Hichilema And His MPs Have Abandoned Their Manifesto – MMD Youth

MMD youths have accused opposition UPND leadership of abandoning their own manifesto after they walked out of the house during debate on the Health Insurance Bill in parliament on Friday.

MMD National Youth Treasurer Geoffrey Mulenga described the move by UPND parliamentarians who were acting on instructions from their leader Hakainde Hichilema as an act of cowardice.

He said it has become common knowledge that the UPND leadership will oppose everything even progressive ideas meant for the well being and development of the nation.

Mulenga noted that the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his MPs have chosen to go against their own Manifesto where they proposed to introduce a sustainable health insurance framework for all Zambians because it suits them.

He adds that just like their opposition to printing ballots within the country the UPND have failed to convincingly explain to a common Zambian why they are opposed to the Health Insurance Bill which seeks to improve the well being citizens in the country.

“Yet again HH and his UPND have taken a misleading role in this debate without providing a strong direction to solve the illusions and misconceptions they have about elections. UPND is stuck and fast losing relevance so they are desperately making attempts at not taking a firm position on anything.

“Today HH and his UPND with their numbers in parliament have failed to promote or propose any progressive laws in the interest of Zambians. UPND ironically have opposed the Health Insurance Bill because it best suits them for convenience. They have gone against their own Manifesto where they proposed to introduce a sustainable health insurance framework for all Zambians,” he said.

He called on the UPND leadership to stop changing goal posts on issues because as things stand they seem to have no loyalty to their followers who vote for them based on their manifesto.

He said it was high time that the UPND contributed to the passing of progressive laws in the country saying the same energy they are using to oppose everything should be channelled to more sober and real issues.

“The same way his MPs have walked out on Parliament, that energy should be channelled to more sober and real issues. Issues such as reforms in our electoral system which is time and again a source of conflict whenever we have elections. Instead of contributing to the debate they yet again chose the cowardly way out. They cant debate. They are cowards.

“UPND has the best chance of getting something passed in parliament. But because they have absolutely no loyalty to any fixed position or anyone not even to their followers.

“Which direction is HH and UPND heading? Easy answer: both directions, to further divide Zambians, and above all, to distract us from the real issues surrounding their illegal stay in leadership,” he said.

Further Mulenga urged citizens not to take the UPND seriously because they don’t mean anything they say.

“No one currently should take these guys seriously because they don’t mean anything they say. At any challenging time they can quickly U-turn. They lack the honesty to defend anything they promote. They cant be trusted, its not safe to depend on them because they can dump anything or anyone at any given time.

“What Hakainde and his party should know is that have a fan base and not supporters because they have misunderstood their role in the political discourse of the country.

“Munshebwa aile namashinsha kubuko, HH doesn’t listen to anyone except himself. HH is jumping at every opportunity, If HH had an opportunity he could have even reacted to Zodwa to coming to Zambia.”

He advised Mr Hichilema to realise that Zambia is bigger than him adding that the youths in UPND should also stop following their leaders blindly because leaders will not be there forever.

“HH should quickly realise that this country is bigger than him. Everything should not always be about him, rigging is a process but not an illusion.

“Our advise to the youths in UPND is that they should realize that the future of this country is in their hands, and so they should not follow anything that their leaders says and does because he will not be there forever.

“Our focus as politicians should be on electoral reform and focusing on new electoral laws that guarantee dispute free elections collectively. As opposed to this cry baby mentality they are exhibiting. Because as things stands he is bound to lose again and cry foul,” said Mulenga.


  1. james

    where is my comment?

  2. Alex Chikombi

    MMD,just keep quiet, we have already buried you in 2011,our leader is the leader of action

  3. Bob Mpombo

    This is stupid submission from dead brain of Mulenga Chakuti. HH is no march to thieves in MMD who have hijacked PF in a wanton style. Shut up Koswe iwe!

    • raphael

      Let’s not talk about who did this who did that becouse that isnt gong to help this country in anyways

  4. chansa chiluba

    MMD versus KOLWE,I’d rather vote for a KOLWE.So Mulenga shut up your mouth waumfwa!don’t talk about our hope HH.

    • MULE


      • Ngo

        U are blinded by pf,u can’t see how Zambians are starving to an extent of killing a man over inshima sure God help us!


    Ba MMD ,still talking? Leave the game to fighters… You can simply be axed for nothing ba mudala…….. te game ya bana iyi

  6. Johnsano

    MMD U KOo..

  7. Peter Banda

    Ati rigging is a process but not an illusion, so u mean u have started the process of stealing votes in 2021 by saying that they should print ballot papers in Zambia?


    Go HH

    • MULE


  9. David

    Mulenga shalt your mouth what you tocking hh is the good reader you afield to weak in mmd let as to continue impeachment ediger lungu because as Zambians we need to change the reader ship we don’t want the colaption.

    • MULE


    • anete

      your English is bad go back to class

  10. edwardo

    Just shut up pombu eyi ala makombi enu

  11. GC

    Fellow Zambians we have voted in this Country using our hearts.
    I wish to plead with every sensible Zambian now to vote using our BRAINS just like the AMERICANS for once and you will see the REAL Zambia back on her Feet.

    God Bless Mother Zambia.

  12. Kelvin

    How can MMD members of Parliament
    Contributions be taken serious when their
    Party President is working in a different political party and their members of MMD
    Party feel its normal
    Even in Parliament their contribution are not valid, better to dissolve the party and ask for bye elections,coz where are they going to in 2021 without the party President now let’s avoid problems , if this is in order for Party members of Parliament
    to have no President then they should be all Independent meaning that
    Our Parliament in Zambia is not a court of justice
    Mr speaker kindly let them be in order of the house and be answerable to their Party
    President who should not be employed by a
    Party that is in power of the day
    How then can they put the government of a day to task for service delivery if needs arise
    Let’s look at mistakes and correct them.
    Is it in order for the MMD members of Parliament with their President answerable to
    Another Party Profile, is that not confusing in the house
    I rest my case here

  13. Namakau Amamela

    Efe no Upnd change ok I mu fente we don’t lift you up.

  14. Marker

    It’s true let us not change positions to suit our own.it is not healthy better be principled.

  15. The Jew

    I want to apply common sense to the issue of health insurance. Today it common to hear on the news that this group of people is compiling of not being paid their dues for the past one year. With this in mind can some one tell me how such people will be paying their premier? Don’t forget the unpaid retirees.

  16. Jms

    I have known that some children support their parents even if they are wrong ,Even me I can change the goal post when the ground is not good DON’T cheat us young man. You watch how UPND will stand

  17. Danny

    Am still typing

  18. Chris

    Then they expect us to vote for them

  19. Komz

    MmD for wat

  20. wajimona

    HH is like Aserne Wenger.The day you will change these two, you will see change in your organisations

  21. Silencer

    What by and his MPs are doing is flabbergasting .We all know that problem government is corrupt but there some areas they are doing progressive things. That is the reason to why in some country they have temporally ignored the name ‘opposition part ‘ and prefer to use maniority. Because the word opposition makes HH opposition in either decision made.

  22. khalibu

    my vote is in my heart come 2o21 hh u cry again and again

  23. Doc

    Another one HH

  24. Seth

    People will always believe what they want to believe, so say what you want to say but u can’t crush that spirit.

  25. c.mato

    Ba movement 4 mad dogs just keep quiet or talk about your next conversion so that u see at mulibafeki..

  26. Jms

    If presidents are chosen by God no one can complain because God chooses the Best of the Best and you hypocrisy can be ashamed of your selves

  27. Eddy

    PF are fighting for positions in their party. Some leaders are ready to report corruption activities done by PF to ACC and a letter to mr Lungu is being drafted on Tuesday it will be in his hands. Media make sure you capture the details of this issue.

  28. david

    That is a point, truth hates

  29. sim 1

    U see every1 is talking about upnd think u cows!!

  30. mercutio

    In 1991 it was obvious that ftj ‘ll scope..& in 2001 state council scope. In 2011 king king cobra too. But in 2021 we all don’t know lik we didn’t knew that ecl will in 2016..Only God Knows. My appeal goes to all Zambians to ask God to give us the Leader and deal with all the culprits lik Levy did period.

  31. Francis

    MMD is just the same ma ex girl frnd forget about MMD

  32. Mwape

    HH n his useless,dead,finnished n UPND have northing gud to offer for zambia,they r not a factor.

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