Comment my president a president for all zambias we remember you like that sir you left your presidency peacefully god bless u.

  33. joshua phiri

    Leave longer Mr President. Pipo stop being foolish y always HH.

  34. PANTO ice boy

    Happy birthday mr president banda

  35. assanjustin

    Happy birthday Mr Rb


    Zakaaa zanyonko weshaka

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