Bus Fares Go Up

The Bus and Taxi Owners Association have announced an increase in fares following fuel hike by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB).

Spokesperson Amis Daudi has disclosed that interprovincial route fares have been increased by 10% while inter mine routes have been increased by K 2.

Daudi said the BTOA effected the countrywide increase on 1st March, 2018 across the country.

“We met with all stakeholders in the transport sector to explain how much the increase in fuel prices has impacted on our business, from there with all stakeholders it was agreed that fares be increased. In Lusaka we have put the prices at K 1,” he said.

Daudi said bus fares have not been increased since 2016 despite adjustments in the prices of fuel prices.

“If you look at the number of times ERB has made adjustments, you will realise that the increase overall from then is about 21% which has come with direct effects on our business,” he explained.

The association has also appealed to the government to address pirating in the transport sector which he says has negatively affected business in the sector.
Daudi said very few people now board buses due to the increase in pirating across the country.

“People now have resorted to hiking and this is affecting our business. The government is looking at this matter with a soft heart but if you check those people who pirate, they don’t pay taxes as expected. So obviously on that score we wish to appeal to government to help us deal with this problem” he added.


  1. Mwalenzo

    We expert other commodity to increase ,what we used to hear from Zimbabwe is likely happens here in Zambia economic turmoil

  2. Dundumwezi

    Fuel hiking 6 times in 12 months,salary increment once a year & 6%. Just thinking

  3. Observer

    It has impartation on lives!

  4. David

    Day light stealing how much has the ERB increased if not k1 but you increase with 10% what does this mean and also the issue of pirating you same people caused it the so called commandos in stations harrasing people stealing from them that has led to such moreover prices when it comes to hiking its negotiable people prefer going to that.for example was traveling from mufulira to Kitwe I paid k17 when going back all paid k19 same distance same route asked why failed to explain then hiking its k10 so who would not go for that its just a matter of sitting down and rethink about fares according to fuel prices not increasing anyhow also were us this so called consumer protection thing in our country

  5. 11 kv power

    but why sure? mmmmmmm
    tizafa na economy iyi anyway I will not say much

  6. Jms

    I can’t see my daughter/son giving his or her own rules that Increase is known by the government. Don’t expect the father staying quiet on that matter ,it mean he knows

  7. SIR ROX

    Your vote is your choice let us keep going don’t complain.


    That is Zambia now! ……let’s go with it

  9. C.K

    Apanaomba tufikile, it’s dununa reverse at its best.

  10. Dalice

    O God have mercy my country Zambia.


    Ifutu nilungu make lungu alungusha ichalo fyose nafibipa I we kalungu ulete chorela namavuto yenangu.

  12. Asibwen

    Mmuuu! But What Is The Job Of Consumer Prot? Ama Salaries Taba Ikila But Fyose Nish Na Fidula .

  13. mwansa

    God were are we going

  14. Sj

    Sad for the low wage earner and those using the cheapest form of transport which make up the largest group of commutters on local/intertown routes.
    For @ bus stops there’re several paymasters collecting taxes that in turn are passed on to a Passenger/commuter.
    These ‘lnvisible Taxes collected’ ‘ve caused affordable transport a nightmare for poor/silent/voiceless commuter, leaving them to Hoof on most routes of their journey.
    If councils Alone run the affairs of running the bus stations, fares could/maybe be affordable. But commuters ‘ve station master/s to whom taxes go before they can board a bus, stealing a commuters portion of their money. Such commitment fees are paid before a taxi/bus leaves station, then in turn bus fares plus service charge are collected from unsuspecting commuter on board a bus/taxi. Comment

    • Orator

      Awe Mwand ‘anaka,.We Are Will See Our Voting Mistake

  15. Jc

    What happens when fuel goes down? These guys don’t ever reduce fares even if fuel goes down they just increase. They need to be checked seriously

  16. thony gee

    wage of sin is death,God i watching

  17. jakangoh

    We don’t need to complain about transport fares’ hiking.let us complain about fuel hiking. Fuel is the key economy driver. Any hike in fuel means hiking in every thing spare, services to but a few

  18. Richard

    At ” the pf govt is working hard to the betterment of pipo”.

  19. Mambwe Phiri

    This increase in bus fare is not fair, when ERB reduced fuel pump price transport operators don’t reduce the fares. Our government also has no heart for the poor. Shame.

  20. Let metalk

    We will die nomba. It’s seems like ba lungu has forgotten his duties. Help us Mr. President we are your people and thus is when we have to hear your word for us poor people.

  21. kintu

    We need to look into the mater and find a root cause, mealimeal price also increased. Maise price remains the same


    Lilya baleimba dununa reverse mwaleshana apa nomba babika ulwimbo mu action mwatampa ukulila fyakuifwaila ifi lekeni babweshe kunuma ichalo they’re doing what they promised. Signs of the bull

  23. Patrick

    Twachula nomba

  24. Johnny Banda

    IF you don’t have money just walk. Why blame the government? There is no free money.

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