CBU Workers Wonder Why Varsity Should Re-Open

The Copperbelt University Students Union (COBUSU) has asked management to explain why students should report to school when the university reopens on Sunday despite unionised lecturers making it clear that they will boycott classes as long as Prof. Naison Ngoma remains vice Chancellor.

COBUSU vice President Patience Mukonko said students are already frustrated with the delays to reopen the University and asking them to report for school without the standoff between management and unionised workers resolved will worsen the situation.

She said both management and unionised workers need to realise that they are at the University because of students and that should help them resolve their standoff.

Mukonko has appealed to government to intervene in the happenings at the Copperbelt University without any emotions so that issues are attended to on time.

“It is regrettable to note that even when the university reopens, unionised lecturers will not be available, so we appeal to government to quickly intervene in the matter because students are already frustrated with delays to reopen the university” she said.

Mukonko has asked management and unionised workers to put aside their differences in the interest of students whose academic year calendar has already been affected.

“As things stand it will be very easy for the university to close again and it is very possible that students will end up reacting to such because you can’t ask students to report when there are still pending issues that need to be resolved. We have been frustrated already for staying home for over three years and it is unfortunate we being asked to report as the university reopens yet unionised lecturers will not be available” She added.

The Copperbelt University announced that it will reopen for the 2017/2018 Academic calendar on March, 25th, 2018 but unionised workers have maintained that they will not report for work as long as Prof. Naison Ngoma is not removed as vice Chancellor of the Copperbelt University.

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