SA Firm, Heriot Property, Named In Controversial Wusakile Land Auction

A South African firm Heriot Property Limited, developers of Mukuba Mall in Kitwe, has been named as the private investors behind the controversial Wusakaile Secondary School football pitch deal that has sparked debate in the community.

And Kitwe District Education Board Secretary Allan Kaoma has alleged that the private developer is now targeting to buy off part of the land at Malela Secondary School as a trade off with Wusakile Secondary School.

The developer, who is alleged to have named some high ranking government officials in the deal, has declined to be refunded but instead demands that alternative land of his choice be given as a trade off for the failure to secure Wusakile Secondary School.

Kaoma, who has confirmed having met the private developer, wondered how he commanded so much authority even after being advised that his plans will not go ahead because the land in question belongs to the school.

“He visited my office and told me he was going ahead to put up a mall but I told him it wasn’t possible. He went on to speak with so much authority that there were more senior people than me who have benefited from the deal and there was nothing I could do about it.

“He is speaking with a lot of authority and that tell me something, my office has received information that the same investor is targeting Malela Secondary school,” Kaoma said.

He warned that the Ministry of Education will not allow investors to invade its land with plans of putting up a mall.

“What is surprising is that this man is even aware that Wusakile Secondary school has no land title like any other school, which he thinks will give him an upper hand over the controversial piece of land,” Kaoma added.

He advised to reject any maneuvers to auction the school football pitch by alleged higher authorities.

“As parents you have a duty to stop this nonsense. As DEBS I will not support it and you must as well not support such developments that are not sustainable,” he added.

One of the residents of Wusakile threatened that the community will deal with whoever will move on the school land with intentions of putting up a shopping mall.


  1. Sj

    Lord ‘ve mercy, for a SA DEVELOPER to ‘ve news of the land in question means they’ve access to information from Mins.of lands, which may be free informtion for all.
    Can a Zambian developer go to SA AND start up a case with Nationals there to want to own Land in its Prime area? This is not a battle for Kitwe District Education BOARD SECRETARY alone. Can well meaning Citizens come on board and stop this land grabbing because one feels they ‘ve sufficient grease to oil the Palm? Comment

  2. Kamushi kalilalila

    Almost three decades ago, a cerestrial stone fell over Zambia. The incumbent president then embraced it. When he left, the predecessor rejected it, that little stone has developed into a huge crater called corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. B.I.G

    Zambia twapenga,twayanda twavutika with foreigners .why do people in government respects foreigners much than their own brothers ? Truly, is this country a Christian Nation? Why not respecting human Rights and the law of this country? Wake up Zambia foreigners have entered our bedrooms, bakoswe nano BWALYA AMA pants yonse,will soon be walking naked!

  4. Amidabwisha

    Speaking with authority? Aren’t you mistaking his bullying you for authority? Authority is derived from being legally in charge. A thief can’t speak with authority

  5. mercutio

    Africa twasebana…the center of the land being riped apart while we toil as foreigners consume our banquets.

  6. Mulwanda simfukwe

    This is all rubbish.

  7. MMM

    For the respect we have for government better prove to us by doing the same, now if people wipe the so called developer authority will play its law on there fellow citizens but what of him why are the silent?

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