OPINION: CBU Must be Ridded of Prof Ngoma

News of the re-opening of the University of Zambia may have come as a relief to many a student that has been confined home for three months owing to an undesirable indefinite closure.

The institution’s closure got caught up in the cholera outbreak that was used as the reason for the prolonged closure but however the institutions does not look any better or worse as before the closure. While the University of Zambia (UNZA) may have at least received a befitting Youth Day present by having the school re-opened their Copperbelt University counterparts are still stuck home largely for reasons that have nothing to do with sanitation.

Professor Naison Ngoma is emerging as the Copperbelt University’s greatest threat to peace. We have yet to meet one person who is happy about the good old professor at CBU. Students have repeatedly protested his continued stay at the helm of the institution, fellow lecturers have been at loggerheads with him and the unions have put up a strong case for his removal.

So why has government repeatedly shielded Prof Ngoma from the axe or deploy him elsewhere to a place where his services may be welcomed? CBU has remained closed partly because of a longstanding standoff between Prof Ngoma and everyone else in the CBU set up.

Why should CBU students be made to pay for the arrogance of one individual? Of course we are not blind to the fact that the government is not in a hurry to open CBU as there is that awkward issue of allowances. It is not a secret that it would be catastrophic to re-open CBU without taking care of the delicate issue of allowances.

It is very clear that the biggest problem with the re-opening of CBU is not sanitation but the case of the divisive Professor and the absence of money for allowances for students.
We demand that government resolves this matters immediately and re-open CBU as its continued closure is detrimental to the aspirations of this great nation to march on to a greater future.

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