Citizen’s View: Is Kalaba Becoming Irrelevant?

Harry Kalaba is slowly becoming irrelevant despite having impressed everyone with his resignation. I have always said Kalaba is better off in the background – under someone’s control. For now I feel like he has two options or maybe three which are as follows:

1. Harry Kalaba he is very good at making good and touching speeches but he lacks three qualities needed of a politician in Zambia. The need to be radical, practical and physical. His speeches are not shaking the incumbent president……they are beginning to sound rhetoric. To resolve this problem Kalaba needs to surround himself with people, youths inclusive who have the qualities that he doesn’t have. He also needs to have a lot of people and pages on social media to share his posts and speeches. To campaign for him – in short.

2. The second option is that he should consider working either with HH or Kambwili. But I am more of the view that he should try to work with Kambwili. The two can make the necessary noise country wide and they will shake the ground nearly daily. They will even attract more people from the PF to join them.

3. The last option is for him to stop making speeches and remain quiet. If he can’t be physical and radical in the fight against corruption then he is doing nothing. Dr. Chishimba Kambwili has performed well so far in the fight against corruption. He has been able to bring out factual information and he points out the things that are affecting us….what Kambwili is missing is that….he has focused so much on attacking the incumbent than he has on telling the Zambian people of what he intends to do if voted in as President in 2021. He needs to go out in other areas other than Lusaka and Copperbelt….

I am actually sure that the PF members at grassroot level and even the cadres still count Kambwili as their own person. Because of that they can’t harm him but will just pledge allegiance to the finger that feeds them otherwise Kambwili is more like the owner of the PF….he can turn tables any minute….he still has the necessary support of the PF.

Written by Kaluba Bright


  1. Mutaba titus muleba

    I support your advice.

    • Mumba Kenneth

      Kalaba thinks he is popular. He went to south Africa to see a man of God major 1 .I think he went there seek the face of God .the prophet Bushiri to give him direction.I appreciate prophet bushiri what he did to him to give him the bible so that he can start up a church or read a bible. I am saying so because kalaba and other Zambian officials refuted Bushiri to can preach the word of God here in Zambia. We want bushiri here .we don’t have money travel to travel to south africa but officials are sneaking and see the man of God.

  2. Wisdom lengwe

    It’s true but kalaba can make a good presidency

  3. Metal

    Harry Kalaba is out of use!!!!!

  4. Metalworkers

    Harry kalaba takwata value!!!!

  5. mulongoti

    See the People of zambia kalaba has not told anyone tThat he is the president of any political party so let him decide what he wants to do give him chance to decide what is due to him

  6. zacks


  7. oliver

    that’s a blue lie who is kalaba me I dnt knw him

    • Wise me

      If it is true that Harry Kalaba is associated with the so called prophet Bushiri, then it explains why he made a haste decision. A singer from Malawi got entangled with Prophet Bushili and devulged the schemes and rituals that prophet has been undertaking to destabilize the peace in Malawi. In that case Mr Kalaba has lost it. Others have tried using vood to their frustration. Zambia is a Christian Nation, no evil scheme hatched against us shall succeed. Wish you good luck.


    The man is old enough to know what he is doing…. Don’t judge him…..this is too early pipo…..bola panshi time is there for him to do anything

  9. Luke Mwale

    You are the one who is more confused than Harry Kalaba. You try to label and rubbish him without giving convincing reasons. You must even think for him which political party he must join and you suggest NDC. And then you disparage its leader as having no real agenda. You are the one without an agenda and seem to be groping in the dark. Your writing has no basis and no direction. Please try to research before you venture into writing clap trap


    No time for kalaba to rule Zambia maybe some where not here even Ba ck balibatipa kuli Ba sata before the cobra died so they can make noise but not to rule.igweeeee!

  11. Peter priri

    Ieaders are born not created., all kachepa ababufi muzungu wanga are not leader

  12. katenaile

    I don’t know why your view of politicking is wielding physical power and attracting the masses with likely wrong motives.. why should we entrust our country with people that spend time talking the citizenry into wrong acts. should it mean stand up to any unlawful activities perpetrated by any of our leaders should amount to physical or verbal violence amongst ourselves.. don’t we have a more reserved and mutual way to facing what ever that’s happening without counter acting with just the same vices we intend to rid our society of… what is good politicking….!!!???

  13. Clement

    Visionless leader

  14. naume mather

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  15. Apansi

    Making noise eveywhere does not make one a better politician.Look at some of the world renowned leaders who are calm and focused.Let’s look at susbtance not how empty and tin is to make noise all time.Kalaba holds great potential to lead.

  16. Santos

    Just wait and see.let him decide on his own

  17. Santos

    Leadership is all about wisdom not power dear

  18. nshilimubemba

    You may not like Kalaba but his presentation is of highier calibre than many of his co-opposition , the man is not hurt and not bitter but accurate in what wants to do , he has made many points which have been missed by many of his piers.
    Really this man has a vision worth considering if you observed him he is not so much in a hurry as his name implies.
    I would begg that no one judges him as he seems to have a great agenda for zambia.

  19. Benny

    Mmmmm! Bushiri is a man of God? I doubt if he is a man of God why was he stealing people’s money?

  20. Sosa

    We need people who will come to save the Zambian people not rats.The Zambian economy depends on mining but no one among our recycled leaders seem to properly articulate mining issues and Miner’s concerns. I don’t trust any of them.Miners wake up!.

  21. Blessed


  22. Dr Andrew

    Please let’s stand for the truth

  23. ba general

    Let him do what he fills like.what do u want him to do?form a political party? Join another political party?….come on Zambians don’t behave like childrens ..

  24. Sibwen

    Then U Dont Know Politics. Politics Is Not About Figure Head But Good Heading. I Cant Comment Much About It. Ho Ho

  25. Kamtondoli

    “He appoints Leaders in His own will. God rules in the kingdoms of men. He gives and he has given Zambia at the Time. The door to leadership is a needle’s eye. One Man at Time. There were men, there is a Man and there will be Man as God will see it beffiting. He gives and takes at his own time. Ours it to praise Him all the time.
    Zikomo Ambuye.

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