Pres. Lungu Takes on Mwanakatwe Critics

President Edgar Lungu has sprung to the defence of newly appointed Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe that her detractors will thank him for that decision later.

He said that even his ascendancy to the Presidency had people bent on scandalizing him as a drunkard but has since proved his critics wrong.

President Lungu said he was shocked some critics had gone as far as creating turbulences in the market just to prove that Mwanakatwe was not the right choice for the position of Finance Minister.

“Before I became President there were people who said that Lungu is a drunkard he can’t do anything. So I would encourage her to just work hard,” he said.

“When you reshuffle cabinet the way I did, there is bound to be turbulences, politically, economically. I feel sorry for her because people are saying so many poor things about her. I can only encourage her to work hard, she is equal to the task, and I have no doubt.”

President Lungu relinquished Felix Mutati of the finance portfolio and appointed Mwanakatwe with some forces resisting her appointment.


  1. Pamutunda

    Good move no doubt mwanakatwe is in the office of finance

  2. Henry mando

    The markets have a perception that Mwanakatwe does not have what it takes to deliver either the the IMF deal or resolve the trigger happy PF spending.

    Margaret did not do well at Barclays or Commerce and she lacks the necessary political experience to push through reform.

  3. Emmanuel musosa

    Looking at MISS Mwanakatwe, is back ground she a successive woman in her business, finance she so she can do a job, she is right choose

  4. Emmanuel musosa

    Looking at MISS Mwanakatwe, is back ground she a successive woman in her business, finance she so she can do a job, she is a right choose

  5. Emmanuel musosa

    She had saved as a managing director, at Bank of African in Uganda, Barclay’s bank chana and Zambia so look at her history she is a right choose as a minster of finance, thanks to the H.E MR LUNGU well done

  6. chalo bantu

    Wow ba people

  7. muna ki tau

    birds of a feather flock together.
    GDP, Inflation, CPI and Interest Rate will tell the true story

  8. nshilimubemba

    If what the president has done will benefit the country why criticise him , however time will vindicate him we shall wait on the sidelines and watch.

  9. Royd

    Congratulations madam

  10. Tom London

    That’s a Mr Lungu special always arrogant . He is a self stailed fake leader .
    Mr ecl sir you appointed Madam Mwanakatwe to work for Zambia and not for you . Those who are against her appointment are Zambians try to listen very carefully because they are giving you reasons .
    Mutati F was a reasonable minister of finance anyway . Something fishy might be going on .

  11. captain chanda

    Mr President sir. She is a right person to that position of finance minister. Some marketeers don’t know how to calculate and balance in their businesses as they sell while juntalising and sunkolise forgetting that any coin of money is countable. Viva mwanakatwe.

  12. Patrick Mwale

    All the best madam as you execute your duties in one of the most sensitive ministerial positions.Congrat!


    Let the woman holds the position, who knows may be she can even be much better than Mutati

  14. Sj

    She’s already in office so who are we “to judge her to her task,” if you were not consulted for her Placement. Let’s wait and see for they stumble that run fast. William Shakespeare said in one of his books[ Romeo & Juliet]. Comment

  15. philimon mvula

    Congulatulations madam

  16. philimon mvula

    well done madam

  17. Lupupa Francis

    Nice move our president

  18. Loui Halw

    A Tonga!!! U chaps are bitter!! Let your friend Lungu work. As for you, wait for 2040,maybe the next generation

  19. Mwansa

    Good job H .E C.L
    Congratulations Madam.

  20. FGM

    If she sticks to bankers ” ethics , she can deliver, but if she succumbs to pressure from the appointing authority : she will fail . The ministy needs people with the heart for Zambians.

  21. Dziwa Zako Mailosi


  22. Dziwa Zako Mailosi

    Thank u it’s good move.

  23. Dziwa Zako Mailosi

    Congratulations ,l know u are going to deliver.

  24. Enock Chiwati

    Its a good move.she only has to be ready to stand strong for the country by protecting Banking ethics and control spending outside the budget. Listen to her heart.and God

  25. moses Mwansa

    Work well

  26. Nchimz


  27. 1j

    go for it mama you can do it

  28. Dj

    Ni kuichaila madam save pipo to fuifil the promise which mr president made during campaign.

  29. christopher mutambo

    Miss mwanakatwe…she is the right person for the job,She has saved has managing director in different banking and financial sectors so please let’s
    give her a chance….and judging from her back ground she will do a great job for zambia has minister of finance.

  30. axon

    good movement!

  31. Patrick Lufunda

    Let them talk

  32. Sensai

    U are sick my friend mwanakatwe is
    just a recycled failure by lungu another failure so failure and another failure is equal to a deadly bunch of failure making up pf

  33. pk

    Thnx mama

  34. Orator

    Judge Not Before Actions Done What Are You Going To Judge?
    Don’t Talk Of Something You Don’t Know But Talk Of What You Experienced.
    You Want To Judge This Woman But What Of Yourself?
    What Goodness Did You Find In Mutati When Our Economy During His Control Was Wastening Bad?
    Mr Lungu Is Also A Man, With Sence,he Also Does Not Feel Good With All Our Economic Problems So Don’t Always Be Negative Learn To Be Positive Sometimes Because One Day You End Up Eating Your Faeces..
    Learn To Respect Your President And Know It By Heart That You Are Not The President But Mr Ecl Is The President..
    Let Her Decisions Sometimetimes Be Respected.
    God Bless You Mr Ecl Because He Is The One Who Annointed You President Of Zambia..
    If God Chose Ecl To Run Zambia Under Difficulties It’s His Will But Not Mr Lungu’s Will.
    Mr President Don’t Force Yourself To Do Your Impossibilities But Do What You See Is Good And Beneficial The Country..
    Don’t Follow People’s Comments They Are Just Searching For Your Weakness.God Bless Zambia

  35. Mambwe Phiri

    She’s been appointed to that position hopefully the stake holders will give necessary support. Its our country let’s work together to make a better Zambia. Congregation Mama Maggie.

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