Kabimba Slams Hichilema “You Hate Pres. Lungu”

Former Patriotic Front secretary general and now Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba has accused UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema of harboring corrosive hatred for President Edgar Lungu.

Kabimba, a once-upon-a-time stern critic of President Lungu, has seemingly anointed himself as the Head of State’s chief targetman and has doubled down his attacks on Hichilema.

The former justice minister says President Lungu qualifies to contest the 2021 elections because of his hard work.

Kabimba has charged that the UPND leader is a spoiled with followers that always glorify him which has made him big headed.

He said President Lungu makes a better president for 2021 than Hichilema as he is humble and hardworking.

“Please don’t compare HH to Edgar Lungu. President Lungu is far much better than him (HH) because he (Lungu) is hardworking no wonder nearly all Zambians love him,” he said.

“This HH has been spoiled by being glorified by those around him that think and see him as a small god, it is clear that UPND members think that HH does not commit any wrong or sin, so whatever he says
is final and anyone who opposes their HH becomes an enemy to them.”

Kabimba adds, “the sooner those of us that want to lead the people adjust our mindset and hear things that you do not want to hear from others, the better.”

A few weeks ago, the Rainbow Party Secretary General disclosed that he voted for President Lungu in 2016 and that he would do the same in 2021 should the Head of State be allowed to stand.

President Lungu’s candidature is subject to litigation as opponents argue he does not qualify to contest the poll as he would have served out his constitutional two terms. His supporters, however, contend that the Head of State is eligible to contest the 2021 election as his first term was a continuation of a deceased leader’s term.


  1. Agent Choonga

    Useless kabimba,how can someone contest an election and vote for an oponent? is that not total madness? or afuna bamupase ka ncito?

  2. THE BOS


  3. Asibwen

    Big Up To Kabimba, A Man Who Do Not See Leadership In Himself, Yes He Says The Truth Bcoz He Weigh Himself.



  5. chipayeni leon

    mr kabimba so u don’t see the leadership in yo future sar?

  6. London Chali

    Mr Kabimba U Broke 9 Commandment

  7. Reagan

    Do wary my president god will punish him

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