UPND Boycott Women’s Day Commemorations

UPND Copperbelt chairlady Lilian Michelo has said the opposition political party will not take party in the International Women’s Day Commemorations on grounds that the ruling party was suppressing the opposition.

Michelo says women have continued facing serious attacks especially those belonging to opposition political parties.

She said on several occasions during such activities, women from opposition political parties continue to be harassed without any action from law enforcers.

“We will take the theme as it is yes but as UPND we will not participate in any commemorations, we will meet at our Secretariat to pray because we don’t see it fit to participate in such,” she said.

Michelo of opposition political party women officials have suffered all manner of violence and yet no arrests were made to address such situations.

She said women in rural areas have been denied opportunities to benefit from empowerment programs only because they belong to opposition political parties.

“We have had situations were our women are undressed in public. I think that is not right and based on such brutality, we will not take part as UPND,” she added.

Zambia joins the rest of the World to commemorate International Women’s Day.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Muletulangisha nemitoto bafitonge imwe,what women are u mwebashumfwa be?

  2. Majoni Tyson

    This kind of politics is showing imaturity, what is the meaning of boycotting a day like this. Women’s day is not for pf,upnd or any party it’s commemorated worldwide, there is nothing concerning politics here.

    • White Mandandi

      I think it is right for opposition parties to boycott this day because PF members are bosses Even when they doing something bad no one is able to arrest them. So for women in the opposition it is better to stay away. Remember what happened to hon CK we are not safe in our own country

  3. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    You choose to undress yourselves at an expense of a political party,I respect women but lm seeing is some don’t respect themselves, sad.


    Mwema hule imwe…nensoni tamwakwata…..ba mu nyengelwa nsala…stay away are Zambia will Luz nothing tunyo twenu.

    • Kabul mike

      Zambia naha ye lukuluhile akuna ya swanela kuhanisa mutu ku eza za lata mubasiye.

    • Pj

      Respect mwana

  5. sage

    This is not good for our politics….those are our mothers but look at what they are showing us…..SHAME

  6. Jameswise musesha

    Ati women are undressed in public by rulling party cadres, so wat of there z it pf cadres who have undressed u o yourselves?Shame

    • mawema mbewe

      Be the weman of integrity not like that it’s shame

      • Malwena martin

        Lets put our hand together nd pray to the almighty go

  7. Lulu Jay

    Zambia is democratic nation which means everyone has a right to choose,to participate or not to,it doesn’t matter cause that’s they choice.lastly to all

  8. Lulu Jay

    Zambia is democratic nation which means everyone has a right to choose,to participate or not to,it doesn’t matter cause that’s they choice.lastly to mum,all the good mothers it’s happy women’s day,as your son’s we wish you a long and health life……

  9. clever Munakanyemba

    That’s how uneducated people can behave.in as much as am concerned,Zambia is a Christian nation but what am seing today uhu uhu its strange……

  10. Brashe

    Nimbwa shabantu what is the difference between zodwa wabant ffrom SA bupuba ubu, nanga ni Zambia ya ba nyinawanu imwe ba kolokombwa, abandoning woman’s day is just like aborting your own child, ati Upnd you’re now showing us the true pictures of your part thats Rubish and thats total tribalism you’re not politicians mulifimaule!

    • Kabul mike

      Tamukwe nensoni nishwi okulanda abanenu so,

  11. Aurent

    Comment: Shame to you upnd women exposing ugly and empty large bellies, are you women married? What a disgrace are you to the people who brought you on earth. And who cares whether you participate or not because you not of any value.

  12. Bakayoko

    what typ of women are you.
    ba UPND you can’t even feel shy. don’t celebrate we don’t care. shame on you

  13. DUMI


  14. mubanga

    This is total madness in these stupid ladies and unbelievable behavior let us respect our bodies, leaders please discipline our followers.

  15. Alex Chikombi

    Women, you show yourself total respect, these private parties you’re showing us must be see by your husband’s. You’re old enough. Don’t let your children to see your private things, wait for the judgement day you will regret

  16. ZONDA


  17. Loui Halw

    Andbwhats this??? Mahule!!!

  18. Gift

    If those ar mothers then i wud rather remain motherless bt 4rm de look of things,I can only c amaule and their desperate party.that’s y their party will Neva rise 2 the challenge coz its stuck n those dirty ampits so called women bitches.

  19. HCF

    This women are been harassed by the pf cadres and no action z been taking, mwembwa imwe cnt u get the point but u are jx busy commentn siry en stupit coments against this women… naiwe weulelanda ati ni tribalism, ni tribalism yanyoko.

  20. Gift

    Some of us ar proud of MOTHER Zambia and that’s y We Wish and join our real mothers 2 celebrate dis de.we kno very well de kind of weight it carries,now ignorant pipo like those n upnd,let them kip on protesting and boycott after all most of them av no mother Zambia at heart

  21. duks

    mulelangako nefinyo so that twamonako namalepe foolish women’s tamwakafulile mu state house nowamitune chipuba mwembwamwe 1000%+100%+nyo??

  22. Gift

    Long live mum,u ar such a great mother of all times compared 2 those foolish headless bitches who av polluted my eyes

  23. Michael phiri

    Am sure we are not restricted to freedom of expression… they have boycotted due to some reasons we won’t blame them…it’s normal because there problems rather complaints were not addressed

  24. muleobe

    That’s why you can’t scoop for the general election in 2021 cause you are selfish you upnd

  25. JC dot com

    I wonder why u pipo ate insulting these women and call them lots of names! Its their Rights imwe don’t force them to do what they don’t want! You are calling them prositutes….why don’t u call the Easterners also coz they also do the same ! So be fair u fools

  26. Mr. Youth

    Lets show maturity…. if any woman does something wrong lets not insult them they are our mothers… u know.

  27. chansa chiluba

    All those who are insulting our mothers “MBOLO ZAANU,BA IMBWA IMWE”!learn to respect our mothers BA FIKARA.they know their rights and others are educated than you are,MALABISHI.

    • Brian

      Are you happy with what ladies doing in the society right????,shameful for you coz how can you support an mental illness women over their nonsense on social media??????….i think you should have to go and see the doctors over your mental unstable too otherwise you may end up drive your family crazy.

  28. Bwalya Jeff

    If any of those women were my wife I would straight away divorce her.anyway I don’t expect any of them to be wives coz they are celebrating their own day.”Happy bitches day “

  29. If there is a wife for someone here devoce that woman because a woman who is tolt can't undress in front of the public.mwema ule.jahovah will punish you because the breast part of a woman is the most respected party.nothing like upnd here this is world wide.

    Maule imwe

  30. D man

    Mrs michelo what is happening? you ar the respected chairlady how can you let people to dress like these? i think you must resign, bcz you hav failed to give respect to zambian women.

  31. ernesto

    were are you moral value?

  32. D man

    please women do not be misleaded in these way , moreover you should know that some times politic is the devil’s way to mislead people from GOD.


    Less 4get about bad things, less honour the day of our mother s

  34. Brashe L/stone Holla

    U also who is in support of this stupidity action uli mbwa Y sure being in support of such careless behavior,U the one who is in support of these women mwati wamene iwe unachoka kubantu oloyoyou’re in the same boat are there you’re calling your mother idiot naiwe uliimwa, you are talking because it’s not your biological abaTema moth
    mothers nangu bauneke kukula we can see what is in there mind wakake sialeka so iwe idiot suona kuti aya sima mothers nimaule ule alibe nsoni careful naiwe uli chipuba uganvela mushe kutanbila uli sure to Upnd it’s happy maule’s day to proudly mother Zambia happy women’s day Viva. Upnd guys u and HH your so called leader you’re confusing the people of Zambia

  35. Charles M.Phiri

    Who cares even if u didn’t take part,useless think

  36. MULE


  37. Patrick Mwale

    It’s so sad that women in UPND have shunned the national event .They have gone the Zodwa wabanthu way in terms of their protest.This clearly shows how immoral the women are in the party.They have failed to provide Checks and Balances instead they want to politicize every national event.Shame on them!


    Those who are suporting thise women like JC dot com, i would like to tell u that undressing is not a right, check your facts. Easterners dot undress that is our traditional not undressing. So when u have done something wrong just accept and apolojise to the nation. This is not for UPND or PF but for Zambia. Check you hertred mind. Try to accomodate others.

  39. matelo 5

    Zambia report the picture you took is misleading with the issue at hand

  40. sim 1

    Bale fulila ka hh atase shame on u upnd.ka hh kena kalenwa nokunwa na kashi.but mwembutuma mule fula .

  41. Frantz

    Comment:respect Your Bodies.It Is Like Have My Nakedness Of My Mother.Please H H Educate Your Cadre Especialy Women

  42. Chofwe William

    Women’s day is for all and non partizan.

  43. Barotseland

    Its you who ate fools and idiots bcos those women are fighting for the bad relationship with the ruling party. Zwaaaaa pf ki masholi fela .

    • Fred

      This is madness,women’s private parts should be respected, despite PF is not doing fine as they put it,l wonder whether these women are marriage materials

  44. kedrick Zulu

    Yeah women’s u should respect yourselves please don’t undress yourselves over small issues like that imwee twapapata!!!!!

  45. kedrick Zulu

    Please women’s of Zambian we beg u in the name of Jesus, please don’t undress yourselves over small issue. This public holiday is for every one as long as you are Zambian not ati am of or upnd please mwebantu you should listen very carefully that’s why we Zambian we make things which is small to become so big!!

  46. Village Head man

    The UPND must question the credibility of MICHELO’S leaderships morals. Instructiing that number of Bitches to undress. What is Zondwa wabanthu for if UNPD can provide locally

  47. Richard

    it’s only in zambia, we ve IDOITS popi, cz 50% of them, they takes some ARVS.

  48. ZONDA

    Comment these useless women they were paid they cant it for mahara nibwa sana elyo niba pushi elyo niba kolokombwa kuti wachiteifyamusangoyu mwebantu elyo tabatotokanya

  49. Kixo

    we should respect our contry..women please please some of you your children is watching you shame on you

  50. Bwalya Jeff

    Just like what I said earlier they are celebrating their day “World bitches day”

  51. Brashe L/stone Holla

    Wena ni wena a una ngana, sure u can support such nonsense, pliz lets advise HH if he is not careful these same idiots so called upnd women carders they are just bringing him down and down, since he can’t see this women’s day is not for pf nor upnd mwembutuma mwe it’s the whole world,that’s Y there leader is also young and not fit to rule this country, as a leader how do you alow such manners aba maule.

  52. Jk

    Too much lawlessness with PF cadres wapya fumako balekuipaya

  53. Brian

    I think these ladies they’ve mental unstable,coz how can someone behave like that on public..shameful for their child and hubby.

  54. Jms

    Some people have no shame let me tell you that a DOG can not bite a family member but when that dog gets fed up I’m sorry you will fill how dog’s teeth is we do complain but because these people they have two ears they get and through shame

  55. LIMA

    Muleicindika namukula, nimwe muleonaula nabaana

  56. Mutale musonda

    Every one shield be light upnd women’s it well for not partiespartion for women’s day

  57. jakangoh

    For our mothers to boycott in these manner just know that something is wrong in our nation. This does not happen in our country. Government please let the rule of law and separation of power prevail in our nation. The are expressing their grievances.

  58. Lee ilunga

    nakamayofye akakulu ako kunuma,she has even left the grand children at her home kakonka nabaice kwena.You are disgracy to the womens of this country shame on you……

  59. Gift

    If those fools undressed bcoz of their stupid friends who ar killing innocent pipo,good things wud av followd them.Ba upnd y don’t u think n that way.U only solve issues through protest, boycotting and crying fouls Where there z no foul.look at de way yo women ar cursed and they want 2 curse others,its a shame.

  60. F .SAKALA

    Plz let’s respect our humanity especially as you women find another away of fighting this game of polities .you are showing your part , my quetion is that do you have men where you are coming from ? The answer is no why nobody who can allow his wife to move naked while a wife of UPND lead is well dressed but what l know is that the nakedness of all women are the same , thus move is not good as our zambian mothers.

  61. Phenomenal

    mmmmmmm am just passing

  62. Summer salt

    Please people!!!! Understand that these are cadres and not wemen, why do you waste energy on straight forward things? No two ways about it, they have forgotten that they are wemen due to constant losses, so Being confused they see no difference between campaign and cerebration!

  63. seasonal commentator

    Niba chotongo tabafundwa same na chiarladder wabo te chairlady uyo iyo mukwai.

  64. Kampeni

    The UPND are crying for Zondwa to come and show her nakedness in Zambia. The promoter of the event has already paid SA Rands 35000.
    The amount of money which they wasted on Zondwa could have been given to more than 20 women from UPND, and they would have danced naked for all fools who like to see nude women.

  65. gershom kasenga

    Now luk to this shameful party zooona balisobana ku ng’ombe is this women’s day or business of there body namabele aya bula umukaka

  66. Nkonkosheni

    All those ladies ar after money.Ne suko 2 much.

  67. Kapshizo

    Lilian michelo ngawalyupwa ninshi umulume obe nindoshi hw can u go mu road ne fitoto ifibele ifyafota with yo fellow witches mukafulalinga mwema ule aya kulu undress even yo fimatenge ne fiputula so that u remain naked zoona show yo HH ifidanana

  68. Jms

    We don’t care and time will tell no matter one talks sense to punisher they will not learn but still punishing

  69. Maxwell

    That’s the problem… Many of you here are just commenting without fully understanding the issue at hand….The problem here is the abuse that these women are subjected to and goes unpunished..

  70. King cool

    Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. They are being used by their blind leader


    I respect women a lot. Political parties like UPND must be barred from participating in 2021 on grounds of human rights violations.moo How do you parade women like that? Half naked!…… Just because they are poor. HH where is your conscience? Shame on you!
    What kind of president are you? You’re a very educated fool and useful idiot. Society is incomplete without people like HH.
    HH and UPND Sucks!!’……….,,,,,,

  72. mulongoti

    This is what I call dirtynes of the mind how does one complain on such a day when you had the whole year to complain about anything else ba HH is just finishing the party so that when it’s not through in 2021no one will be associated with it because of its behaviour were tired mwe hh has nothing to offer in this country apart from complaints

  73. Mumba Kenneth

    Upnd rubbish party how can it allow beautiful women walk naked like southafrican zondwa who dances half naked. Keep on shunning national event we also deny you a vote in 2021 election don’t come and cry once again.

  74. captain chanda

    Imwe basolola nefimibili fya Ku booster. Shame


    Those how are isauting our mother mwebwamwa pamatako penu iwe utukwana panyo iwe unachoka pamatako don’t ever repit it agent ba koswe.

    Our mum are right tutekwa nakowe mupoto how do u expect

  76. sikanyika john


  77. Jms

    I tell u that mindful people say kunuma and mindless people call ( kunuma) the way you called be ashemed .mind you don’t for get that what ever you say unknowledgeable people will lean your rubbish we have useless people have good education you will see how your mind will lead you to I ‘m astonished

  78. John


  79. muunje

    these poor women are being used by their selfish leaders

  80. Jms

    Can you agree if your child brought a situation your hearing the mother saying that the insure don’t concern your father

  81. Summer salt

    Please people understand that they are upnd and not wemen, all they think is cadreism and not commemoration. They’re used to fight for everything even when it’s rightfully theirs will be fought for!

  82. seasonal commentator

    Wise people have spoken and condemned your stupidity behavior and your idiot leaders utomfwa patunono napafingi takomfwa(wise person gets one word).Get back to your structure and remove bad leaders from your party ba kembo.

  83. Francis

    Noooiii just rubbish ??

  84. Jms

    Why do people insult ? Its just they are full of insults in their heads don’t for get you are Christians because your Bible which you don’t know teachers us that what you eat is nice but what you auteur is unbelievable FILIUKO TULEYA (Z)education

  85. marvin makondo

    Those pictures re old pics in 2014 and not on women’s day No

  86. Andisen

    No ma bible says akazi awulemu cmes for the God……..so emwe vimuzimai u uuu dont rspct%boobs outsde zoona aaa boma eyangane po!!

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