CBU Workers Accuse Malanji Of Siding With Embattled Professor

Copperbelt University Unionised Workers have accused foreign affairs Joseph Malanji of allegedly siding with embattled University Vice Chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma in the operations of the institution.

And the Unionised Workers have declared a collective labour dispute against management for failure to remove Professor Naison Ngoma.

Speaking on behalf of the three unions at the University, Dr Derrick Ntalasha accused Malanji of betraying them after agreeing to help resolve serious issues affecting the institution of higher learning.

He says the unions had given Malanji a benefit of doubt to help intervene in the issues but were disappointed that he turned out to be a sell-out.

“We would like to express our displeasure with Joseph Malanji’s press statement that only a few lectures at CBU have interest in forcing the vice chancellor Prof. Naison Ngoma to resign from CBU so that they can take up the position of vice chancellor themselves.

“We would like to categorically state that the resolution to pass a vote of no confidence in the vice chancellor is an irreversible collective resolve of over 380 workers at CBU and not just a few lectures as was asserted by Hon. Malanji,” he said.

Dr Ntalasha said the Unionised Workers were disappointed because they had resolved to give Malanji a chance to look at their grievances and engage the Republican President on the long standing dispute.

“Our expectations were that Hon. Malanji would come back to address the workers just as he promised, but instead he went on to misinform the nation by asserting that only a few lecturers have hidden interests,” he added.

CBU workers have in the last two years pressured authorities to remove the vice chancellor who they allege is among the many problems affecting the institution.


  1. Wise me

    It looks like there are politics at play from both sides.The man looks like an overdue retirement aged individual why not respefully do justice?


    Ngoma is an arrogant man full of himself. He is Mr Self Righteous who lives in fools paradise. Ba Ngoma learn to learn to others.

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