Over 1, 000 School Children Share 16 Desks

Over 1772 pupils at Racecourse Community School in Kitwe’s Twatasha township are sharing 16 desks.

The school has six classroom blocks.

School head teacher Moses Siwale disclosed the development when district Commissioner Binwell Mpundu visited the facility with the hope of assisting the institution partner with the private sector to improve the current infrastructure.

Siwale was established in 2001 as a Community learning centre, but the government took over its operations when the community failed to take of its operations.

He said with about 12 teachers employed by government, the facility needs an upgrade to give confidence to learners who are as well failing to cope up.

He has appealed to government and the private sector to help the school.

Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu was saddened that a school just 16km from the Central Business District was in such a state.

Mpundu assured that he will continue to lobby from the private sector to see how best the state of infrastructure at the school can be upgraded as well as improve the learning standards.

“Government cannot meet all the challenges, so we believe that with the partnership with the private sector, we can get the support and obviously our children could have a decent learning environment.

“In the 21st century we still have facilities like this in an urban set up like Kitwe, no. Kitwe should not have facilities like this one, so the business community should come in,” said Mpundu.


  1. Dundumwezi

    And I court “In the 21st century we still have facilities like this in the urban set up like Kitwe, NO.

  2. Haggai


  3. William Jones

    tell me more about your country

  4. clever Munakanyemba

    And the government is expecting who to upgrad the school when through selfish desires they Ar failing to upgrade it for themselves…. .the government only consider the private sector when they need help from them.look at these community schools countrywide whose services ar not well becouse of the poor infrastructure and each day they ar crying to the government of the day but no assistance is given to them…..u ar even quoting “21st century”…..yes we can be supplised as concerned citizens of this nation that we still have selfish and unconcerned leaders even in the mid 21st century……be serious ba government!!!!!!…

  5. james

    I call upon the entire cabinet to resign on moral ground, to pave way for people who serious.

  6. peddle

    and thy are busy donating books instead school desks.

  7. Johnsano

    Not only this one,they are somany schools with same situation.


    Atase ati bakateka don’t be selfeshe one day Lungu and your cabenet mukalila ishiku tashichela mumo

  9. Nathan

    employee us that problem will solved out

  10. mwansa

    Dununa reverse

  11. mozechips

    Not only that school in chilubi we have many like NGUNI 10kms from the DEBS office no desks not even one. Mp chilubi shld do something

  12. Jk

    mukalalila fyepee nafi pf ,so salapukeni vote them out,baishile inchunshi nama suit yapa salaula nomba tata nabawama kwashalafye ameno

  13. Nkonkosheni

    Ati sota ampo wabomba,Kutumpa sama lets vote them out 2021.Lets tray NDC.

  14. webman

    But how is this even possible. I know for that this school is sponsored by a church in Canada and has been receiving funds for construction and desks. Those interested in checking go to http://www.raceschool.com

  15. webman

    Sorry, wrong link. Should be http://www.racecourseschool.com or type racecourse community school for their Facebook page

  16. Dickson's Bombasa

    Visionless Edgar Nyasaland Lungu.

    Yet Bokani Solo made at least $700,000 on fire wheel barrows while Kaizar Zulu has money to buy Role watches from state funds.

  17. Jr lordgamer is a gamer


  18. Emmanuel

    Pipo in bigger offices this situation shud make u sad bcoz u make alot of allowances in yo to & fro movement whch is nt even productiv to th nation bt jst for yo satisfication whille poor young future leaders are learning in such un condusiv environment, shame on u bt think twice.

  19. sage

    Yet money has already been allocated for printing 2021 Ballot Papers. ……shame

  20. Budget

    God please help us

  21. muunje

    impossible how can this be the writer has exaggerated the situation

  22. ernesto

    is this still happenin,where is our government kanshi

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