Wusakile MP Linked To School Land Wrangle

Wusakile Member of Parliament Pavyuma Kalobo is alleged to have benefited from the ongoing plans to sale Wusakile Secondary School football pitch alongside some officials from the Ministry of Education.

The Parliamentarian is believed to be the master minder of the auction plan which has faced resistance from all stakeholders including government.

Kalobo, the independent Member of Parliament, is understood to have been looking forward to construct a shopping mall in the constituency as a legacy project.

“We had a chat with him a long time ago last year where he hinted that he would bring an investor to put up a mall in the constituency as a legacy project.

“This was not approved because it was too close to the school itself. Now it is surprising that debates have emerged and money is believed to have exchanged hands,” one of the Ministry officials disclosed.

He alleged that the Member of Parliament was working with the former head teacher who has since been transferred and is under investigations for involving himself in the matter.

“The head master who was transferred was working with the MP in this deal and as I tell you he is under investigations, but from here I think DEBS has made it very clear that the land is not sold to the named investor,” he added.

When contacted Kalobo rubbished the allegations and threatened to take legal action against individuals that were attempting to soil his name in a questionable deal.

“As area Member of Parliament, my interest goes with what the people decided. If the people don’t want the facility so be it… I can’t say much on this matter,” Kalobo said.

Meanwhile, Some Zambia Environmental Management agency (ZEMA) officials said the agency will not approve such a move.

During a workshop in Kitwe, the officer said it was disappointing that some leaders could sink so low to build a shopping mall next to a school.



    What a laughable matter I have never seen a school without a pitch before! Pliz bwana honorable just look for another place not apo Quite okay your plans are nice but the place itself is belongs to the school

  2. Sj

    Shame, so does construction of a Shopping mall begin with area MP AND then as in this case Headteacher to Approve? Why are Short cuts or rather cutting of corners prefered in our Nation. Keep to YOUR Lanes and you’ll be respected for it. Or it’s a serious case of WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW WON’T HURT THEM? IFYAKULYA UBUSHIKU FIFUMINA KUMALUSHI. Comment


    Mwiesha ukuposha icibansa cha bola mwaumfwa?

  4. philimon mvula

    y loosing such an oppotunity

  5. Bernhardt

    Member of Parliament or Mental Patient? How can you sell a school football pitch? Will pupils conduct sporting activities in your yard?You’re also law breaker not just mental patient.

  6. Pamusebo

    Ifilala fyamunda yanama.

  7. Loui Halw

    Its so sad if the MP is truly involved. If so,let him pay back what he got and the stakeholders should just maintain the same stance. Politics of poverty!

  8. Musalu

    Mwikekata kucibansa chabana kukula

  9. Robert mwewa

    In all schools that I have visited especially schools that are in the process of expansion, I have observed that the schoo

  10. Robert mwewa

    In all schools that I have visited ,I have observed one thing, if they plan to expand school ,the school administration and the pta would never dare to include the school football pitch as area of expansion no matter how small the school land may be.schools would prefer using other buildings like the church or a house which they would be renting. The reason for not destroying school playing grounds is the sport form part of education. Meaning education and sport are one.you can not do well i n education if you lack physical exercise. The brain performs well if the all body is fit,cordinations/is quicker. The English say learning without play makes Jack a dull boy.so reaping from important public facilities is the worst sin one would make.learn to work hard for your money honourable kalomo or kalobo.

  11. kasonde

    Atah…bakabolala imwe.nangu ubomba mwibala alya mwibala nifyo…in our area we dot need those foolish plans of yoz mr MP.u evn lied that u reconstruct the hospital…. to kapena yalitwiahiba ifye

  12. kasonde

    Atah…in our area we dot need those foolish plans of yoz mr MP.u evn lied that u reconstruct the hospital…. to kapena yalitwishiba ifye

  13. King chelo

    Don’t even think about it…..that was my school back years and i won’t conduct that. Peace am out

  14. Big brainner

    Corruption in Zambia will not end
    .cause it’s States from readers.

  15. Mambwe Phiri

    Don’t allow him to destroy that pitch. If anything he should embrace an idea of putting a fence to enclose the pitch.

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