OPINION: Liwewe and Default Judgments

FAZ General Secretary Ponga Liwewe’s ineptitude was on display again when the High Court entered another default judgement against the association in a space of three weeks.

Liwewe who is proving the worst chief executive officer FAZ has ever had has been globe-trotting accumulating hefty allowances neglecting his duties at Football House.

The High Court has entered a default judgment in favour of former secretary general George Kasengele to the tune of Two Million Kwacha over terminal benefits.

Liwewe also did not offer any defence for FAZ when the High Court entered another default judgment in a case in which Vali’s Property Limited sued the football body for failure to pay over K742, 000 for accommodation services.

In this case, Vali’s Property Limited in December last year (2017) sued FAZ, the Attorney General, former Zambia national soccer team coach Herve Renard and his assistant Patrice Beaumelle, demanding immediate payment of K742,512 as monies due and outstanding to them for accommodation services rendered to Renard and Beaumelle at Falls Way Apartments between March 2012 and November 2013.

The plaintiff was also claiming interest on the sum due and any other relief the court might deem fit and costs.

But the court entered a judgment in default after FAZ failed to make an appearance and also never filed a defence.
Liwewe has been bleeding FAZ owing to his incompetence and has only been active in lining his pockets.

It is very clear from above that something is terribly wrong at Football House. These two acts point to gross negligence on the part of the Football Association of Zambia.

The buck stops at Liwewe who is the chief executive officer of FAZ. What has he been doing all this while only to appear with half-baked explanation in the media? Why did he not offer any defence before the courts of law and found it convenient to draft a hastily assembled statement?

If FAZ president Andrew Kamanga does not watch his incompetent general secretary they could be on the exit together. Liwewe is proving a huge liability to football in Zambia that is heavily funded by tax payers.

Imagine what miracle Three Million Kwacha would do for the various national teams that are struggling with basic necessities before one even mentions allowances.


  1. Robert Mwewa

    Ponga liwewe must surely resign from his position as Secretary general for football association of Zambia. I don’t understand why we Zambians have a tendency of loving or ushering into office people who are not competent to run important offices. We like equating sons and daughters to their father’s and mother’s who performed wonder’s during their time.we Bemba’s say munda nimuchabu,mufuma ifipuba Nana mano.therefore it is not correct to say that since ponga liwewes father was a good football commentator even he :ponga,did some part time football commentary then he can run day to day football administration, no!!.I remember well at one time when we lacked a national football coach, people called for liwewe Dennis to take upon the task. Good enough Dennis refused sitting lack of experience on his this is what is happening to ponga,he can not manage to administer football affairs. Surely enough ponga must also have other private businesses that he’s occupied with.some tasks like at football house need sole concentration. When you have several jobs,be it public or private you be rest assured that harvesting positive result in them is impossible. So this is what is happening with ponga.Bemba’s say chimbwe afwile ntanganana,here he wants ,there he wants. People must learn to plainly give other people some responsibilities when they see that they have so much to do :projects.the problem is selfishness, you don’t want other people to benefit and live a descent life like you do. To Kamanga,this is a work up can not a person in your rank who is underperforming, I wouldn’t myself because such characters may cost you a good job ,even your life to some extent. Remove the rotten groundnut from the perfect ones before you consume.let other capable people take over the task.let the rotten one go to South Africa where they know him better, not here.I rest my case.

  2. c.mato

    Mr ponga liwewe plz quit if its a huge task the job u hav been given on silver plate & liv t to those who can save honestly.

  3. Tom London

    It is very shameful indeed to learn all what the GS ponga is doing at faz and the country at large .And faz President kamanga is quiet over the dubious 10000 kwacha the GS availed to himself . So even Zambia ‘ s loss to Nigeria was fixed affair allegedly 10000 $ was involved and faz officials might have benefited while football is the only pride of the nation . Elsewhere in politics huge corrupt allegations are going on , inonge is allegedly involved a zaf scandal of 60 m dollars and lungu is quiet about that , the purchasing of fire tenders has died and kambwili ‘ s allegations of corrupt activities in of have been given a deaf ear and kalaba ‘ s resignation also citing corruption in pf has been rubished . The little minded molongoti is busy defending and is against the impeachment of bashi Tasila . No wonder the IMF has rejected Zambia ‘ s no the pf govt ‘ s request for 2.5 billion loan . During kk ‘ s govt and MC Levy ‘s administration such things could not happen . Now thieving is all over even during voting election results are doctored and hh and his upnd cries faul he is thrown in jail his appeals being rubished at Concourt . But all fingers pointing at State House as stage managing corruption and corrupt activities all over .
    The whole system is rotten really from top to bottom .
    Yaaba iam changing my citizen ship to either RSA or Zimbabwe or Botswana . Because DRC and Luanda are now friends with ecl ‘ s pf govt .
    Sweet Jesus Zambia is being crucified on the cross of corruption and poor voters are watching helplessly .


    Batata ba Liwewe u are loosing the respect u deserve bit by bit due to yo dubious way of doing things…. U think Zambian’s are fool to continue seeing u st that position? Mwashitisha bola kuli ba Nigeria and u continue chewing the remained ones….. u think Zambian’s are Blind!

  5. Chovix

    The level of nepotism is alarming that even institutions like FAZ that are supposed to have systems and processes in place are pathetic participants. Ponga Liwewe did not have and serious administration experience. But.the simple reason why he was preferred over all other candidates is because him and Andrew Kamanga, the FAZ President have been childhood friends up to Copperbelt University. What a shame!

  6. malana malana

    Kosiya siye wayesu!!! Leave ponga Liwewe alone,nindalama zawiso or zahaooo

    • Bad News

      malana you are the most stupid person who has ever lived on earth. u r a worse than a dog

  7. c.mato

    I think my friend malana is a serious hard working Chola boy of liwewe and does not even know what is happenings in bola ya PA zed..

  8. 7 dayz

    I am gravely disappointed by Malana’s display of unpatrotism. It’s no wonder the reason Zambia is begging for release out of the embracing hand of incompetent leaders, because we have so many of him manning important institutions….

  9. Faz

    Well done Ponta……there was nothing to defend.

  10. Bongani Chipeso

    They need people who are the necessary skill and expertise to run our football. Liwewe is riding on his great Fathers name

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