OPINION: UPND’s Academic Impeachment Motion

Information that the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) wish to move an impeachment against President Edgar Lungu points to a bunch of people that just never learn anything from history.

The opposition UPND has in the life of many parliaments tried to use this trick but have come out short. If it had been a battle of conscience maybe they could have been worth of sympathy for their cause.

But raising an impeachment motion in the face of the reasons they are advancing points to lack of seriousness. Not to remind them that this battle would by far be tad too far for them given the numerical deficiencies that they have suffered ever since they were baptized in opposition politics way back in 1998.

A simple glance at the numbers points to the ruling Patriotic Front having 89 Members of Parliament with the combined opposition numbers coming to 63 while there are 14 independents with almost all of them aligned to the ruling party.

The PF as a party represents 53.6% of representation in parliament while the UPND has 34.9% with 8.4% going to independents.

If anybody is ambitious to challenge the PF outside this realm then they just better look at the reasons the UPND are advancing.

Hichilema in directing his MPS to move an impeachment motion told the jubilant gathering that President Lungu also confessed that he was voted out but refused to leave, among other grounds for impeaching him.

“The laws of Zambia require such an action. There are members of parliament here. Here are our instructions; you must commence the impeachment process now. Commence the impeachment process now. The man confessed that anyone who works anywhere could steal from the employers. How can you stop theft of public resources like that? This means where he is in State House he is stealing from the people who put him there, you the taxpayers.”

Well there you have it in case you missed the grounds for impeachment. We will not say much but leave it to our readers to judge.

Of course Hichilema added his favourite post-election grief in adding fuel to the fire.

“He’s stealing from you. That one account. Another account, he by his own mouth confirmed that in 2015 and 2016 he was voted out of office but he refused to go and he will refuse in 2021. I will tell you another ground, the law in Article 104/105 of our Constitution says that when a presidential petition is submitted, just mere submission, the Presidency, the executive powers must transfer from whoever is holding them to the Speaker of the National Assembly but he refused to hand over therefore, he abrogated the Constitution.”

We may not know a lot about the law but we know for a fact that Hichilema is clutching to anything to remain relevant in the Zambian political scene.

Has he not tried the ballot and failed five times? Has he not been to court and has not been successful? And now he is taken his grievances to parliament, will he succeed there?

Maybe this brother could learn something from better experienced politicians by just getting down to work and focus his energies on 2021 otherwise he could turn out to be a monumental failure.


  1. dennis

    though i pass through the varrey of death i will fear no evil

  2. ba general

    Impeachment is not a gud solution mr Hichilema and your people. Just wait for 2021, who doesn’t know that u Ar the incoming presdent.remember all teachers when u come into power coz they Ar the only professionals who Ar not respected in this country……

  3. mulongoti

    Why, why, why, sure you can’t just wait for 2021 whats your problem I think your re the one confusing the country HH olo kulwisha

    • Alex Chikombi

      I think mulongoti is getting mad,its better for him to keep quite,not speaking stupid things like someone who is lame in mind, let him go and sleep maybe when he woke up his mind can start function well

  4. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Nicely written and articulated, he may remain a political monument pantu tatekanya.

  5. SAM gee

    Moment of tym

  6. SAM gee

    Moment of tym

  7. Written by Ngandu Mwanajiti plus Richard Sakala


  8. captain chanda

    HH is a danger to Zambian politics . he is a true failure and he will continue failing. 2021 pf is wining.

    • Mcsaviourley

      U dont know what you are saying men.

    • Moses mandala

      You guys never give up go go forward

  9. Aggrey

    Clement domt play a blind eye wih people you mean zambia re happy

  10. chansa chiluba

    Ba Chanda,HH is danger in your mind not to Zambian people.we are behind him 100% in 2021 or even before

    • Mbo Bubo

      You failed your Grade 7 Arithmetic. How can someone who has 100% support lose elections 5 times?

  11. mulase

    I really wonder under wat influence HH’s brain wz operating wen he issued that instruction to his MPs..Surely even if iam a mathematical drop out,I can not fail to find the number of MPs in favour of Edgar to those against him.I had too much trust in this man at least before he wz incarcerated but now…uuh not all is well in his brain and this now leaves me with no option even against my will to just vote for Edgar. They may both be worse but HH is the worst of the two.And wat is more worrying too ar his supporters who ar best known for insulting those who criticize HH instead of advising their president.My other concern is on ba GBM..nikuyonda kwa normal kuja olo kana ya…ooh sorry kuli ma ARV’s manje kkkkkk

    • Tom London

      Mulase my dear brother a mathematical dropout , hh appealed not only to upnd MPs in Parliament but to all law markers at manda hill who have seen the bad test of lungu ‘ s administration .
      Two of them are ck and Harry kalaba and kambwili says a lot more pf MPs might be on the move . hh will not be a Zambian Republican president for upnd a lone but for all Zambians including the little minded mulongoti who like you lack integrity and patriotism . please learn to call a spade a spade and not bending back wards just to please ecl ‘ s pf govt . Cadrelism is is a huge hindrance to checks and balances being fought for by the opposition . Mulase the hatrege you seem to have against hh in person is a sign of being narrow mindedness on your part and mulongoti .
      People have understood the true meaning of Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala or what ecl truly implied when he said it .
      And why Pilato called the pf leader ship Ba koswe mu mpoto .

    • J R

      Just Shut Ur Mouth And Go To Sleep

  12. Eugene

    Ndelolesha fyeeh……..

  13. Catch us all

    Ba GBM bushe mulleeyaa atemwa muleisa nangu mulechaya iyakwa mushala? Pantu kuntanshi kuli kwati niku numa!

  14. voters

    not me am not behind hh us Zambians we are behind ecl

    • J R

      Kaili U Are The Same. Ba Chakolwa

    • Jk

      i mwenaimwe bane ecl kwati is the only Zambian who can lead the nation

  15. Sylvester munsaka

    Awe we are watching

  16. Ack j j B

    Ba HH you can’t wait sure,just start planning how you’re going to campaign in 2021.don’t be desperate imwe!!

  17. Mpombo

    If its talking about stealing then ba HH should be impeached by ka GBM for stealing privatization money

  18. Al kaida

    Pliz with your pride of popularity can UPND avail Zambians their manifesto and the strategic plan ,otherwise if HH just want plot 1 then its another total election abortion

  19. Al kaida

    HH and UPND avail Zambians with your manifesto and strategic plan, we want to know what u wish to do for Zambian Pipo rather than walk talks and bitterness

  20. Advisor

    These are signs that a politician is capable of doing anything to ensure he ends up in state house. To the followers, I am afraid, its a point of return after seeing the boss losing it all. Honestly, I can’t blame them, with some of HH’s desperate talks. The man has reached a point where he has even stopped reasoning. How can a President in making sink so low to say what he said? UPND need a new leader to replace HH. He is now confused after loosing 5 times. He is just disgracing himself now. The next step will be declaring himself as a president of Zambia, even Mr Odinga started in similar fashion. Just a reminder to HH, even if ECL was to be out of office today, the term will be completed by Madam Inonge Wina. So just focus your efforts on 2021 as the only hope for you. This term belong to PF.

  21. Sianga

    HH not for me.

  22. mulase

    Ba Tom London or who ever u ar don’t be fooled by these PF MP’s into believing that they can vote with UPND MPs into impeaching ECL.Iam sure u ar not a cadre judging by yo thinking and if u ar u must be a very dull cader who does not understand politicians way of making money wen they ar broke.If I tell u that wen I wz a PF active member I chewed UPNDs money u won’t believe me.Mwana me I know UPNDs source of campaign funds and I do chew that money too and yet iam not UPND.Get close to Chief mukuni if u want to partake of same. Mebo mudala NDA komenena Ku Monze kwa shanjalika pesi ndimu nsenga musyanyina a Edgar Lungu.Aya makani amapolitikisi ndakanywa ink alya a Manungu Primary mudala.So don’t dare argue with me kambo ndaku tukila.

  23. mulase

    Muli la la la la impeachment impeachment banzanu bali ku njoya within UPND.Ninyengelele bwino udyeko ndalama zama politics iwe Tom London. Simwenda alike kakamutyani kalonga????move with me my brother.

  24. third

    patience pays Mr hh working hard to get what u want z o need

  25. Brother Amended

    Mr HH please Zambia loves but humble yourself if you want to win show love ….don’t fight

  26. Brother Ephesian

    Humble yourself OK Zambia loves you

  27. nthalezhitha

    Congo Dr is in that state because of such people like HH,Zanbians just be prayerful

  28. charleroots

    Why is hh rushing he just have to wait for his time to come.because like this will now start doubting him he is too hungry for state house.No we will start pulling out we want peace please you’re the next President so take your time.

  29. joseph mwebela


  30. Richard

    if the independed Mps, works with UPND.

  31. Young B Mulo

    tiye nayo ba HH

  32. Jms

    (Bane ) Every thing has time , i can’t refuse to know and see how good people may want to change

  33. Jms

    It may be and it has to be, seeing what and how things are happening ,people dislikes one’s deeds

  34. Mbo Bubo

    You failed your Grade 7 Arithmetic. How can someone who has 100% support lose elections 5 times?


    imwe 2kanda TWA pf lekeni ubupuba

    Sir we are behayd u

  36. sim 1

    I want hear about de story of criminals those in paradise area and how there going to judge them.not tumalyishi twaubupuba to hh.bring stories which concerns the welfare of the pipo.

  37. Jc

    Peace pliz

  38. Nizz

    See now, 30days.

  39. emmanuel

    HH will drive 2021 no doubt

  40. Kalembwe

    HH has had no real agenda for Zambia except that of his own belly to expand his ill-gotten wealth. Namely the under valuation of Zambia’s assets and buying them himself, as well as the under-hand evaluation of mines and benefiting from the collateral loss incurred by the people of Zambia through income from e the mines that would be used for funding of public services such as schools, clinics etc. The current call by HH that His Excellency ECL be impeached is a clear indication of how this coronated leader of the opposition party has run out of ideas to win the hearts of much of the electorate. Notwithstanding the above, UPND has remained mute to the fact that HH must do something to remain relevant to the Zambian political system while at the same time blind or rob the party of a robust debate on why they should continue to field a losing candidate and expect different results. The UPND is a good opposition party only to the extent that we have a very bad sitting head of state, but unfortunately for UPND that is not the case in Zambia now. We have a good sitting president. That, together with the undemocratic nature of their leader (HH) has left the UPND in disarray and has robbed the young vibrant UPND MPs of their innovations. For now, the UPND can only dream of forming Govt.

  41. Nkonkosheni

    U will die jst like tht my dear.

  42. Nicholas

    Am supporting hh to impeach lungu

  43. Lozi Bull

    Tom Lodon Is Right, One Third Part Of The Mps Can Proceed To Impeach Ba Koswe, Thats Wha The Zambian Law Says…

  44. BONDWE


  45. ZONDA

    Comment HH is a very Gud privatiza once he step in to state house kwasila mwaenda Dont attempt to vote for him mwitila nshamyebele

  46. P F

    Ba HH, Just Cheeling .
    Ur Time Wil Come Dnt Be Stupid & No Matter Hw U Spoiled De Name Of Our President Edgar Lungu.
    Wat U Should Knw Is Dis U Wil Never Rule Our Country Called Zambia. Never!!! Y? Becoz
    U’re A Big Viper.

  47. P F

    U Need To Pull Out Ur Socks H H Ok.

  48. Tr

    God’s time is ok

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