Kamanga Concedes: Forli Ltd Owns City Of Lusaka

… Claims He Has Attempted Reconciliation With Long Time Ally Simataa Simataa, But Failed

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has conceded that City of Lusaka is owned by Forli Limited despite his earlier attempt to side with the redundant Justin Zulu led executive committee.

And Kamanga has claimed City of Lusaka Chief Executive Officer Simataa Simataa has dismissed three people he has sent to make peace with him.

Featuring on ZNBC Sunday Interview, Kamanga acknowledged that records showed that Forli Limited owned City of Lusaka with FAZ having been availed names of new office bearers that had Chifumu Banda as board chairperson.

“We are not even failing to resolve the matter and we have given guidance because the City of Lusaka issue is very simple. There is a company that is involved in owning what they call the PLC. Prior to that process the executive committee had to go through an election. So there was an executive committee which was elected and I think this is where the challenge came in,” he said.

“Half way through there was a change of constitution which was not submitted to FAZ for ratification. So when the wrangles came up there was an elected executive and the investor in the process, so the investor of course as in business point of view had the right to appoint whoever they wanted but they have to do it within the confines of the football constitution.”

He added, “I think we sought a legal opinion from our legal committee who clearly advised that the process had not been followed correctly and we gave advice to City of Lusaka to proceed and make their changes in line with the constitution.”

Kamanga further said, “We were called to a meeting at the ministry where we agreed on the roadmap. From our perspective as long as there is an elected executive we recognize that executive. But going forward because of the dynamics of the arguments that were there we said the two parties should go and reconcile and come up with a team that they should notify which process I think has only been concluded in the last couple of days.”

“We have now received notice from City of Lusaka of who is going to be in the interim committee. Even at the PLC level they have now got a new chairman who is Chifumu Banda State Counsel. So all we said was whatever they are doing for the PLC is what they can do for the club and we have no objection.”

He said he had no role to play on people that were going to be appointed on the executive or board.

“We have no role to play in so far as who is appointed or elected that is not our mandate. Ours was just to receive the details of who had been incorporated in the interim committee. I have not seen the names of the people, I do not know why certain names were removed but I cannot answer. But if there is evidence that we insisted that Simataa should be removed those with evidence should produce it because we have no basis upon which we can stop an individual from being elected or appointed,” he said.

He added: “The record is showing that it is owned by City of Lusaka 2000 PLC. There is a difference when people are elected that they should remove them using the same process that they used to elect them.”

He also tackled the issue of his having ‘donated’ K10, 000 to the rebel City of Lusaka group.

“I would not comment on that simply because there were accusations that I was funding the so called rebels. As far back as 1994 I have been a sponsor member of City of Lusaka,” he said.

“When the factions were warring I was reminded as a sponsor member that I needed to meet my obligation and I clearly made it known to the elected executive that as far as I am concerned that as soon as they resolve their wrangles I would be ready to make my commitment. Of course there was suspicion from the other group where they accused me that I paid. But I never paid.”

On his friendship with Simataa, Kamanga laid the blame on their fall out on his former chief campaigner.

“The issue of having fallen out with Simataa is neither here nor there. In fact the statement was just taken out of context. If you read the statement I was being accused of funding City of Lusaka and I came out categorical that I did not.

“I went further to clarify that as and when clubs call on me I am there to support which I have done like Mufulira Wanderers. Even the issue of Simataa I was using it in relative terms even him as an individual has also had that level of assistance. It was not in that context.”

Kamanga added: “This is someone obviously who had gone to town painting me black. He accused me of all sorts of things. It was never my intention to even bring him in the argument but he decided. He was the one posting on social media that he had fallen out with me.”

He said, “When I did not know that he had fallen out with me wherever he was being interviewed he made it clear that he had no relationship with me. It was a surprise the next I was seeing that out of a performance of one out of 10, I only managed to score one that is his opinion.

“I do not think I have a problem with him but in the last few days I have sent three different people to reach out to him but he has dismissed all of them. He is the one who does not want to talk to me. I am available whenever he wants, he knows where to find me.”

Kamanga said he did not want to discuss his predecessor Kalusha Bwalya but had reached out to him with no positive feedback.

He said he had met him in Ghana but Bwalya had not got back on him on the matters they had agreed on.

Kamanga said that expelled vice president Richard Kazala would be heard at the Annual General Meeting after the International Court of Arbitration (CAS) ruled in his favour on appeal.

He said that Kazala would address the council that will comprise 138 delegates with only 88 being eligible to vote.

The FAZ AGM will be held on March 31 marking two years since Kamanga assumed office.


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    Mr Andulu kalufyanya kamanga. You used sonata sonata as a ladder to climb the maintain and you dumped him…..yayayaya. Amujomba Una mbala muleke.


    Mr Andulu kalufyanya kamanga. You used simataa simataa as a ladder to climb the maintain and you dumped him…..yayayaya. Amujomba Una mbala muleke.

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