Pregnant Women Are Dying In Mpongwe – Lamba Chief

A traditional leader on the Copperbelt has complained that her subjects travel over 40km to access medical services due to lack of facilities in the chiefdom.

Chieftainess Lesa of the Lamba people in Mpongwe District is saddened with the high number of expecting mothers dying in her chiefdom due to lack of proper medical facilities.

She said her area depend on a health centre in Chowa which is about 40km away, a move that makes it difficult for her subjects to access medical services.

Chieftainess Lesa has since appealed to government to consider constructing a health centre in her chiefdom that will help attend to the many health complications.

“In my chiefdom expecting mothers are dying every day as they go to seek proper health services in far flung areas as far as 40km because we don’t have one in our chiefdom.
This has saddened me and am appealing to the government to look into this matter urgently before we lose more lives as a result of not having proper medical facilities,” the traditional leader said.

Meanwhile, Chieftainess Lesa has appealed for the rehabilitation of roads.

She said the roads were in a dilapidated state.

Chieftainess Lesa said her chiefdom is in dire need of development such as proper school facilities, health and a better road network as well as police post.

The traditional leader added that the poor road network has affected farmers that are always finding it a challenge to transport their maize produce to the market.


  1. awa na

    next time tell your subjects to vote wisely. ukwalola umwela

  2. Thomas Ndumba

    Mp were u

  3. panyelekesa

    if only we had a listening government,next time lets join hands to vote for a government which will make the needs of its citizens a number one priority

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