PF Cadres Verbally Abuse Journalist; Threaten Violence

Patriotic Front cadres Kitwe have verbally attacked Mast Newspapers correspondent Marilyn Rose for exposing President Edgar Lungu’s Uubomba Mwibala alya mwibala statement made during the Meet the President Dinner in over two weeks ago.

Rose had quoted the head of state using the idiom but had no idea she was on the wanted list.

The unruly PF cadres in full view of District Youth Chairman Kaboba Mukhuzo and other senior members verbally attacked the reporter with all manner of insults.

“I was covering Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe at the Kitwe City Council and after the assignment was done I just saw a group cadres coming towards me shouting on top of their voices that I was the one, when I looked around, they started insulting me and threatened me never to cover assignments organized by the PF because of the story I wrote,” the traumatized reporter narrated.

“This is the same girl who wrote that story, shws very foolish, we will not allow such bad writing, from today onwards you should stop covering PF organized programs” the PF cadres said.

And the Northern Region Media Club(NORMEC) has condemned the verbal attacks on the reporter.

NORMEC Secretary Clinton Masumba said it was disappointing that the cadres attacked the Journalist while some senior Members of the PF looked on.

“The Reporter was verbally attacked following her article that appeared in the Mast Newspaper on 12th February, 2018 headlined “YOU CAN ‘STEAL’…but tabatila kulya nembuto kumo – Lungu”, in which the head of state used the idiom “ubomba mwibala alya mwibala, tabatila kulya nembuto kumo.

“The incident happened when the unruly PF cadres spotted the Reporter after she covered Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe who was addressing Marketeers and accompanied by National Planning Minister Alexander Chiteme and Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe at the Kitwe City Council,” Masumba said.

He said such attacks on media practitioners are an affront to freedom of the press in the country.

“NORMEC is alarmed with the abusive language used against the reporter such as “we will deal with you where ever we will find you like the way prostitutes are harassed” and threatened her from covering assignments organised by the Patriotic Front. It must be made clear that without media coverage, public events will have very little impact on the intended audience as the involved will not be able to deliver its messages to a wider audience,” he added

Masumba has further appealed to the Patriotic Front leadership through Christopher Kang’ombe, the District Chairperson to tame PF cadres that have no respect for other professionals.


  1. Sj

    Opposition need to exist so there’s checks and balances. Wake up PF cadres. Comment


    Mr Sikazwe u can’t act in such manar because twalimipela umucishi……..?

    Second imwe to card’s don’t be stupidity u wanted to kill the eye’s of our nation ukutupa takufwikwa patu techalochenu ba PF ba koswe

    • Bad News

      JC Sikazwe, mind the way u spell your words, honestly , you are falling to spell Bemba words ,are u from UK?

  3. Willy nacho

    Let them be arrested she only said what the head of state said

  4. Willy nacho

    Let them be arrested she only said what the head of state said she is 100% ,Collect in CAPITALL LETTERS

  5. Kapatu villager


  6. The President has made the much anticipated changes, therefore us patriotic Zambians we have to Wait and see if the newly appointed ministers will deliver in new ministries .start judging them now will not help us,so let us wait and see,like Dennis liwewe was fond of saying when commenting football.

    Kikiki,bemba idiom’s and it’s meanings, leave them to bemba speaker’s only who well understand their dipper meaning. The problem we have in Zambia is one,everyone wants to be associated with bemba or wants to be a bemba.this imposition of wanting to be a bemba has made Bemba’s seem to be very important language or grouping than other languages or language grouping. So patriotic Zambians speak or use a language you think you know better. Stop making yourselves look inferior as the English will put it.

  7. matuzi

    Pf,s wy behaving so carwadic ,irritrate and backwards, you are wind followers I course with a wightwash 2021.

  8. Mpombo

    Why didn’t this lady cover abalile mwibala lya privatization and became stinkly rich over the blood of Zambians

    • BlackBird

      Only People who have never been to any meaningful school believe the consiprance theory of privatisation and riches.

  9. stensa

    May God deliver our nation, with its people because most of them are wicked


    Ba pf wat was wrong with that? So u guys mulefwaya ngamwacita icilubo icalo cileloleshafye as if it’s yo country? Shame on u guys! That lady wrote wat u heard and u starting insulting an innocent one. And police officer these guys are making such riots and u there seeing them,…shame on u also

  11. Freedom Fighter

    This ever growing penchant by the ruling party for violence, abusive language and intimidation of the citizenry makes for very sad reading. This kind of attitude has no place in a country that espouses good governance and democracy. It should not be tolerated at any level.

    It seems we are forever going backwards in this country. The PF are a party that are intolerant of any opinion that is against what they stand for or believe in. Zambia is for ALL and SUNDRY and not just a few misguided individuals who amazingly believe that Zambia belongs to them only.

    Great minds base their opinions on facts backed up by articulation of those facts so that the masses are enlightened. What great minds do not do is use violence and/or abusive language to put a point across.

    Truly sad and demoralising story indeed.

  12. Barotseland

    Pf- Koswe ku bwendo idiots behaving like you are the only party in Zambia . Zwaaa Pf in the next elections you have gone too far you stupid cadres .Untamed rats .

  13. Snow in Zed

    This is what made Pilato flee the country. Threats on freedom of speech which the govt does nothing about

  14. Snow in Zed

    This is what made Pilato flee the country. Threats on his life which the govt does nothing about

  15. fred

    you should get the meanin first,if you dont understand then ask from others,Pf lets go,

    • MM

      What’s the meaning of that statement from the head of state ba Fred? Uubomba mwibala, alya mwibala what does it mean? Ubwafya some of you people behave like illiterates.
      Secondly, the reporter you are complaining about did not report on privatization of state compsnues but on the statement the head of state made. Why asking about privatization which took place 20 years ago? The MMD paid the price in 2011 for poor leadership qualities they exhibited including privatization exercise itself, so that is a thing of the past. Pf guys let’s talk about what is happening now and in future, uubomba mwibala, alya mwibala finish.

  16. Gift banda

    That’s bad the law should visit them

  17. Majoni Tyson

    These cadres should be thinking wisely, the journalist did not do anything wrong she just quoted what Edgar had said, y can’t u condemn the careless mouth of yo leader and u attack innocent person instead. The idiom was pronounced by Edgar not by the journalist.

  18. Mr p

    I think the pf are now uncontrollable they are putting laws in their hands no police or the judiciary can handle them,I now understand y the oppositions have been complaining of them putting laws in their hands,I blame myself for I casted my vote for then

  19. Kawasaki

    @Majoni Tyson, that was note a quote but a wrong interpretation of what the President said. We how these newspapers work.

    • Pa Chitakataka

      So if its a wrong interpretation do you beat up the reporter? This is a civilised country. Take the reporter to court and let a judge punish her. Dont start bullying the reporter. That is primitive

  20. jas

    Ndeloleshafye, ati tabalila kumo nembuto.????

  21. Singoza

    Comment mean

  22. Msppeace


  23. Msppeace

    What goes up must come down respectively

  24. Kayz

    Iye ba pf .Whats wrong with you?I think u must all go to the mental asylum coz ur level of thinking is beyond recognition….PF…The most pathetic party in Zambia…. SHAME….

  25. Leonard

    Ba Pf what’s wrong with you guys?

  26. musukuma

    votes will separet everything jst wait 4 2021

  27. Village Head man

    2021, kulira nafuti. Dununa, koswe Sasila

  28. Unknown

    Those carders are just unemployed citizens who are used to impulse fear into people who talk bad if HH carders did that you would here stereotyped minds saying HH is evil he wants to bring so and so into the nation zambians are primitive

  29. Still Me

    the country was sold to the devil and he was allowed to rule, thats the reaso why such things happen. only YAWEH JESUS YESUA can deliver us from the hand of this devilish rule ( KOSWE MUMPOTO)

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