Kambwili Rips Lusambo, “This Is Mediocrity Of The Highest Level”

NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili has described as mediocrity of the highest level the decision by Lusaka minister Bowman Lusambo to put up politically motivated billboards.

Lusambo, in similar style that characterized his stint on the Copperbelt, put up a billboard at a strategic location in Lusaka announcing his arrival in the capital city where he is provincial minister.

The government official received a backlash from online enthusiasts with the billboard going down less than 24 hours after images were circulated on social media.

He, however, denies he personally asked anyone to erect the billboard.

However, similar billboards of Lusambo are dotted across cities on the Copperbelt suggesting it was part of his hobbies driven by the excitement that comes with occupying such office.

“This is quite embarrassing and immature, why on earth is this nonsense allowed to continue.

“This guy has left 7 or 8 billboards of himself on the Copperbelt and now he has taken his immaturity to the capital city,” Kambwili wrote on his facebook page.

“Come on! Lusaka is the image of zambia and we cannot have these irrelevant billboards that are extremely useless and pointless.

“You deserve better leadership because this is mediocrity of the highest level. You begin to wonder what yardstick is used, as some of these appointments are highly questionable.”

Kambwili says Lusambo’s behaviour should come to an end.

“Here we have the chief bootlicker congratulating himself with huge billboards whilst people are suffering. This type of madness must come to an end because it seams like these people don’t want to work but instead just want to feed their pockets and egos simultaneously,” he said.

Lusambo attempted to keep to his billboard happy ways loudly pronouncing his presence with a giant billboard along Independence Avenue opposite the Supreme and High Court complex.

He learnt a few hours later that Lusaka is a different place altogether and was forced to pull the billboards down.


  1. Lozi Bull

    Lusambo Is A Big Koswe, Ma Rubbish

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  3. Stevie Bentz

    These are irrelevant and extremely nonesence bilboards.They must be removed with immediate effect!

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