OPINION: Can the MMD Rise From Its Political Deathbed?

With the Zambian political scene a hive of activity, the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) has also got in the action. MMD through its youthful general secretary Raphael Nakachinda has been touching base with the masses across the provinces.

For the record the MMD was at the helm of Zambian politics from 1991 to 2011 when they lost power. It has not helped that the party has been on a downward spiral since losing power, perhaps going down faster than UNIP in the post 1991 elections. But Nakachinda and his lieutenants have now hit the road working to revive the fortunes of the MMD.

The MMD has had its internal struggles with two factions quietly at each other’s necks but there seems to be a new direction of an MMD that is treading a solo path. What chance does the MMD have of going it alone in the 2021 elections? Or rather who is the man to lead the MMD into the 2021 elections? Their other possible candidate and arguably their best bet Felix Mutati is stuck in a marriage of convenience with the ruling Patriotic Front where he has been relegated to Minister of Works and Supply.

Lest we forget there has also been that lingering possibility that Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala could weigh in on the race with an outside chance. For the record the MMD representation in parliament now lies in the following personalities Maxwell Kabanda (Serenje), Howard Kunda (Muchinga), Namugala (nominated), Peter Phiri (Mkaika) and Mutati.

If the MMD has to think about picking up the pieces they have to start from these heads that are fairly grounded to give the party some chance of revival.

What the party will do to get the support of their former strong members that crossed over to the Patriotic Front in an alliance of convenience in the 2016 elections. Notable names like Dora Siliya, Vincent Mwale, Bowman Lusambo, and Victoria Kalima among others.

And then there is that small awkward entitlement fight with UPND aligned Nevers Mumba who claims to lead the MMD albeit from the UPND bedroom.

While the MMD is lying prostrate perhaps for the sake of the history that it holds for this country something must be done to help it remain relevant to the political game in Zambia. However that responsibility lies squarely on the MMD.


  1. Jccm

    Hmmm, ba MMD, what’s up? Is it because your F. M have been droped from f.m? The president did this to straigthen works and suply ministy. You had a strong pack, now, why?

  2. Botha C

    MMD nikuwayawaya chabe.

  3. Abraham Masumba


  4. Mpombo

    MMD has been gobbled by the seismic tribal politics on the Zambian altar sliced up by Lungwangwa and his cohorts Maureen Mwanawasa and Mabenga to join Chuundu Chaitwa.This left the Siliyas and Namugalas to respond in kind as they say the rest is history.MMD lies prostrate at the feet of political extinction.The best they can do is to let their women march on women’s day so that we remember the mighty women they could parade on the Zambian political scene Vera Chiluba,Esther Nakawala,Alice Simango and indeed the indomitable Edith Nawakwi during their heydays

  5. Lameck mkandawire

    But it’s Just alright for MMD to rise again…!



  7. B.I.G

    So mean you of Zambia don’t see and understand the mmd guys are still in power. Mwebantu sure who is the advisor to the president, do you MULENGA mp Ndola central, f n’gambi for chifubu Ba Lusaka provincial minister, we talk of mutatit and Dolla siliya many to mention. If these were connive with other MPs in Parliament can even hijack the ruling so-called. Zambians wake up!


    Let them do wat they can…… .who knows may be they bounce back



  10. Nkonkosheni

    Ba B. I. G even chitalu Chilufya wrs MMD .Thre ar many its like the all pf.

  11. mpumpule

    Yaba!!!its like going to eat the vomits again with Mudye Mweka Dady(MMD) here in chongwe,its man ck,hh,&one chagwa lungu! Ask masebo or mr matabula abt mmd,nitulabi(tushimi)

  12. Mulapati Maxwell

    Lusaka National (Museamu) Ma Players Banachinja Team, So Niyokosa Its Like Wining The Afcon 2019, 2021 Or 23

  13. Muzembo phizzie

    Better days are gone.In Zambia there will never be a party that will come back to power for the second time.Its only one chance.once vomited you are buried for good.Its a new chance to a new party.

  14. Robert

    Honestly, mmd has been barried in the deepest sea never to be remembered again because even though,RB is diehard Pf support.Those trying resurrecting mmd must just get back to ya farms, they is no chance for Zambians people getting back to old fashioned policies of 1991 ,shame on you for you think Zambia ni animal farm!!!

  15. Majoni Tyson

    MMD will never rise again unless with a miracle. No party in Zambia will ever return on power after being overthrown, the same to of once it go that will mark its end

  16. Kapena Kapena Augustine Prince

    When a political party looses support it means people are fade up with its manifestos. MMD is gone and people returning back to it is impossible. Unless or other wise. But MMD rising again to power can take millenniums.

  17. c.mato

    Mmd for sale.

  18. shiben

    Comment mmd ni-history, why waste time tok about them?

  19. mala

    mmd sure, ikalenifye why wasting your time.

  20. mala

    mmd, ikalenifye why wasting your time.

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