Kamanga Is Being Economical With The Truth – Simataa

… He First Goes Public & Ends Friendship, Uses FAZ Letterhead To Abuse My Person

… Further Goes On TV To Discuss A Reconciliation He Is Not Practicing

… Turns Around & Plays Victim To Win Sympathy

Football administrator Simataa Simataa says FAZ president Andrew Kamanga is being economical with the truth when dealing with matters of public interest.

Kamanga was on national television accusing Simataa of allegedly painting him black following a fall-out between the two longtime allies.

Reacting to the Sunday Interview hosted by ZNBC’s Grevazio Zulu, Simataa dismissed the notion propagated by Kamanga suggesting he had rebuffed efforts for a truce.

Simataa admitted receiving word from Kamanga through third parties.

“Yes, he sent word through @Kephas Katongo, @Sam Sakala, Fabian Ngoliya and Richard Nawa all in the week leading to this interview. So that he can claim victory on TV either way. I am not a fool. He knows my home, work place and my number,” he narrates.

Simataa says while Kamanga was sending people to attempt reconciliation, he was on the other side giving conditions to his employers to sack him.

“Fabian told me he had a kind of religious conviction about our friendship and wanted to reconcile. He also offered a job. This was on Monday evening.

“That morning he was suggesting that part of the solution at City was my removal. I told Fabian to go ask which Andrew I should believe in the Sunday forgiving one or the Monday morning satanic one. I have NOT received an answer,” he added.

“I can narrate some other [things] but will simply say he lied on TV. As usual mean on the truth. The people I have mentioned are living, ask them.”

Simataa says Kamanga had on all occasions in the fall-out first gone public either
through social media or other channels before attempting to address any issue between the two.

He challenged Kamanga to give an accurate report of the circumstances leading to the fall-out as opposed to attempting to play victim in an attempt to win sympathy.
Simataa reminded Kamanga how the FAZ president ended their friendship through social media.

“First it was about my bitterness over my lack of appointment as GS. Uhmmm. 1. Let [him] tell the country too when and where I had asked for the job. 2 Let him tell the country why he asked me to apply inspite of my misgivings about his interview panel.
“3 Let him tell the country his unsolicited wow to make me GS at Arcades on the eve of the Exco meeting that chose Ponga. 4 Let him tell the country all his ever said about this matter and my position on the whole.

“In December he had no apologies for suggesting my name [when] in Morocco [that] he regrets nominating me and agreed with his Exco. Flip flop. Tonight [Sunday] he won’t discuss me, next he [is] talking about sending emissaries, how I have refused, how I owe him money. Flip flop,” he states.

Simataa reminded Kamanga that even when the FAZ president decided to publicly end their friendship, he stayed within his corner but had now been forced to give his side of his story.

“I have avoided responding back. He spoke in a press statement, I kept quiet. Now on TV – sorry he has crossed the

“My crime was to be friends with Augustine, Kennedy and Diego. I know no other,” he said.

Simataa says the circumstances of the highly publicized reconciliation attempts were not as genuine because they were shrouded in a cloud of hypocrisy.

“Sam Sakala called me last week with an Andrew offer for a job. I wondered how it was so without peace between us. I thought peace came first. Sam went back and fro. Finally came through with a message that he would phone or contact me personally. I await that call or visit,” he adds.

Simataa also disclosed that there were insinuations that the FAZ president had a hand in his exit at Lusaka Dynamos where he had briefly served as CEO.

“By the way when I was fired at Lusaka Dynamos Andrew was mentioned, I challenged him to deny it he responded he did not interfere in the affairs of Lusaka Dynamos. I now here [sic] the same of City,” he adds.

Simataa is known and was the architect of Kamanga’s ascendance to the helm of Football House.

Source: Bola Zambia


  1. Jms

    If you see some one avoiding you don’t fill offended he is strong and a bread winner don’t disturb him or her unless if you looking for advice from him but I just say that strong people are the once attacked and mostly the one attacking is again a man who can not be advised its very difficult JUST DO WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU for me I chisamba and kalaba in the SQUAD if we win you will see how will lift you it will be a combination of mweepu and patson daka


    Where is PETER ADAMU…..kamanga is a con man, I told Peter and now we are seeing it all. Bo Simataa I told you but you chose to dine with the Devil, kamanga…The same poison you cooked for Kalu, you forgot to throw, kamanga is now using it on you, Bo Simataa…Kamanga is killing our beautiful game…FAZ has stopped conducting refresher courses for coaches in various division inlcuding the premier league coaches and the result is bad results….kamanga kamanga kamanga.

    • Get an Expatriate Coach

      Our football standards have gone to the dogs. Noone is doing anything about improving our soccer. They are just quarrelling. Kamanga must go! We Zambians love our football! He doesnt!

  3. JC dot com

    Every is OK kaili you were posting rubbish on kalu now its Kamanga …….now see what your Kamanga is doing! Don’t complain anything that is your Kamanga u voted

  4. Chipolopolo

    I am yet to trust Kamanga on anything.

  5. sim 1

    Gera out bonse mulila my faz,y can’t u jst form yo own clubs.u jst want faz cofers idiots.

  6. sim 1

    Gera out bonse mulila mu faz,y can’t u jst form yo own clubs.u jst want faz cofers idiots.

  7. Charles M.Phiri

    Last time it was kalu,kalu now u have turned to Kamanga kkkkkkk bola ya pa zad

  8. hasty

    Comment ifibi pa fibi,,,i like the squabblying.

  9. Cozcow

    Bo Simata uzadya mauzu. Now Kalu is laughing all the way to the bank. Used like a rug. The same way the three stooges will cry ( nalumango , gbm and mucheleka) nibambuli

  10. Get an Expatriate Coach

    So these people robbed us of Kalu who is the only FAZ chair to have won AFCON so that they can start these childish wranglings in public while our football standards drop? All our teams are losing in champions league and all Kamanga can do is to quarrel with Simataa. Ukutumpa!

  11. Patrick Mwale

    Simaata Simaata is just a problem.He did not like Kalu,he is now on Kamanga,The person he campaigned for not long from now.What kind of a person is Simaata?

  12. Jms

    This is happening even to our top officials we put but the way they treaty us we remain as dogs look simataa supported a non tribal man which means he is non tribal you kaya mwandi emwe mitundu ena awe mwandi makamaka aba bandani awe mwandi

  13. Mpelo saulo

    Simata Simata is very evil and should not be trusted by well meaning football lover. What kind of an animal are you, full of bitterness and confusion were ever you are. This wrong mindset of thinking it can’t be done unless you do it. Please big man change and make peace with people more especially kalu.

  14. Amidabwisha

    Simata i grew up with him in Wusakile. He is a very clever guy. Very friendly too

  15. Dada

    Simata a problem

  16. HH azinama!

    Complete the following:

    Simataa is to FAZ (never rule);
    as HH is to…

  17. Mwansa John

    Cacine simataa simataa is a very big problem. He started with poulsen who was national soccer team coach, attacked Great Kalu, awe mwee! Ena tumwipushe what has he done in terms of soccer? Tapaaba he is just a noise maker good at brewing confusion always!


    The truth is Simataa thinks he knows it all. He is a bitter fool, football scoundrel, and can kill just to be in power.
    You idiot, ka simaataa, gunship fikkushupa mubumi bobe kanshi? To you everyone is bad! Awe! It’s you who has a problem. People like you are bent on destroying systems and satisfying their insatiable appetite for fame, power, and thieving. Wanyela mwateni!
    Kamanga is your friend but has realised that you’re poison and an epitome of evil. You planned Kalu’s exit and clever King Kalu avoided you because you are a fool -a big one! Drink your own poison!
    Apali ponse you just want confusion and ever planning evil. Change, namukula! Tapalila ngoma. This is free advice and open rebuke. Get sense from nonsense!…….

  19. suntwe

    Leave Stomata ooh sorry, simata simsta alone,this Lozi guy is clever nowander he’s going to b mp for Malana Liachi constituency under CK in 2021

    • Jabez

      If NDC pick Simataa then they are fools. Simataa is a tribalist. He hates Bembas in private but pretends in public. That is why he fought Great Kalu.

  20. kedrick siame

    Look for the poor performance to our chipolopolo boys filed a chain loosing qualifications to Russian world cup 2018 and loose one game for African qualification 2019, what a unit and what a couch who filed to run our chipolopolo boys.

  21. Jms

    Please MWe Bantu KAMNGA is wrong here How can you send people to go for a Reconciliation to yout best friend to me its not a friend but an enemy you should have gone with them so please shoulders down sorry for that word but respect those up and down you are a nice man and s good man like you I hope and think you can change for better

  22. Donqueen

    Simataa Simataa should not cry victim every time. Kamanga is not perfect nor is Kalu. It’s however imperative that you give support and constructive feedback to anyone at helm and not Just practice PHD. Simataa has never recovered from emotionally resigning from FAZ as Chair or being fired from Finance Bank. Move on big man and concentrate on your good work supporting youth soccer.

  23. david m

    Iwe chichi KAMANGA please pay use them money you power use them stewards during

  24. Jabez

    Like MOST Lozis Simataa is too arrogant and thinks he better than everyone.

    He is actually a big coward. To feed his enormous ego, imstead of standing as FAZ president he pushed Andrew Kamanga into the job to use him as a puppet but Andrew is not a stooge. This is why there is this blow up.

    The fact is Simataa is not going anywhere. He tried to remove Kalusha and failed. He tried to come up with a rival league and failed. He tried being a manager of a small team and failed. In 2011 he tried politics but supported the losing team. He later backed PF hoping for a post but ECL is not easy to trick. Simataa may as well go and start fishing in Mongu or take up hopani farming – maybe he may succeed this time.

  25. Uncle Bizzo

    Simata knows better than most of us what’s happening at FAZ headquarters so let him talk,too much wrong things happening at FAZ of late

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