Ching’angu Arrested for Possession of Cannabis

Former heavyweight boxer Joseph ‘No Pressure’ Chingangu has added to his post boxing criminal shenanigans after being arrested for possession of cannabis.

Ching’angu has been at variance with the law having been convicted of house breaking and also almost got killed by University of Zambia students after he was caught stealing laptops.

The once upon a time famed boxer has fallen from having faced off some of the world’s finest pugilists to a regular visitor at legal confinements.

At the height of his powers Ching’angu came up against former World Heavyweight champion Vladmir Klitchko in 1999 in Germany.

BELOW IS THE Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) statement:

The Drug Enforcement Commission in Lusaka has arrested a Bolivian national for trafficking in 2.1 Kg of cocaine which was wrapped in condoms concealed in fifty five (55) bottles of roll-on.

The suspect, identified as Veizaga Arias Steven, 27, was intercepted at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport upon arrival from Rio de Janeiro via Angola aboard an Angolan Airlines flight.

And, the Commission has also arrested four people for various drug related offences in an operation conducted in Lusaka’s Chibolya Township.

Those arrested include Joseph Chingangu, 52, of Chilenje Township for trafficking in cannabis and Brian Kaputula, 29, a Carpenter of Chibolya Township for trafficking in seven sachets of cocaine and heroin.


  1. Kilisto Bola

    Does Zambia have any Provident fund programme for Sportsmen? These guys need education on how to invest their money and they also need the security of a pension fund. I ve seen too many suffering after a glorious career.

  2. SIR ROX

    To bad

  3. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Umusebanya,awe cabipa nga kuti twatila shani ba Chingangu

  4. mauto nkhowani

    Chingangu why?

  5. mauto nkhowani

    Chingangu why?

  6. No man

    Why? Is it that there is no money in boxer or is it that the man just need as there say money will never been enough in life or boxing us the waste of time and you future in zambia, sorry man you

  7. chrisy mwamba

    From Hero to Zero

  8. Barotseland

    Too bad young man


    Too bad my man


    Sad news my man


    Learn to invest ba mudala,..where have u taken all the money u earned in yo career? Shame on u!

  12. joshuin gost

    losers wat a shame so u want our kids to be victims u such evil.

    • M.c

      Y would u can a man u have no idea what is going on in his life a loser, ?? Your kids r your responsibility n have nothing to do with this case, unless they r also “losers” as u say

  13. martin chiyesu

    Ba no pressure mwatusêbanya mwalyamba noku shitisha ibange nomba nga ba mikaka abana atishani?learn to invest please our sports men and women.

  14. titus mumba

    too bad chingangu

  15. Afrozed

    Imwe don’t you think that the Bolivian caught with 2.1KG of HEROINE should be a bigger headline? Above that, what quantity did Chingangu have in his possession?

  16. mibe miltons

    Sure ba chingangu

  17. Hendrix ludo mukosha

    Teach them so that thy can learn

  18. Hendrix ludo mukosha

    Teach them so that thy can learn !!!!kkkkk shame on u

  19. mulase

    Most sportsmen in Zambia use cannabis to enhance their strength and confidence in games and this is a well known fact.No wonder y most of them don’t make it abroad.Chingangu is just one of them and such ar the consequences.Even Lottie MWALE MHSRIP used chamba and this is not an allegation coz I used to interact with him off the boxing ring.Wat chingangu needs is a serious rehab and spiritual guidance and he can change.Pliz do not take him to Prison but take him to a rehab if u want him to reform.His behavior is not normal and it’s beyond comprehension.Previous govts ar to blame for not putting up serious deterrent measures to curb these vises in the past.

    • M.c

      This is a better way to handle the situation, the rehab n some community service will be the best option, not forgetting spiritual guidance

  20. TK

    Too bad

  21. zambia

    Ching’angu nipompwe fye u dont knw mwebantu mwe


    This man punches ar clicking his head …its better they take him for councelling measures …..stealing laptops were is he going to sale them ??? Amasample katondo …..THE LEGEND

  23. ckj

    Its very easy to condem, when bad things happen to your friend, put your self in his shoes, no one was born a pompwe, let him just be taken to a rehab, the other major contributing factor in our country Zambia, is that, this nation does not value it’s citizens, after contributing to the national coffers, someone becames a begger, what a shame to this nation,this is the reason why you find that after working for the nation one retires, becomes just a nobody let Zambia improve on this shameful culture.

  24. pink toe

    Don’t do things you cannot put on you curriculum vitae CV in short. Who would call you a mentor with such record? Once can be a mistake but perpetual is habit.

  25. Andrew

    What an embracement

  26. Pack

    Just teach them those involves in drugs accordingly your professional officers

  27. Robert

    Whether you wrap cocaine in condoms or not? they will still find you,that thanks Ba DEC for the brilliant work you’re doing but for you chingangu enough is enough if the court finds you guilty then you deserve to go prison and I would like you lead the second example following kanene to all Zambian citizens that learn from you!

    • M.c

      No! Prison is not the answer to this, for a man like chingangu who brought so much honor to zambia, he deserves better, there is no justification for what he is doing, i agree but the man just needs help, what he needs is rehab n spiritual guidance, its the least we can do for him as zambians,

  28. Formidable

    They is no way of asking chingangu’s mentality cause guys ama Kofi yala **Kenya.

  29. litunga

    Life goes on

  30. Gideon

    Mmm too bad bachingagu

  31. Mcee

    Its easy to judge and call chingangu all sorts of names, for a man that once brought so much honor n joy in the hearts of many zambians, its sad to hear that people want to abandon him when he needs help the most, if we look at his concurrent cases, surely one can see that it not normal at all, i woudnt exactly say he has the intent to do any of those things per say, science tells us that boxers do face brain concussion after being in the system for long, perhaps our chingangu is having a neurological problem or is it mental breakdown, lets us all just harmonise n see what we can do to help our champion, what he needs is a thorough rehabilitation and spiritual guidance, then let the government step in and put up any activity for him, his a great boxer, why not open up a gym for him to train upcoming boxers n giving him something to sustain himself, please let us not watch our great men fall apart n all we do is condem, lets unite n save them instead,

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