Letter: Novatek Union Leader Fired; Workers Threaten Management

Dear editor,

hide my identity on behalf of my colleagues at NOVATEK ANIMAL FEED in Lusaka we wish to condemn in strongest term the behaviour of our management disciplinary committee led by; Mr Mondomona, Mr Saudi Mbewe, Mr Thomas Banda, Mr Stanley Mbuzi, the chief security, Mr zimba over the incompetence they have so far exhibited to our able UNION REPRESENTATIVE Mr CILELEKO HACINZOBOOLO who was accused of sleeping on duty of which they failed to produce an evidence to support their claim. Instead they have decided to ask him to come & get a letter of termination of his contract on Tuesday 14:00hours.

The same Moron mentioned above failed to cough when Mr JAMES PHIRI assaulted a cleaner over a lady mind you fighting or causing a fight is a summery dismissal but nothing happened! !!! now over an innocent man they want to dismiss him with their tails & heads up. We therefore wish to warn them that we will not keep quiet. Don’t take our docility for granted watch out.

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