Black Mountain Award To Jerabos Is Not Political, Says New Copperbelt Minister

Copperbelt Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe says the warding of 10% shares of the Black Mountain Jerabos has nothing to do with politics.

The new Copperbelt minister says the gesture was aimed at empowering unemployed youths in the province.

And Mwakalombe has charged that people opposing government’s decision to handover the 10% share to the Jerabos do not mean well.

“This decision has nothing to do with politics but a service given to the youths on the Copperbelt by the government and will benefit the young people especially the unemployed youth in the province, ” he stated.

Mwakalombe said young people that will be earning a living from Black Mountain will be trained in safety measures to avoid preventable life loses through accidents.

“The province has ready built infrastructure supportive of economic activities, including tourism and agriculture, including other precious metals the people can utilize to earn a living,” he added.



    Kumina kumo nakschema

  2. ZONDA

    Comment lekeni naifwe tu bombeko

  3. awa na

    let them have a share of the national cake

  4. LucasTheodoro

    “the widest gaps between the proportion of unemployed and employed persons being at risk of monetary poverty were recorded in Germany (70.8% for unemployed persons vs. 9.5% for employed persons, or a 61.3 percentage point gap) ” Siga a social democracia para a cova. custom written essays


    What about the neighboring communities? Which share is given to them? Because not all people belongs to jerabos there are some people within wusakile, chamboli mulenga and other surrounded communities scouting around looking for something to feed their families. Are they not also the beneficiaries of the same black mountain?


    It’s not all, pipo who benefit from black mountain, ba pf. find other ways.

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