YALI Wants Chilanga Vacancy Reversed

The Young African Leaders Network (YALI) says that Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini should explain while he has declared the Chilanga parliamentary seat despite incumbent Keith Mukata appealing his sentence.

Governance advisor Isaac Mwanza said Matibini should explain whether Mukata had already started serving his sentence despite his appeal.

Mwanza said that the appeal by Mukata over his death sentence for murder could have frozen out Matibini from declaring the Chilanga seat vacant.
He said that YALI wanted the decision reversed until the court process was exhausted.

“The Speaker should guide the house, as a former judge (Matibini) he should tell us whether honourable Keith Mukata is already serving his sentence while in detention waiting for his appeal ,” Mwanza said.

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  1. Asibwen

    Are Going To Sing Praizing Songs Over This Issue Of A Killer, Taking Advantage Of Some Body Who Is Dead, Somebody Who Cant Testfy How He Died. What Type Of Society Are We Leaving In, That Poor Citizen Should Be Killed By Rich Ones In Name Of Money Diffence. He Apeal While He Knows The True That He Had A Hand In That Boy’s Death,Bcoz He Has Privoulage To Buy Lawers, And Chalange The Case. Any Way My God Will Punish U, Bcoz U Stil Sining, Naimwe Ba YALI, Lesa Wandi Alemimona.

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