Parliament Resumes Sitting Today

The second session of the 12 National Assembly resumes sitting with a slightly changed set up in the house.

Bahati Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba and his Matero counterpart Lloyd Kaziya will be relegated to the backbench after having resigned and fired as ministers respectively.

Kalaba relinquished his position citing corruption in government while Kaziya was fired as Water Development minister in the recent cabinet reshuffle.

Kwacha lawmaker Joe Malanji and his Nkana counterpart Alexander Chiteme will take their new spots on the front bench after being appointed ministers.

Absent from the house will be Lucky Mulusa who was fired as planning and development minister while Mumbi Phiri will be back in parliament after being nominated.
The house is expected to tackle several bills including the possibility of the Freedom of Information bill.

The last sitting of parliament approved the K72 billion national budget.


  1. Fyakuifwaila

    Efintufintu yaba its normal

  2. Michael chilinda

    Very good and as youths we want to know when the recruitment will take place because we are tide of waiting

  3. ovick kapotwe

    Let the law take place

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