ZICTA Adds 4TH Mobile Company In Market

The Zambia Communications Technology and Technology Authority has finally garnered enough courage to award a fourth mobile license to UZI Mobile.

UZI Mobile is owned by Unitel International Holdings B.V whose parent company is traced to the Netherlands, with connections to former Angola leader Eduardo Dos Santos daughter, Isabela.

The development will close in the space dominated by MTN, Airtel and Zamtel while Vodafone has only been accorded a data licence.

ZICTA made the announcement adding that UZI will provide up to 5 G technologies with about 500 jobs expected to be created on the spot.


  1. Basil Chama

    Ok twainvela,koma mtn e bola

  2. Jk

    Good move

  3. Joshua

    Things it actually good

  4. Joshua

    Things it actually good..UZI

  5. Jose

    Wow thats bravo

  6. Kaumba

    What a nice move by ZICTA

  7. FGM

    ZICTA, you have authority to make Zambians be exploited or redeemed. The move will make mobile phoning cheaper and accessible to many Zambians. I salute you.

  8. Izzy

    We are appreciate

  9. Samuel Sean Sankeni

    ZICTA That’s a good Effort for Zambians.

    I love you ZICTA 😍

  10. chibwe saviour

    wow fantastic move zicta

  11. Samson Mwale

    Loving the move

  12. Zicta

    That is a good move. But we should see jobs being offered. Not only pa kamwa chabe… I like the move

  13. 1 slim

    Chaiwa twaimvela iyo nkhani ili good keep it up ba Monti

  14. 1 slim

    Good Guy’s


      Good moving u are now growing up and we are expected to see something more especially in rural areas


    I really like the way u are now growing up

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