Kampyongo Warns Jerabos; “The Law Will Deal With You”

Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo has warned Jerabos against causing confusion in Chingola District.

Kampyongo sounded the warning following a series of reports of lawlessness among the Jerabos in Chingola.

He said his Ministry will not allow lawlessness to continue and will put in place measures to ensure that sanity is restored in the district.

“I want to make it very clear that we will not allow any lawlessness in Chingola district especially where illegal mining activities are concerned. I don’t care whether you are a Jerabo or what we must all respect the laws of the land,” the Shiwang’andu Parliamentarian warned.

He said security will be heightened in the district and ensure that communities are not made to live under fear.

Kampyongo warned that law enforcers will not spare anyone that will be found engaging in lawlessness behaviour.

Recently some Jerabos in Chingola terrorised communities after one person from a rival group was shot and died at the hospital following a scuffle.


  1. Wise me

    Thanks Bwana Minister, a stitch in time saves nine. Everyone and everywhere we need protection but there are some misguided
    members of our society who think they are above the law. Put them in jail they belong there.This should continue during the political gatherings where for example youth s are seen doing the work of traffic police and causing chaos on roads.

    • Mpombo

      We urge the Honourable minister to cage those abalile mwibala during privatisation and today they want to be champions against this Bemba idiom after cleaning,burning and even stealing the whole field.

  2. Zonzo

    Does the man understand the meaning of lawlessness?It means absence of law.Abusing public order act is lawlessness,corruption is lawlessness,firing pipo on the basis of tribe is lawlessness,deporting investors to please your friends is lawlessness,sir you are the last person who should preach about lawlessness.

  3. bwalya obed

    more police officer should be deployed in the district to safe guard the lives of innocent residents, these jerabos don’t fear the all administration of the police in the district

  4. sim~G

    Warning is noted but warn even those who are in government who practice unlawful. The same way you warn jarabos

  5. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Indeed lawlessness must not be entertained.


    Bauyo tapaba ifyo babomba my shiwa


    Ba Kampyongo that can help…but u too, don’t promise pipo something u can’t fulfill, coz u promised the same group to offer them this thing the so called BLACK MOUNTAIN…as the way of earning their living… But look after voting u ….u seem to be clever when u won the elections



  9. Barotseland

    These so called jerabos are fill time Pf cadre’s nowander they take law in their hands and eat on the same table with their President ECL. Shame Pf zwaaaaaa in 2021 masholi tuwey

  10. mulongoti

    Zonzo you shud go back to school and learn civic education doing or breaking the law without fear is lawlessness so do want people to start misbehaving while the police looks on if one misbehaves and is dismissed because he did didn’t the signed procedure that person deserves to go if the law tells the civil servants to be loyal to the government of the day and you do the opposite you shud be given way to do politics is that lawlessness?watch yourself if don’t follow the law. The law will follow you zonzo

  11. Lupupa Francis

    Indeed, let’s the law take it’s cours.

  12. Loui Halw

    Zonzo must be one of those bitter pipo hoping to jump into government by force. The minister should be supported. Tonga Chap!!

  13. Cuthbert beltrand

    That was really bad why did they do this were is Zambia heading to?


    No doubt Pf in control now. Let’s show them that which they voted for us in power.Thinking of my plan to expand and increase supply of vegetables in my area

  15. Benny

    Well spoken kampiongo but action need to be taken urgently these stupid people are terrorising chingola residents one day their fellow jerabo died they made our place hell grabbing chickens from poor marketer please try 2 find a way 2 take them 2 mukobeko prison or they may change our place into Johannesburg

  16. kabange

    Tapali ifyo babomba.

  17. Formidable

    Mr kampyongo Action speak louder than words yeah,you have been drastically restoring sanity in Lusaka chibolya compound but when it comes to jerabos here in CB nothing as been done why has living in fear were by they is police ,anyway we shall this time your quick response will be highly appreciated.

  18. Michael Chileshe

    Honourable Minister you have spoken well, but it is not only Chingola that requires sanity in that regard but the entire nation. This whole thing has to do with the government allowing party cadres to be unruly and feel that they are above the law. They do not respect the police. The police can not act because they fear to lose their jobs because they have seen what has happened to their colleagues who tried to work professionally. Just do the right thing as the Minister responsible for maintaining law and order and there will be sanity. Have political will. See what happened to the eyesore that was in the CBD in Lusaka due to street vending? The CBD is now clean and everyone is appreciating. In leadership you sometimes have to make hard and unpopular decisions to do the right thing. That was a mark of good leadership to have decided to remove the street vendors. Political will!

  19. Given Twin

    Ba Kampyongo u are the 1 bringing confusion in the country. Those Jerabos are full PF cadres. PF z nt going anywhere mr kampyongo am telling u… Koswe mumpoto Kabwalala wa ndiyo na tomato.

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