Letter: Is Sacking Prof. Naison Ngoma A Solution To CBU Impasse?

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From: Concerned Student
To: The Minister of Education

Subject: Unreasonable fighting between the lecturers and the Vice Chancellor of the Copperbelt University

We understand with the right criteria well fit men and women are appointed to run higher education offices, yet the continued fight between the Copperbelt University lecturers and the Vice Chancellor prove rather the opposite.

The unionised workers Union of the Copperbelt University has passed a vote of no confidence in the Management Head and yet the minister has not intervened to sort the situation.

This has disturbed the opening of the second highest learning institution as lectures have vowed not to go for work until the current Vice Chancellor has been removed.

I ask myself why the minister is still defending the Vice Chancellor when clearly the Unions have said no to his mismanagement of Copperbelt university resources. If the Minister sees him fit please let her transfer him somewhere else and bring a new one so that lecturers can resume work and students can open.

It’s is sad that higher positions are held with so much power without looking at the affected students doing nothing at home because of the prolonged closure of the institution.

Yours faithfully,
Concerned Student.

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