Mealie Meal Prices Go Up In Kitwe

Mealie-Meal retailers in Kitwe have increased the price of the commodity by K 5 citing high fuel prices following an upward adjustment of the commodity by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB).

A Check within the Central Business District found a 25kg bag breakfast mealie meal fetching between K 75 and K80 from about K 70 and K 75.

The retailers said the increase in the price of fuel has triggered an increase in mealie meal prices.

“This business works in line with transport, so when transport goes up it means we are left with no benefit but to as well hike the prices so that we are not on a loss, well the end users will feel the impact yes and that is as much as we feel it as well” One of the retailers said.

However, some retailers could not explain how they rushed to increase the price of old stock

And some residents have appealed to government to intervene and stabilise the price mealie meal.

The residents talked to say the government should always try to make lives of people affordable as much as it has no control of fuel prices on the international market.

“When you look at the increase of fuel you will realise that it’s just about K 1, so why have retailers gone beyond K 5? And you will also discover that most of it is old stock, this is very unfortunate, they seem to be taking advantage of poor Zambians,” one of the residents said.


  1. AK

    The Price Of Mealie Meal Will Continue Increasing. E- Voucher System Will Also Contribute, Some Farmers Has Not Yet Received Fertilizer. Some Areas Have Not Received Enouph Rainfall. We Are Expecting Poor Harvesting This Year

  2. Morgan mutepuka

    In box

    • Cacious

      This this happens when we dont have buggert why you seling out of country. inserted govement buy this maze and start marking meali meal. the cost of price will reduced. for example here in mpulungu we have many maze but the goverment to buy

  3. General

    Ar we goin to blame the head of state?

  4. Wounded Buffalo

    It’s a bad thing that meali-meal has increased, those that have increased won’t even feel the impact but the poor zambians?


    And the president is busy talking about ballot papers…… Instead of talking about the current situation…..Zambians are suffering ……fuel prices increased, mealie meal prices also increased…. But busy talking about 2021


    Koswe mupoto mast gooo!! He car’s about himself and his farimily

  7. Simon Mofya Mwansa

    Wait for 2021.Ck

  8. Kanjilimine

    We Shall Start Eating Roads,schools,universities,hospitals,etc. Let Us Wait For JESUS To Come,change Govt May Not Be A Solution.

  9. Nimrod

    We Ned Change Or Wil B Doomed

  10. Jk

    people work up u think that man can driver this nation he failed his legal firm then entrust him with Zambian resources civil servant are not paid on 25 this month end with 28th he cares his ka small family not retirees monthly payments to retired civil servants he retired on national interest people this man is not a good driver of this nation, mother Zambia second richest in Zambia” balifye nchushi nomba bawina”

  11. Msppeace


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