Ndola Traders Back On The Street

Traders in Ndola are back on the streets claiming that there is no business in markets.

The traders have complained that most customers are not entering the markets thereby affecting their business.

They say most market stands are occupied as most of them are forced to rent from owners a move they said is not sustainable as they are also expected to pay levies to the local authority.

Traders are insisting that the local authority improves the working environment in the markets before asking them to back.

“We are having serious challenges and most of us our businesses have gone down since being relocated to the markets, we were told that we would be provided with convenient trading places but what we are seeing is different looks like the situation will continue like this. Well there is more business here (streets) than inside the markets,” one of the traders said.

The traders have since appealed to the Ndola City Council to find means of improving market infrastructure which will be attractive to the customers who now opt to buy their products from shops.

“Am sure you are aware that shoprite also deal in vegetables so how can we sell here in the markets with such mud? Customers are going into shops and we are here with no business,” the trader added.

But Ndola Mayor Amon Chisenga has warned that the law on street vending is very clear.

Chisenga said the local authority will not allow such lawlessness adding that all those trading on the streets should find their back in the markets before the council moves in.


  1. Asibwen

    The Story Never Change, But We Lack Reason. Ala Chulilamo Ni Mayo Ulia Muka Filwa Uchetekela Mu Makwebo.Pantu Yakosa Pa Zed, Takuli Uka Tuumfwa Fwe Bachula.

  2. London Chali

    Mayor And Other Stakeholders To Whom It May Concern See How U Are Going To Handle That Issue.

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