Pres. Lungu Receives Quarterly Reports From Ministries

President Edgar Lungu has continued a close eye on coordinated development plans with four ministries presenting quarterly reports under the economic cluster arrangement.

The four ministries that presented reports to him on Monday are Ministries of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock, Tourism and Arts, and Communications and Transport.

President Lungu put up this initiative to ensure that there is coherence in the communication of government programs.

Ministers are tasked to present updated reports and not duplicate programs of other ministries.

The Head of State also put challenges at the Times of Zambia into focus with a task force under the Industrial Development Corporation set up to address the problems.

Employees of the Times of Zambia have an eight month salary backlog that management has failed to offset.

The cluster idea is meant to track budgetary implementation and the seventh National Development plan.


  1. Sj

    Such reports if done to scrutch will definitely help to show where and which Ministries lag behind. Comment

  2. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    That is the way of leadership. Ask your ministers, get reports, fresh reports. But dont choose who to give you reports. You got quarterly reports from four. Where are the others? Tell them to report the truth. Be it bad or good. That is when you can easily decide properly.

  3. Ganny

    Comment Does the minstry of labour also submit its quatery reports? co’s it is non existence, if it does. then it does not serve its purpose.

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