Don’t Disrupt Youth Day Activities, Antonio Mwanza Warns UPND

Patriotic Front deputy media director Antonio Mwanza has warmed the opposition UPND youths against disrupting Youth Day celebrations.

Mwanza said that the UPND youth announcement that they would participate in Youth Day proceedings was not in good health.

He said that the PF had reported the matter to the police that they suspected the UPND wanted to disrupt the event as a precautionary measure.

Mwanza said that the UPND were taking advantage of the presence of the Commonwealth delegation in the country to draw negative attention to Zambia.

The UPND has broken its own tradition of shunning Youth Day celebrations citing their grievance with the state of youth unemployment.

One Response to “Don’t Disrupt Youth Day Activities, Antonio Mwanza Warns UPND”

  1. George Mainza

    UPND members were not ready to disrupt the youth day celebration becouse there is no one greater than a public holyday remember ,UPND is not a party for crazy members, it’s for wise men & women who always plan for a better living.

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