Shoprite, Other SA-linked Stores Ordered To Recall Meat Because Of Bacteria

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba has ordered South African retail chain stores operating in the country to recall ready-to-eat meat products imported from that country following expert confirmation that the products were a source of Listeria bacteria.

And South Africa’s Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi announced the recall of ready to eat meat products from retail chain stores nationally after science experts traced the bacteria to Enterprise Food Production plant located in Polokwane.

In a statement, Mwamba announced that most cold meats that are stocked by retail chains were supplied by a company called Enterprise Food whose meat production was from Polokwane and Germiston.

He said the withdrawal and recall of all ready-to-eat meat products from retail stores would help contain the spread of the disease which has infected over 900 people resulting in about 180 deaths in South Africa.

Mwamba said the chain stores should emulate measures put in place by the South
African government to recall cold and meat products supplied by the firm.

The Zambian Mission in Pretoria recently requested the South African government to put precautionary health measures in place to ensure that all the country’s food exports to Zambia were free of the food borne disease.

South Africa is Zambia’s second largest trading partner following a number of South African business entities operating in Zambia.



    People mast stop eat those because chain has brot the bad behever to us .

  2. Zambian Gamer

    But it looks nice…

  3. homohabilis

    GOD WHY!!!! Let’s play dat disease won’t affect zambians

  4. stanspaul

    I think it’s not just mare bacteria

  5. bravo

    Kkkkkkk but what if bacteria

  6. Fwenkula

    ? Isn’t it the remit for the commerce or trade minister to order such? Well intended as this may be, it borders on an overreach by the good envoy. Just saying…

  7. Pharaoh

    This is very serious Mwebantu, prevention is better than cure. You’ve heard that over 180 people have died from the same and 900 affected. Don’t buy these meat products from Shoprite and other south African stores

  8. ZONDA

    Comment my friend pharaoh you are correct

  9. Dj Texture

    Natural foods are very important get to know that please!

  10. Chileshe mazala

    Pliz make sure that disease does not arrive here

  11. Chikonko

    Yapanga sense……


    Good move by our authorities.

  13. edson

    people i m gonna tell.u are fool what kind of disease does SA has to meat product are sick or what the are just so delayed the are jealous the money dont come to the goverment u dont know the plan people think

  14. awa na

    edson ulichipuba shut your ass

  15. edson

    next time u where telling people that SA fruit have bacteria

  16. Jms

    We know you have a share that’s why you don’t react government ensure

  17. Dalitso Milanzi

    I think the solution here is to PRAY to GOD for us to survive.

  18. Richard

    too bad

  19. Dumisani Realz Mwanza

    Remember, The snacks called Jiggies where from south Africa the contained G.M.Os Na Nyama izo

  20. Jasto

    What a sad story.

  21. A m

    Remember God pipo

  22. Nzunda

    Red meats are always not very safe!

  23. Zimba

    That’s the disadvantage of depending on foods manufactured from other countries.

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