Respect My Political Rights; Don’t Stain My Name With Fake New – Antonio Mwanza

Patriotic Front deputy media director Antonio Mwanza has issued a stern message to suspected UPND spin doctors advising them not to stain his reputation with fake news.

Mwanza says some unknown people who sources say are connected to the opposition party are on a mission taint his image.

However, Mwanza who recently joined the ruling party leaving many opposition members disappointed says he will not go down without putting up a formidable.



I want to dismiss with contempt a FAKE statement circulating on social media purpoting to have been issued by me saying UPND IS PLANNING TO EMBARRASS PRESIDENT EDGAR LUNGU AT NC’WALA CEREMONY.

I find this incessant propaganda campaign unleashed by my cynics to sully my image and poop on my reputation through flimsy lies and mendacity to be trifling, petty and childish. I shall not stoop so low to give credence to such hogwash by engaging myself in a war of words with political dimwits and intellectual nicompoops in their desperate attempts to pull me down.

My simple advice to these charlatans masquerading as social media spin doctors and political gurus is that fighting me with propaganda, cheap lies and misinformation is futile for the Zambian people know too well the cunning nous of weak political mercenaries.

This is MANYENGWE and it won’t take you anywhere.

GET A LIFE and MOVE ON. I don’t owe you scat.

Have some decency and respect my uninalieable right to belong to a political party of my choice.



  1. maison mere

    Mwanza u used to be my hero in atticulation of issues but look u lost yo direction from the day u joined pf.u have shuttered yo political ambitions.u would have waited for yo time but u rushed .

    • Makai

      That’s how politics is ,it’s full of malice and hatred ,just continue with your role in PF and move on to another party.

  2. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Hai Mr A Mwanza. Dear you just have to be careful. PF is not like ka pamela the way FDD is.PF is one of the giants. No opposition can accuse you that statement. Its within your party. Remember, you are only few days in the party, and check your position. Others are there for years, are still down. So you are not steady, very soon, you are gone. This is when you should feel and proves yourself as a politician now. FDD was unopposed.Therefore, don’t think opposition has anything to do with you. Table heart. We all know that, you thought to be there. All need to do to plan how to maintain your job and what will take you through 2021

    has anything to dl

  3. mulongoti

    There’s to much lies and propaganda in this country we don’t know where these lies are coming from the fact that he’s a zambian he has freedom of association and Assembly of his own choice he has done what he wants why can’t we do our own things????let’s grow up Zambians

  4. Sj

    That’s what Politics are, Your every move and what you say is forever marked and judged (AT A LARGE SCALE) so do what you can do right so you can defend and justify your actions.
    Isn’t it you applied and got the job? Well that’s what will go with the job mud slinging and all. In short keep smiling because you will ‘ve people who will like/hate you, for good or bad reasons. Comment


    Ba mwanza moviuos politician are never respected …..get the above point clearly stated by Dorfrlyn Sojin,they are some sense

  6. ækaděmos

    Antonio to start with, u r a muselela kwa kaba. Do you realize that you just joined the fray bt u hv spoken more than everyone in the party? Politics yamu Zambia boi teyakuchekela, just ask Kabimba will tell you. I know u want that salary that the FDD could not give you but u need to have a thick skin bro…just say ‘I didn’t say dat’ chapwa wa labako, uku ulelya ne taba.

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