Lusaka Wife Stabs Man Over Nshima

A man of Lusaka’s Bauleni compound who was stabbed by his wife over nshima has been discharged from the University Teaching Hospital.

And the hospital has also discharged a 20-year-old man of Lusaka West identified as Evans Lukonde who was attacked and stabbed by unknown people around recently.

UTH Public Relations Officer Natalie Mashikolo says the 38 year-old Bauleni man identified as Philip Mukombe was stabbed by his wife after inquiring if she had prepared supper.

Mashikolo explains that it was at this point that he was stabbed and later rushed to UTH where health personnel attended to him.


  1. clever Munakanyemba

    This is immorality.human beings should not behave in that fiece manner…….u can’t sturb your companion over nsima and to make it worse he is your provider of that same breard……and to u husbands u can’t ask for nsima that u don’t provide be marture and learn to provide for your family,a lazy man should not eat…..

    • Kapena Kapena Augustine Prince

      For a woman to reach at that extent, it really shows that the man is not a responsible man. Many men turns their wives into slaves by burdening the intire house responsibilities. This is not healthy. That woman was really fade up that day with the behavior of that foolish and useless husband hence the need to even take his life. She is human she can sometimes react in that way. From my perspectives i think the man is a big drunkard and does nothing completely for his family. How can you be stabbed like a thieth in your own home for a bread which you yourself win. Shame on you for mistreating and punishing your own family.
      A responsible man does not ask food in his home, but he finds it served already.
      Let’s be serious men.

  2. Jms

    This LEADS to POVERTY and selfishness PLEASE WHY ARE JUST CONCERNED WITH WOMEN I MEAN DO NOT JUST EMPOWER WOMEN ALONE it u who are bringing MEN DOWN remember even in the bible boy children where killed due to the power the thought of Jesus so PLEASE empower us or men will be not only injured but KILLED a concerned citizen

  3. NSIMA NAYO Awe Mweh!!!!

    Nshima+maseti = kkkkk
    Mr Man how could you ask for Nshima in your own house, i guess you are drunkard…
    Na imwe ba mayo respect your husband. thats just Nsima…

  4. c.mato

    I personally think this man has a girlfriend kumbali & doesn’t provide@ home & on top of that beats the annoyed madam,coz only one side of the story & maybe he drinks irresponsibly beers.

  5. ZONDA

    Comment police chinto yaoneka uyo mukazi ni murdera same na chief mukata

  6. Wise me

    Shame! Instead of celebrating the Wolrd Women’s Day this couple engages in a fatal tiff. Bana ba masiku yano ati kusoba mwambo.

  7. Bwalya Jeff

    Even I am the sole provider most of the time I have to remind my wife about food when she is busy on fb

  8. JC dot com

    Just nsima!…is that not GBV ba police how do u call that? Kaili mumona kwati its only us men who assault women….. Now see your self what is happening to these women we marrying in bars!

  9. ernesto

    pali nsima sure

  10. Mr. Youth

    Dont forget its rain season kah..

  11. munsele

    Honestly just over nshima ,
    it’s a big shame
    Maybe the man came back drunk and started pressuring the lady over nshima when he left nothing at home.

  12. Bak In

    Not Like This

  13. chansa chiluba

    MAPULESHA ndiye aleta MATEMPA bane njala pa ZED due to poor leadership

  14. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Nsima ya nsima kufuna opailapo alume,were and on women’s day for that matter… Azimai katani mitima tapapata,you are our mothers and l for one respect you. Happy mother’s day to all women and girls in Zambia and the world at large.

  15. D man

    direct point is, these man is not a provider of food at his home , he claims for what he has not provided , bcz i dont understand to be stubbed over my own food ,

  16. Pastor Lloyd

    Poverty is evil!

  17. Hastine chings

    Awe mwendi rain season, huhhhh

  18. Alex Chikombi

    Its too bad, but there is something behind a closed door.(to be a farmer is more vital, farmer can not do that)

  19. Anthony

    People it’s nshimba u don’t understand it’s nshimba nshimba nshimba

  20. Richard

    its only in zambia

  21. kedrick Zulu

    Mmmm ichalo nachafya sana mwebantu killing your friend over nshima mmmmm insala my Zambia.

  22. Mwila Mambwe

    Why killing husband over nsima when it’s her duty to cook for him,she must have been drunk shame shame shame on you!

  23. Jms

    I’m impressed I enjoyed reading some comments .when this woman if asked why she did this you can be surprised to hear her answer in short you living with a criminal my friend be careful you will go for good (for bad,)

  24. panyelekesa

    as funny as it may sound,but this is how we are losing great men of our country…country men and women its obvious now that in the quest to promote gender equality,the rights and privileges of men are trampled upon,we are overlooking the needs of man,if it was a woman who was stabbed for the same reason it would have been a different story,lets be fair when analyzing in critical isues…we must know when to criticize or sympathize…we need to feel sorry for this man,this woman should face the law,there is absolutely no justification on what she did


    When the wise speak, the world listens.
    Awe fishing fyakutila uyu shibantu ddoes nothing at home. Bakulase umwele pafyakulya ifyo ushita namo mung’anda mumobe? It’s a lie. That man I believe was drunk and left nothing at home. He has repented and will start providing.
    Inuma yacipuba yumfwa inkonto. That woman is tired her cup of emotions is full.

  26. Moses nyangu

    Awe tefinti #bana mayo stop

  27. c.mato

    Pk chisanga keep it up,nice comment.

  28. Abel Zulu

    Mmmmmmmm imwe banthu ,but ka February kana pita ka.

  29. gershom kasenga

    Yaaaaaaaaaa kufilwa ifyakulanda mwandi now unfweni kuno no corruption go ad arrest the woman not mu mupange geloo

  30. Patrick Mwale

    It’s time people stopped behaving like animals of the jungle.How can you stab your husband for just inquiring over supper,I would like to think there is much more to this,am urging the police to dig deeper into this and the truth shall be cultivated.Shame on the woman!

  31. voices in chains

    Ukutemwa ukulya. He just had to sit and wait, why asking if there was any food. Mukalafwa.


    Patrick Mwale, my brother the truth is that this man does not provide for his household, period! He has learnt a lesson and if he again fails to provide, on father’s day he will see the worst! I am not encouraging GBV.
    The point is that as a man learn to provide and where you fail your partner will understand you. Tekulyafye tawishibe nokofifumine.Aweeeeeeee. Bupelwa – nano. If you provide your wife will just cook for you and love you more and more. Don’t rush to blame her for what she did. She’s traumatized, burdened, emotionally naked. Let’s take care of our homes very well and avoid women getting even on us. They are helpers and not slaves!……. OK.

  33. Malwena martin

    To bad pabwalifye

  34. Royd M Katz

    To be a helper it doesn’t only mean to stay at home and watch TV. Women, you have to be productive also. Atleast bring a coin home. This is the result of dropping out of school for marriage. If things don’t go well, why not separate or divorce, than attempting murder. Wake up people

  35. Samigo

    This is serious

  36. chishala musonda

    im i think its not aboult food they should some thing behind it

  37. c.mato

    mwebantu umwaumeuyu limbi talipila ne nsalamu coz tuleshba nopobabika ifyakulya mun^ganda yobe so if u find nothing it means u left nothing & lets no blame the woman coz the man simz to be a coward.women continue punishing some of these men kumagelo na kumabar ni ba big buyer but kubond wala yashani ?

  38. Ntamanyile

    I can’t believe it …. There was something else,not nshima.Ngabwali,ninshi bupubafye elyo kuisebanyafye.


    C mato, wise analysis

  40. Mwape

    Someone stab another over nshima,its a shame,disturbing,unfortunate and unacceptable so this woman who stabed this man is evil,heartless and bad she must b arrested wit hard labour and face the full ruth of the law.

  41. Chansa Didier jr

    That’s a sad development how come I never heard it ndafya paneba pali malilo could he be the one?

  42. Majoni Tyson

    It seems a man was asking for food yet he did not leave money to buy relish. As a result her wife decided to cut a stake from him so that she could cook and serve him. But Lusaka women plz u v toped on murdering husbands, y do u pipo marry from Lusaka.those women a confused with chorela

  43. Me 19yrz,,wise

    Imwe banthu,,,,,u can’t start judging who was wrong and right,,,,,,,,no one knows the truth,,,,,even tho the man wasn’t providing,,,, the women still more can’t reach the stage of wanting to kill her beloved,,,,,, these are type of marriages which weren’t blessed n church,,,,,,,, coz y forgetting the vowels u gave to each other,,,,that even n trouble u will be at service,,,,,,even tho u say the man was wrong ,,,still the Bible z against of murder,,,,,, we can think we are passing through a lot but come to think of how Jesus suffered,,,, but who heard that he did such a thing,,,,,,,, pipo ov Zambia we need self control and oso think ov otha pipoz feelings and this evil doings will be overcomes,,,,,,,,,,

  44. Joobo haamatimba

    Stabbing was not the solution the solution was to respond to the question, HUSBAND is there food?WIFE No .HUSBAND why ? WIFE, You did not give me what to cook. that so not stabbing who can marry a criminal that is direct divorce.

  45. Lawson sininza

    Gods plan for marriage is that man and woman must remain in union forever for marriage if holy and holy things will never pass away it will remain forever. Therefore the bible says “husbands love your wives and wives honour your husbands. This is just about doing whats right.

  46. Sunshine

    Mupompo ni down but you can’t stab your companion

  47. mark mulenga

    I don’t know where we are going in this world,God come fast???

  48. Mwenya Evaristo

    Over nshima zoona?

  49. Jay

    I think they was other issues that lead to stabbing

  50. Jay

    Other issues kead to dat

  51. Ba Honorable


  52. stebbin

    kamutaka kaleipaisha,hunger is painful,you can kill ad eat yo partner.i hear human freash is now being dried ad sold in matero,canibalism becouse of hunger.shame.

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