Opinion : The Holiday Euphoria Points to Something Wrong

The celebrations that characterized social media once the announcement that President Edgar Lungu had declared Friday as a public holiday as an extension of Women’s Day celebrations that fall on Thursday March 8.

Zambia is due to have another public day on Monday which is Youth Day accounting for a five day window off work for the government machinery.

There is already a feeling that there are too many public holidays on our calendar with some people arguing that rather than celebrating holidays the public would do better to yearn to put in more shifts at work.

There are already greater concerns about the work culture in the civil service. Many public service workers are notorious for late coming and knocking off early which robs government of quality labour. They are also notorious for screaming loudest for delayed salaries or any form of payments.

Where their pay is delayed they easily devise alternative pay modes that further robes government of income through shortcuts oiled by corruption. There is every problem when you have business coming to a standstill in a country celebrating the declaration of a public holiday.

While rest is good it could have been hoped that the move is more welcome for its stressing the importance of celebrating women and not an opportunity to escape work.

For a country with an economy desperate to catch up with the rest of the world we should perhaps be more inclined to cut off worthless holidays and get down to work.


  1. Julie

    It is Edgar Lungu to blame. If he declares a holiday it is law. There is nothing we can do about it. Dununa reverse ilebomba.

    • Kwenje

      Declaring Friday as a public holiday makes sense in that, you can’t have a holiday on Thursday and report for work on Friday which is a last working day of the week and expect workers to concentrate 100%. Let’s be real guys unlike criticising everything for the sake of it.

      • P.M

        Come on…you can’t just wake up and declare a holiday. Holidays cost our economy a lot. So what’s wrong with coming to work on Friday after a holiday on Thursday. Problem with people like you and your president is that..you think holidays are there to go and drink senselessly that you cantsiki wake up the following day. What sort of a president thinks like that surely. Very poor work ethics by your koswe president . It is really sad…zambia has no future.

    • Bowise

      Mind you in 24 hours prices can go up by 10 percent, you can be forced to postpone critical decisions.

    • Kalulu

      Sorry Julie that is premitivity something must be done urgently because there are to many holidays in Zambia is tantamount to a day light robbery by senior government officials.Each time there is a public holiday celebration you should know that they are paid allowances huge sums of money which intended for national development.this years women’s day theme aims at empowering a rural woman but the question is how?when?and with what strategy.come out and defend our countries economy by merging some of these illerivant holidays.

  2. Dumisani Realz Mwanza

    Atleast na friday kanshi it’s Holiday! Resting is very Important :O

  3. Dumisani Realz Mwanza

    But Musachilemo

  4. Spy

    There’s no holiday for me throughout. I will be working full time.



  6. Marker

    Plz though resting is good it shouldn’t be at the expense of productivity.Let’s revisit some of the calendar ,we can forgo some.

  7. Samson Mfula

    Take it or leave it, woman are important and they deserve it… But it not well for school goers.

  8. Kapena Kapena Augustine Prince

    Its just a single day of Friday. Why are you guys barking like dogs

    • Jeaffrey Tembo

      Imagine ai.and some of these barking ar one of the laziest buddies in this country who only spend their tym on social media shelling insults

    • P.M

      One day translates into million lost manhours !!

  9. vidy

    for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so every one relax your roles and hormones, every thing will come on plan view soon…. #trust_kingvidy?

  10. Wise me

    Once in a while we need such relief. Thank you your excellency.

  11. mengmoreler

    The head z nt thnkng well!sure u dlayd da opening of skuz then u’r there playing wth tim again xtendng women’s dy 4wat now!remembr da tim westd will nvr b covrd.

    • teacher

      I am a lazy teacher, I rejoy in this prolonged holiday, kunwa fye no kwangala, te mulandu nangu abana mu class babe ifikopo, after all month end nkafula, fyabupuba ukulabomba five days per week, coko yatendusha, atase mukwai , kulibotola nokulafola fye isha lutu, kaili sha gvt.

  12. mark

    its lungu to blem coz he is the law.And please ask hh about it.

    • Jmc

      Do not criticise just bcz you’re on de other side plz.


    The Bemba’s say ubushiku bumo tabubosha nama
    …….You people its just one day only which is Friday the rest will be as usual……. Yaa Zambians vipuba kupaka!

    • Kalulu

      I understand you are Zambia too and the
      senior cipuba right

  14. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Zambians, yaba!Nayo nayo.

  15. fred chibulu

    Well I like it.

  16. fred chibulu

    Well well well I like it.

  17. Realistic

    Its just One day?, a lot could happen in one day, a county can be attacked in one day,people might die in one day,I pupil can learn in more in one day,the list is endless and you fools are like its just one day. To hell in one day.

  18. Pamutunda

    Well done Mr President more especially to us who are working in the private companies we will be at least resting from had job.

  19. Batista

    yes for you who are saying that it is just only Friday yes it’s but just remember that even in just single minute all things can shucking.

  20. Kalyalya

    E normal bachikulile

  21. Richard

    this is, the only job lungu he can do, apart from drinking jemason.

  22. Kamtondoli

    Those with progressive minds will put the days to best use. Development is not just sitting in office.
    Think of that house you’re building to cut down your rentals.
    What plans do you have as a family that will improve your livelihood away from your allowances and salaries?
    Thanks for the day.

  23. You

    Yaba bamuntu mwilasapota ifyabupuba bakoswe mupoto

  24. suntwe

    Viva Lungu! If u want to work on friday,go&work mambala!! Y criticize the president,BA Lungu twalumbu taaa!!!!

  25. Masau Nyirenda

    It’s Too Bad!

  26. john

    schools were opened late & then u want to make more holidays!

  27. Manda Festus

    more money in the pocket!!i will be working,double ticket!!well done mr Presido lundeniko nayambi ama days shikafule month end

    • Abraham Masumba

      For us ba rover everyday is a holyday,boma tupeleniko inchitoh

  28. Abraham Masumba

    For us ba rover everyday is a holyday,boma tupeleniko inchitoh

  29. Barotseland

    You have gone too far ba konswe zwaaa fa

  30. Tonny

    Why do people keep on blaming things that are straight think before you say anything just enjoy your long weekend

  31. rupiah

    Please bane its not a day its 3 to 4 days again April 2 to 3 days we are talking about billions of kwacha a lot of money.


      Pipo let us not criticise what is righ, if I recall very well there is a six proverb those who have gone grade by grade will recall the proverb it says “ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKE JACK A DULL BOY”
      for today I will end here but am leaving this in the hand of all Christians who do like critics


    Pipo let us not criticise what is righ, if I recall very well there is a six proverb those who have gone grade by grade will recall the proverb it says “ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKE JACK A DULL BOY”
    for today I will end here but am leaving this in the hand of all Christians who do like critics

  33. Milika chibwe

    Umuntu ni lungu,thanks Zambian u should learn to appreciate

  34. duks

    You stupid pipo fwebanenu shileingila unomwenshi kasaka akulileni bamambala

    • Kalulu

      Only a nonentity like dusk can support rubbish

  35. Kalulu

    Ecl should not take for granted one day holiday because many government programme are on halt and only looking out please in the near future merge some of these holidays women+youth day =1,heroes day +african freedom day+independence=1,esther holidays+ national day prayer and fasting =1,tb day+aids day+ malaria+people with disability =1 .merging these will help saving gvt expenses than you kwangala kulimucalo nabukabolala awee!!!!

  36. Kalulu

    Ubwato bwabunda

  37. Shibaby

    Yes, rest is good but declaring and extending public holidays like this, will do nothing but promote laziness. Come on zambians we can do better than this, let’s embrace resting a little and working hard we need it in order for our country to grow economically.

  38. Snake

    It’s good but let us hope it will won’t affect school calendar on April Holiday.

  39. Patrick Mwale

    Good call Mr. President! Fintu fimbi kutasha fye!

  40. Gift

    How can u become lazy n one de,think b4 u put dat dirt finger on yo rastic 4ne.he is trying 2 giv u more tym 2 visit yo relativs bt it z already a problem 2 sum of u coz u ar too stinge,anyway,can’t blame u that’s how u were brought up amenshi yakonka umufolo.


    Be realistic mwe bantu. Nice move your Excellency.

  42. Francis

    Your always just complain is the only thing know learn how to appreciate you want ECL to visit you place with money awe i cant blame u Zambia’s only thing you know is to complain eeeii

  43. Francisco

    Don’t try to be more genius at a public thing you will come and regret

  44. Eject

    Is this a sickness, everywhere you see these people believe me ??? No Dance the alakweena ii e dununa R

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