NDC To Push For Access To Information Bill

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party Secretary General Mwenya Musenge says the his party is eager to see how the long awaited Access to Information (ATI) Bill will be debated now that Parliament has resumed sitting.

Musenge said the ATI bill is critical not only to the growth and promotion of the media industry in the country but to preserve democracy and good governance.

He has expressed hope that once the bill is enacted it will assist in fighting corruption in the country.

Musenge says the NDC is also looking forward to see how parliamentarians will debate issues surrounding the alleged abrogation and violation of the Republican constitution by President Edgar Lungu.

He charges that President Lungu has failed to defend and protect the aspiration of the nation citing the blocking of opposition political parties from holding public gatherings among other issues.


  1. Wise me

    How is that to be done by a party not represented in parliament?

  2. nineo

    Chiwamila mbuzi ka?, when these chaps were in government, they were the loudest in blocking this same bill

  3. John simuyota

    Go ahead mr kambwili

  4. Asibwen

    The Problem, Our Constitution Is ill. This Const Does Not Favour Oldinary Citizen Than It Favour Mostly Politician. So Zambian Lets Nt Be Blinded By Politians, Why These Politian Cant Push The Burn Of Cardrlism. Bt They Ar Pushing The Inf Bill So That Bazi Tukwanana Bwino.

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