Pres. Lungu Decrees That 2021 Ballot Papers Will Be Printed Locally

President Edgar Lungu says ballot papers for the 2021 general elections will be printed locally.

The Head of State said that those with fears of rigging should raise queries so that they are addressed.

He said he would push the minister of finance to release money for the recapitalizing of Government Printers.

President Lungu said that ballot papers in Zambia had been printed locally in 1991 and the opposition MMD won the elections.

“When we say print ballot papers outside the country it is a problem, when we say print them within the country it is a problem,” he said.

“They say there is rigging, five times Zambian elections have been rigged irrespective of one individual who has been losing. Let them find out how they rig elections and tell us.”

He added: “In 1991 ballot papers were printed here and the opposition won, there was no noise of rigging. From that time all we hear is rigging. We are going ahead to print ballot papers from here in Zambia and I am going to make sure that the ministry of finance keeps releasing money to improve that facility.”

President Lungu said, “All people who have challenges should tell us so that we should improve and let them tell us their fears then we will address them.”

The printing of ballot papers has been a sticky issue at election time with the exorbitant price for foreign printers causing outrage among the citizens.


  1. Richard

    you don’t want taik abt your rigging system, 2021 its the end of ur chipatepate govt.

  2. Derrick

    This is part of self dependence as a nation.isn’t this what we want as a nation? Good move


    Yaba! Confusions again,… Mr president, we want to hear something like the deduction of fuel prices, and other developmental projects…. Zambian are suffering and u are busy talking about un necessary issues! Pliz Mr president wake up time is now

  4. Charles

    That good sir think for the move

  5. Michael chilinda

    No problem what speaks is just the majority of people but are you not fearing kambwili

  6. Musompo douglas

    Instead of concentrating in work for the people who voted for you but instead you are talking about things for 2021 why.Mr President just do your work 2021 is still far from now.


    Zambia is not for pf

  8. Michael Chileshe

    Ballot papers can be printed anywhere and rigging of elections is not just about ballot papers. Want we need is just to have strong institutions of democratic governance, especially we need a truely independent electoral commission to a professional job, professional Police Service to fairly administer the POA and maintain law and order before, during and after elections and a truely independent judiciary to adjudicate and dispense justice fairly and timely when there are election disputes. The current state of affairs is a recipe for rigging controversies. There is need for serious electoral and judicial reforms before the 2021 elections.

  9. Gift

    wow that’s amazing your excellence.

  10. katowise


  11. Dee.kay

    Kupulita munomwine

  12. Fay

    Good move,we need to do things on our own.Everything ati koma vabazungu ,when are we gonna have our own?good move bakateka

  13. Jk

    MR President,why are u panicking so much, nowonder u are campaigning wait sir u are hate by Zambian civil servants especially me u fired,we shall see u in 2021 u don’t mean well for Zambian only those u are dishing out money in the name of inpowering marketeers wth to ma K500 just campaigning for 2021,open mulungushi textiles,kifco,in Rwanda u were busy admiring fabrics why cant u open yours in Zambia,bilateral,bilateral all what we hear we want to see work done not bilateral wth undemocratic Presidents, 2021 kuya bebele,in 2016 u survived by inches 70571with an oposition party, 1,454165 with 1,383594 2021 it will opposite, wishing good lucky and pack yo belongings.

  14. Robson chilimba

    Pf kuwayawaya fye

  15. Mpombo

    The same people who’re laughing at the delapidated gov’t infrastructure will oppose this just because the president has said it.There is no rigging in Zambia what we have is losing which is a different thing and its none of goverment business to spend resources on.

  16. Enerst

    Good ideal Mr President, to minimize expenses

  17. Brian Monde

    That is a very good move to avoid unnecessary expenses accumulated by hiring foreign companies.
    To those who do not know how the dimensions of development unfold will negate the move but to those who are “development experts” who move with modernization will extremely appreciate the move to cutt-off some superfluous expenses.
    I would ecstatically say that move Mr President should be seriously actualised as it has less ramifications based on a professional point if view.

  18. Dr plate

    Let’s learn to appreciate what we have, it’s a good move ba president,we are behind you


    Some pipo don’t appreciate others when they are doing what is righ. Ba upnd tukamimona ifyo mukabomba mulikita bu opposition bwenu


    Some pipo don’t appreciate others when they are doing what is righ. Ba upnd tukamimona ifyo mukabomba milibu opposition bwenu

  21. king coin

    don’t even West money for Zambian people just know that 2021 it is for hh. kikikikikikikiki!!!


    It’s a good move because money will be circulating withing country. Why does people blame what right? Please let politics be something that even responsible Young people will be interested in joining. How I wish this to happen we have spent much in other countries.

  23. John simuyota

    Ooooooooooh,worry not things gonna be ok in 2021

  24. Kuenda ni Onyada

    Undemocratic ideas everyday.

  25. Don mo

    Nice one Mr president,can’t wait to cast!

  26. Unknown

    Zambia gets loans and you spend them on fire trucks hundreds of youths loitering your nation who voted for you and spit in their face chasing street vendors who depend on business slowly zambia will be worser i promise you that this type of leader ship is primitive and corrupt

  27. John

    A very good decision by H. E done in the best interest of the country. Let the cry babies continue dreaming. They are always up to no good.

  28. Nonde Munkanta

    “Let them find out how they rig elections and tell us”.
    Really President Lungu!?

  29. mwape

    nothing to say

  30. Print from here excellent, its costly to print outside plus airlifting.

    Those criticizing, think well.Printing out side has been done several times its time to be independent now.Whether printed out side or inside,what makes one to win is how much people need you and how much you have done for them.Go go go,that is a good move.

  31. mulase

    Iam tired of this animal called rigging.Wat baffles me is that apart from UPND the other opposition parties have won elections. MMD won PF won but UPND ati batubida ma voti kkkkkkk.The problem is that HH and one known chief in southern misappropriate campaign funds.Don’t dare ask me how I know this coz I know and can attest to this.

  32. Makaza

    They know their trucks of not allowing the courts to do the right job.they interfere in the judiciary job.


    Koswe mupoto gud bay

  34. Rankin Zeus

    So now the world is all bout I want this he wants this but what you should look at is are my youths occupied have I given them things to make them happy? Our president has forgotten that us youths are the one who made it all possible that the PF is now in office.now let me tell don’t be surprised when you find us the youths vouching for someone else tuposeniko amano be da we your children

  35. Rankin Zeus

    But then again its going to bring money within the country

  36. Kk

    That’s gud idea Mr President i lyk it.

  37. Mr. Youth

    Zambian lets wake up….. if they print ballot papers here in Zambia dont think the opposition wil win….ther is a reason why Mr Changwa wants to print them from here…. he haz seen that he is going to lose in 2021 thats y he wants to print them frm here…..

  38. Mr. Youth

    Mr… lets nt talk about 2021 here giv us what u promised us wen u where campaining…. Ama Cadres bafula mukomboni……

  39. Mr. Youth

    Pf yama Cadres nomba…. even ba police thy dnt hav power if the Cadres stand…. thats bullshit.

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