Katumbi: A New Congo Is Possible

Exiled Congolese opposition leader MoŃ—se Chapwe Katumbi has declared a new, war free & economically viable country is possible.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is among the poorest nations in the world but sits in a geographic location with some of the world’s riches mineral deposits.

Civil strife, ethnic clashes and poverty continues to ravage the country with incumbent president Joseph Kabila insisting on staying in power beyond his two terms.

Moise Katumbi is set to challenge for the presidency in the December 2018 election.

His campaign is in full gear. Watch the video in which he declares “today, I propose that we fight this fight together. Join me! Strength is on our side. Join me! The time for change has come. Another Congo is possible. Together for change!”

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  1. London Chali

    Mr Moise Joining You To Unknown Party?

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