Ndola Local Authority Warns Street Vendors

The Ndola City Council has warned street vendors to keep away and stay in the markets where stands have been allocated.

Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza has directed street vendors to get back to markets and other designated trading places before the Local Authority pounces on them.

“Street vending often leads to the unlawful disposal of rubbish and many other waste materials in the streets, which can quickly accumulate and pose a danger to the health of the population. The Local Authority is, therefore, disappointed that street vendors, who had cooperated with the Council at the height of the recent Cholera outbreak, which claimed many lives, especially in Lusaka, have started trekking back to the streets, creating a health hazard” she stated.

She said the Council has observed with great disappointment that some individuals have chosen to defy with impunity, the law which bans street vending, not only in Ndola, but countrywide.

Ms Mwanza said the Council, working in hand with the police, will ensure that the Statutory Instrument No. 10 of 2018, pertaining to Local Government (Street Vending and Nuisances), which bans street vending and other nuisances, is strictly adhered to.

“In this regard, the Council would like to warn vendors to stay off the streets, or risk having their merchandise confiscated, in addition to being prosecuted in court, facing heavy sentences, and fines upon conviction, a street vendor can face a fine of up to K5,000 or serve time in jail. It is this distress that the Council does not want to inflict on any of its residents. It would prefer that individuals complied with the law by restricting their trade to the designated places” Ms Mwanza added.

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