Chaile Appeals To Pres. Lungu To Pardon Mukata

Opposition Radical Revolutionary party Vincent Chaile has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to pardon Chilanga lawmaker Keith Mukata.

The Lusaka High Cour recently sentenced Mukata to death by hanging after he was found guilty of killing his guard. Mukata killed his bodyguard at the premises of his law firm in Lusaka.

President Lungu can only pardon a convict if a t court process has been exhibited. Mukata has since appealed his conviction to the Supreme Court.


We are appealling to the president Edgar lungu to extend his powers to consider pardoning hon mukata.

We all know hon mukata is been a good citizen, hon mukata has been a good Lawyer who has contributed greatly to this country.

Hon mukata he is not only a family man but a breadwinner of the family. Hon mukata is former deputy minister and an mp who has a huge mandate in his constituency to look after the poor especially the orphans.

A split second murder and been the first offender can not guarantee him to be called a murderer and to derseve a death penalty.

There is need to revisit our laws as a country to suit the modernity.
Its quite unfortunate that most laws used in Zambia were left by our colonial master .
Our prisons were build strictly to punish black people and it’s so sad that the same prisons are still been used to punish our own people.

What is happening to hon mukata is sad development and death penalty can never be entertained in country so called a Christian nation.

Vincent Chaile
President for Radical Revolutionary Party


  1. The Chosen One

    What a load of garbage. There so many people rotting in jails for crimes they did not commit. Mukata is not a political prisoner to be given preferential treatment. I have nothing against him but the crime he committed is a grave one for which he has shown no remorse. We’ll be setting a very dangerous precedent if we start releasing convicts from jails because of their standing in society.

    • Jamie Tjay

      So because he Mukata was a well known lawyer and an mp the law must suffer whatever he was let the law prevail when other people are being imprisoned you don’t make mention of colonial and old prisons..In fact he was supposed to be stoned to death I wander what of a leader you are who is failing to comb his own hair

    • Samson Jr Kasambala

      Only God can do so not Lungu..
      Itx too late Mr Man.


    Iwe was that person Mutaka killed not bread winner. Wechipuba we. Kolokombwa…kadyankazi…iwe fisi.

  3. Atim

    I am looking at the picture..the party leader has no time to comb his hair. If he became president, will he have time to do his presidential duties?

  4. sinx

    The choosen , that gurd was a bread winner too so of we keep on saying that then we are not being fair here .

  5. WAdada Benson

    What if he killed you will you have been backing like u ar remove rubbish from your are mouth People steal to feed thy are family and sentence 25yrs beyond but that kills foolish i repeat he has no place in our community

  6. Jones Bwani

    A crime still remains A CRIME regardless of who has committed it.The law has just taken its course…..

  7. Julie

    We told Dickson Jere. Typical animal farm. The murder was in cold blood not even manslaughter.

  8. ZONDA

    Comment Bane some times fino tu letotonya also Thant security guard was not the bread winer ? i mwe ba Cairo ku pena na ngu elyo buyamba ?

  9. Bernhardt

    The poor guard that Mukata killed was also a breadwinner, like the lawmaker , had people who were dependent on him.So the reasons you’re giving Mr Mad President are insults to the those in grief. Wise up !

  10. kedrick siame

    Mr man let him face the law, there’s no need of saying he do this and this.

  11. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    To you,
    Your excellence. Don’t allow this to happen in your full consciousness. This will dent your name. Remember what you did to clifford Dimba (General kanene
    ).This is of more value than that of GK .Mr Vincent Chaile is correct. From all the history of mr Keith Mukata, this is the first offence so far. You check on his political subject. His is an opposition, of which the whole country or africa at large, will have a common view point. “He is happy that, the opposition decline “. “He directed her to sentence him to death so the opposition loose a political figure “.Check on it.This is when you should show the nation that you are for zambians, not only for the PF as aparty

  12. Maano

    Of course Courts in Zambia are meant for the Poor and the Opposition! Remember Mukata was the only UPND MP to remain behind when the rest boycotted the President’s Speech in Parliament?

  13. donkelly

    That’s the definition of a man,wel spoken.

  14. commando

    So ba Chaile are you saying that mr Mukata’s life should be spared because his rich and an MP for that matter.What can you say about the murdered’s life and his children?Even if mr Mukata paid millions of dollars to the bereaved famiy that will mean nothing bcoz that man won’t be brought back to life by the so-called compesation.Does it mean that in Zambia the rich will be killing the poor at will KAILI they have money.Suppose it was the guard who killed mr Mukata what would you have been saying by now.Let’s not apply the law in Zambia selectively.

  15. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Show them you the republican president. Keith Mukata is good man for the public. He is the bread winner as well. The execution is just too much for first offender. More over, the death sentence is against the declaration of a christian nation. Pardon mr mukata, and see how people will turn up to you.

    • MULE

      Please am saying that , man mukata killed was not a breadwinner or a human being ? any less him mukata is the one who have a golden heart let also face a wreathy of GOD UWANGA NO LUPANGA A FWA NO LUPANGA . STOP THAT FOOLISH STATEMENTS

  16. Kamwana

    But Ba Chaile serious, you should take your time to think about what you are going to say. 15 years at Unza and yet you still came back with not enough brains to help you articulate things of national interest. Keith Mukata is a Murderer and there is nothing colonial about he’s sentencing. Have you taken time to think of the family that lost their bread winner(Guard). Let Mukata live but he should rot in jail for he’s deeds and not pardoning . in short what you are saying is that you Stupid Politicians have the right to murder

  17. Abraham Masumba

    Everyone must face law

    • Lameck seya

      Now you know that my ecl President is important, don’t insult him. Let mukata guy lot their. Pls leave my President to attend to important issues.

  18. Jms

    Every one must face law but concede the time of that situation ,was it day or night time,iknow the bible says don’t judge your fellow but to me when you judge correctly to God its fine.so judges judge right in peace

  19. David

    Look at this person ati BA president fimo fimo let his excellency sign padon him for killing an innocent person no way kufwa bebele and this is going to show how justice is delivered in zambia wait and see
    Simply because its mukanta so what if it was a commoner all this debate would not be on social media awe his excellency is even wasting time to sign this time we could have forgotten about Keith kkkkk

  20. D man

    please mr president, do not intervine in these matter,bcz it is bloodish , life of poor nd of rich ar same in the eyes of GOD ,no death is worth than the other death

  21. D man

    let him rip what he sore

  22. Jms

    Any one who will judge because of some people is not a judge and any one who doe’s any thing bad because of some people is not wise. So do nice to people

  23. suplex city

    Ka chaila look at your self, who do you think you are? just shut your rotten mouth.

  24. Trevor

    Mr Chaile what ever u call yourself, wat cud u have done if that guard was totally your son? Wud u have let Mr mukata not 2b sentenced to death or what?

  25. Trevor

    Mr Chaile what ever u call yourself, wat cud u have done if that guard was totally your son?

  26. Dora Man

    Ulitole Saana Iwe So Don’t You Know That No One Is Above The Law?

  27. Mpombo

    Chaile this issue begun with Mwanawasa and Rupiah Bandeee they misled us when they proclaimed that they will up hold the constitution.Alas only to throw it away when it came to executions meaning their personal feelings overode their national duties.Setting a bad precedence to incoming presidents.My own opinion is to allow the family of the deceased to have a say on compensation and forgiveness to culminate in final closure

    • Chanchima

      Talk is cheap as they say. Constitution allows sitting president to commute death sentence if their conscience does not allow them to sign the death warrant. Chaile is talking nonsense because ECL has no power to invoke pardon his own. There is a parole committee to make recommendation, even then, I have never heard of a murder convict who has been given parole in Zambia.

  28. captain chanda

    Very interesting. Chaile wants keth mukata to be pardoned. What of a dead man ? Should ECL resurrect the man? You are very doul Mr chaile. Just because he is a lawyer or has money? Don’t abuse us with no enough money. By the way who are you big man and how did you manage to corrupt pacra?

  29. commando

    I once heard a pot bellied man(Icibhozo) tell a commoner that’ i’ll beat you and if you take me to the police they are my friends and if you go to court nothing will happen’.That’s food for thought.Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

  30. Chileshe mazala

    Wht gave him the right to kill another person he was acting as if his above the law if it was me i would torture him to death

  31. Sydney

    Children of God let us remember that revengers belongs to God,yes it’s good the law has been demonstrated let us think for problems let just mukata compasent the mourning family to sustain their leaving politics in this issue the fact is the man has already left us.

    • Gift

      There z no look rite look left n mukata z case,he z a muderer full stop.those wu ar saying pardon,sori ecl z not a toy.

    • Gift

      Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala,elyo uwipaya ne mfuti,nao wine eikamwipaya.so imwe ba mr mukuta whateva just rest n pistol.

  32. Santos

    This mad president I hav never head of him, I think he’s launching his political party on this platform, he doesn’t even know how to start something.Was the guard not a human being to kill? Who is Munkanta? Let him face what he deserves

  33. matuzi

    Fellow Zambians and gurdges,I appill not to dress someone’s defielment,leave blood sherded alredy in his hands and spear your lives.Revenge belongs to God.
    Christians believes not in such practice of ameno pa meno,

  34. B.I.G

    Mwentu uwamgala nolupanga afwa kulupanga,you reap what you sow .sometimes let us put ourselves in the shoes of those lost their beloved one? People in Lusaka are butchered like animals and you say pardon, let him resurrecte the dead person he will be forgiven children of the Lord let take Christianity for granted or abuse it .people are dying every day at Christian Nation, less ala akatunga as Zambians for using His name in vain it’s too much for our country. Am now provoked in the spirit, anyone supporting the killers meaning you part of them ,the Gospel of Truth and salvation is been preached but you people don’t want to repent, some people deserves death for others to live!




    Let him face the law but not the way he was judged…… There are so many punishments he can face.

  37. Jms

    I’m surprised to hear what Christians are staying .Christians should say what is right. Take for example what happened when to Jesus .They did what their thought told them to do but did the father do the same. We will see if we have a father who is careering. I’m fearing and ashamed of what is happening. Mr chaile is 100% right may our Lord bless you .talk you are right man .tiye nayo

  38. awa na

    chatile. chatile chobe.mukata should die too

  39. awa na

    go and comb your chair Mr President chatile

  40. Superman

    Even if mukata is hanged the guard won’t come back to life. if mukata is hanged then we will lose another life, and the family of the guard will still suffer loss and need a person who could take care of them as the deceased did. my opinion is: the court should sentence mukata to jail for a particular time, and tell him to compensate the family for the loss they are suffering. the court can obey the commandment in the bible which says, ‘thy shall not murder.’ if zambia is a christian nation.

  41. Jms

    A good police man can not lock a man of God ,be careful .This is a TEMPTATION be careful and think twice with your hearts and minds up to the LORD. you will be FORGIVEN.

  42. mercutio

    Give him a life imprisonment his a murderer. He killed somebody & if evidence is there he shud be punished & in lusaka there killings.. kill him not spare him.

    • The president must leave him although is guilty it's normal not to kill but am only 14 years pliz kill him.

      Kill him

  43. sun man

    BA chaile muletotokanya muciialakasa cenu kuti ngacali mwana obe kuti wacitashani? Mukata alipaya umuntu na bible yalilanda bwino sana ukuti “uwanga nolupanga akafwa kulupanga” ulupwa lwakwa malonda ulemona ngabafunya Makata lyalaufwa bwino? Think out side the box mwana.


    BA Chaile, that’s the definition of stupidity and wilfully denying the truth. Sympathy?
    A well learned lawyer like Mukata who understands human rights should be taught a lesson. A precedence must be set to deter would-be offenders like you ka chaile who think life is useless and is something you can purchase cheaply. Think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No money can buy life.
    You are the dullest homosapian I have ever seen…. No wonder you have dirtened our walls with graffiti type of campaign. You think upside down. Ulicacabe-cabefye. Your parents would be ashamed to hear that from you. :0;O):0(:0(

  45. mulase

    U ar contradicting yourself by saying wat the bible say about murder. The bible clearly says that thy shall not murder meaning if u murder u ar committing a grave sin.And wat ar the wages of sin,?It’s death.An offender who takes away someone’s life whether first offender or repeated deserves to die.Keith mukata being a lawyer must have taken several innocent pipo to jail without remorse.Today its on hlm and u want him to be pardoned.. Anyway since he hz appealed I can only wish him the best of divine favour.

  46. Elita mwanza

    Murder is murder. Why should the president feel mercy on him when he failed to do that for his guard. Its a shame for anyone asking for mercy on his behalf. What of the person he killed, have you taken your time to go and see how the family is living their life now after the loss of their beloved one???


    Kufa chabe

  48. Rambo

    What a president indeed. akali jacket nama nkoni nkoni and you can’t even komb your dirty hair. Ifiko fyobe someone can tell that ifyamba ichamba sanna. Nowornder you can’t think properly. That maderer needs to be hunged or life in jail.



  50. voices in chains

    To my surprise you are being sentimental over nothing.do you even know what it means when a rich man kills a poor man in cold blood? Please Ba pres before u utter stupid words start by combing your hair maybe you may be able to think straight.atase.

  51. j1

    he was not a good citizen good citizens don’t kill at Will do you even know what is good,you yourself must be too evil to call a killer a good man

  52. Ssg

    Iwe ka chaile so u mean uyo mukata tafwile ukufwa bcoz he is rich? Wat aboult that man he killed dont u think that he was a breadwinner as wel despite being poor? U dnt even no maybe he has killed many pipo uyo kufwa let elc alone mukata kufwa mukata kufwa.


    people lets call a spade a spade if what he did qualifies him to be hunged let him face it

  54. Humphrey

    Even the person he killed was the bread winner for his family
    Mr think twice before trying to defend same one
    You can’t be a president with that low thinking capacity

  55. sim 1

    Chaile u a fool,uli chipuba,sad such a goat to have a political party.

  56. Sitwala

    Keith Mukata is a lawyer. He knew killing someone is a serious offence punishible by death in some circumstances.

    If he was sincere he would have admitted to killing the guard, especially with evidence so clear. He could have got a lesser charge of manslaughter (crime of passion since he was drunk with his mulatto concubine) and a lighter sentence.

    His denial of the crime plus appeal show he has no remorse whatsoever. However, knowing Edgar Lungu, who didnt even bother to read the constitution full of lacunas he signed at the stadium in front of illiterates, it will be express pardon like Clifford Dimba (General Kanene) and Austin Liato. And Fake Christians for Lungu will be using the bible to justify such an injustice like the murder of Naboth by King Ahab at the behest of Jezebel just for a plot of land.

  57. Spy

    That’s why some political parties only exist on paper in Zambia. How can a Party President see an opportunity to make money or political mileage is such a matter? Does this so called Party president feel for the family of the deceased? Sometimes, learn to keep quiet if you’ve nothing to talk about.

  58. Jojo

    This party leader is mad. Not worthy to be called opposition leader. How many people are in jail for simple crimes like selling a small piece of bush meat(kolwe). And you want someone who killed someone’s father, husband ,grandfather and breadwinner to be let free. You need deliverance sir.

  59. Msogoleli

    I sink chair you don’t have brains honestly can you defend such

  60. dambule

    Wat if it was the guard who killed him ?

  61. Msogoleli

    The most corrupt people are those in authority and the so called rich they don’t mean what they say and say what they mean if you want to help him service the sentence

  62. Msogolo

    The most corrupt people are those in authority and the so called rich they don’t mean what they say and say what they mean if you want to help him service the sentence

  63. rocky

    Law is law,why did he have the intention to kill a simple man,he is not God, now look nobody can save u

  64. Kapena Kapena Augustine Prince

    He has been good to the country but let’s also not forget that he also is a criminal, a murderer for that matter. How many more unknown people has he killed? For him to reach at the level of killing his own body guard. How many has he killed through hiring assassins to kill for him. He is a killer, he is evil let him pay his price. That guard has left a wife and children including all his dependents, they just can’t remain in limbo like that for a single fool.

  65. chansa chiluba

    Law is blind, it doesn’t see whether you’re poor or rich,so iwe chi president your’re wasting your time

  66. Tedius Chisala

    Chaile we mbushi we.The idiot killed an innocent guard, and you want the President to pardon him….hw i with it was you he shot.


    This man is a honourable man not a murder. His records are clean, besides that he has contributed greatly to not just chilanga but mainly to the people of this country. Many people have been wrongly imprisoned so why do you want to add to that number(on top of that you know his innocent by saying how many people where wrongly imprison).please mr editor publish what is right.

  68. Thomas Ndumba

    it’s a sad thing

  69. Seth

    Christians right? Meaning Christ like, what would Jesus have done? Think about it let’s walk the talk, christian nation? Mmmmmh.

  70. Jms

    Superman u are BRAVE look among all Zambia who has ever imagined Mr chaila can come up with such a difficult situation, I know that all of you talking negatively to him you are just giving good luck.And the fact is that if God was visible when ever one is commenting it can be fabulous indeed TALK AS IF YOU ARE WITH GOD.

  71. King cool

    The law has taken its own unique right to do their job with no interference from above, but doing it accordingly, no Fair no favor and no fear. The law should not be for the poor only but for both. The bereaved family members hasn’t revenged but the revenger himself..

  72. Kola

    So it means the Zambian government only considers people full of pocket and those with empty pockets are dogs even if we are faced with such horrible situations there is no turn to find a rest

  73. Barotseland

    Nothing like politics here let the law take its side with no favouritism Mukata is mare citizen like everyone else and let him be treated accordingly like any one else .zwaaaaa pf cadre

  74. Owen chirwa

    Pipo like these are not need in Zambia they do nothing less difend pipo who are rich .
    Fools let him be hunged

  75. Laymouhn

    the soul that sins die,so many will die

  76. muunje

    pardon. him for what reasons you want him to come and kill hundreds or thousands of people he is a murderer late him feel the full wrath of the law

  77. lucas

    we are not ours but God’s , we are not under the law but under the grace let’s practice grace and show mercey.wiseka naiwe wisekwa

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