Tribute: Fare Thee Well Chanda Chimba III

There is just that feeling that other people may have delighted at news of the death of Chanda Chimba III.

A seasoned journalist with a traceable record, Chanda Chimba III invoked different emotions in different people.

To others he was a disgrace, one who deserved whatever misfortune that befell him in the final stages of his life. To others he was the embodiment of fearlessness, one who opted to take on the might of a certain class of politicians.

Chimba fearlessly expressed his political opinions and also anointed himself as a vessel of churning out the unspoken truth about certain unholy alliances in the run up to the 2011 presidential and general election.

Like many a man so confident about his convictions he took a risk by making himself a vessel for speaking unpleasant truths that became part of the Zambian political folklore in the run up to the 2011 general elections that President Michael Sata won.

Chanda’s works remain a visible part of the Zambian political fabric set up with some of the things that he said prophetically coming to pass.

He forewarned against the unholy alliance between the Patriotic Front and the now defunct Post Newspapers that eventually led to the paper’s downfall.

Other things are perhaps left to posterity to have the final say. Chimba stood stoically and welcomed whatever consequence befell him out of the works of his hands.

Even those that never liked him agree to the depth of his research and sense of history.

Some of his documentaries may have been scathing depending on the side of the coin one stood but were admittedly works of great research.

He dug out files from the archives that many an average and lazy journalist may not have given another look.

Even when he found himself on the other side of the law, Chimba took it all in his stride and never complained. He was never one to whine about his circumstances.

An average mind will only remember Chanda Chimba III for Stand Up for Zambia. Yet he has a traceable journalistic record.

He also spent a good portion of his time practicing journalism at ZNBC. At the height of the re-birth of multi-party politics in Zambia, Chimba was one of the many personalities at the national broadcaster bringing to us the news.

Chimba later formed PBJ Productions practising freelance journalism. Post 2011, Chimba earned a role as Voice of America correspondent but his contract was cut short when President Sata’s media team allegedly protested against his contribution on an international scale.

It was an honour for us to also receive contributions from Chimba on his journalistic thoughts which and were published on this platform.

Befittingly towards the end, he took on nobler causes as founding a cancer trust that seemed to give him a lot of satisfaction.

He encouraged men to go for cancer screening and openly talked about his prostate cancer condition that eventually claimed his life.

Somehow as Chimba went about his final days, there was just that feeling around a man who had run his race and willing to just wind down his life on nobler causes.

In his death the comrade may not have had the chance to tell his full side of the story on the public condemnation that he suffered as he stood up for Zambia.

Whatever the case Chimba’s legacy will loom large beyond his grave as his Stand Up for Zambia works are still available even on Youtube should anyone desire a lecture in modern day Zambian political history.

A wife and five children survive Chanda Chimba III. Fare thee well Chanda Chimba III.


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  4. mawema mbewe

    My his soul rest in internal peace

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  8. Mwansa John

    Just be frank, chanda chimba lll tabombele bwino pakwimya amasele nomusalula pali ba Sata,in plain and honest language just say his behaviour was not good especially in 2011. Do not praise someone pantufye nafwa awe. His programmes against Mr Sata were bad,just that, very bad.

  9. Jms

    We have yet lost A very recommendable person M.H.S.R.I.P

  10. ZONDA

    Comment M H S R I P

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  12. adriano

    it is good to create more friendship than creating more enemies , what can we learn from mr chanda chimba’s life history

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    Say hi to Mr sata, later.

  15. arn masen

    May His Soul Rest In Peace.

  16. Kennedy Limwanya

    You may not have agreed with his viewpoint, but a great researcher he was. His courage, too, was admirable. Not too many of his kind.

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  18. Charles M.Phiri

    Rest in peace Ba Chanda the 111

  19. Jesus for life

    Rest in perfect peace son of the soil. Your courage is a legacy which will forever remain in our hearts as Zambians and those that opposed your opinions


    Do unto others……………….
    Where is Shikapwasha?
    Respect the elders if you are to live long!


    Do unto others……………….
    Where is Shikapwasha?
    Respect the elders if you are to live long!

  22. Musonda David

    good riddance

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