Parley Shelves Access To Information Bill, Political Party Law

Justice Minister Given Lubinda has ruled out the presentation of the Access to information bill and the Public Order ACT in Parliament for enactment and amendment respectively in the current sitting.

Lubinda says the current sitting is overloaded with other bill presentations and it will not be possible to table the two legislations.

He says with regards the Public order Act, the ministry is disappointed that it received more rhetoric and condemnation than submissions from stakeholders, a situation that has contributed to its delayed presentation in Parliament.

Lubinda adds that calls for submissions regarding the Public Order ACT became monotonous and therefore the ministry will work with the few submissions that it received.

Lubinda is however, confident and hopeful that the two pieces of legislation will be presented in the next sitting of Parliament.

Meanwhile the Zambia law development Commission ZLDC has handed over the final report on the national consultative process on the draft political parties bill 2017 to the ministry of justice with a call on the minister to quickly present it before parliament.


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