Pres. Lungu Says African Solution By Africans

President Edgar Lungu says solutions to African problems must be found within the continent.

Visiting the genocide memorial in Rwanda, President Lungu says believes was subdued by its colonial masters.

“This visit reveals how the entire continent of Africa was colonized, divided and subdued by the colonizers, based on “Divide and Rule”. As Africans we have a lot to learn from here.

“We cannot continue looking to outside as Africa. May the Souls of the victims of the Genocide give hope to a rejuvenated Rwanda,” he writes.

President Lungu is making his facing international visit this year.


  1. Albalonga

    The Prez is right… There are no two ways about it.

  2. sim~G

    What have you done or what have you put in place that give us hope that we have to seek our own solution as african Mr President ?

  3. Sj

    People please try to Edit articles posted for comments. And not just copy and paste? It’s enough nail bitting to ‘ve the running comments equally done with little or no care. We’re learning from each other.Comment

  4. bsiamc

    The msg in the img is not necessarily true of the Divide and Rule. The many historical barbaric wars when Africans were savages contradicts to that. The Mfecane and the massive migration from Katanga, the Kola etc. These wars have had significant divisions. Notwithstanding, the Arrival of the colonialists and not colonisers has nothing to the cause of the so many divisions. It is just human nature. Greed abides everywhere even beyond Africa. Lousy statements!

  5. Mpombo

    Especially what happened in maala Namwala after the 2006 elections where other tribes from other regions were systematically attacked and maimed at the instigation of the Upnd leadership in southern province

  6. the duke

    Ecl is correct nepotism is a recipy to war.u namscars don’t care kk left u united.but u dont care for posterity .one zed .or leave us .

  7. Robert

    It’s nice to have a president that really loves Africa and puts Zambia first like it should be.President ECl Will go down in history books as one of the greatest President serving greater good for all people… ECL 2021!!!

  8. Richard

    forgive him, he was under the influence of alcohol, mr jemason.

  9. E.m

    It’s unfortunate that some people are full of negativity and criticises every thing they see whether good or not but please learn to see good in everything around you. much more that you learn to give support to our leaders when they are fighting a common good. The president’s point is very true Africa should not always be looking outside for its solutions because we have answers to our problems just right within our continent. I support president E.Lungus’ statement because in the end both the rolling and opposition parties together they a complete government for all people. We all have something to contribute to the solutions for our continent Africa.

  10. Salty Af

    From my knowledge, I understand that the conflicts in Rwanda were classified as genocide. People of varrying ethnic groups going against each other. Rwanda’s colonial masters were long gone when this happened, so I find it hard to understand what the president meant when he said that the colonial masters used the notion of “divide and rule” as if they were the reason this conflict arose. It’s true to say that colonialism brought about division in the colonies in the form of indirect rule that may have caused tension amongst the natives but not in the light that our President described.
    The genocide was a Rwandan problem caused by Rwandans. The solution greatly depended on how they, the Rwandans approached the problem. Just my opinion.

  11. B.I.G

    “African problems must be solved by Africans” this is factual statement but truth is Africans leadership have failed, you create problems by yourselves at the expense of your colonial masters

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