Drunk-Behaviour Lands Mumbi Phiri 30 Day Suspension

Patriotic Front top official Mumbi Phiri’s failure to control her intake of alcohol has landed the official in hot soup with the party moving in to slap a 30 day suspension.

The suspension is an indictment on the party’s deputy general secretary and recently nominated member of parliament.

Mumbi Phiri was allegedly heavily inebriated during a party function in Chilanga recently at which President Edgar Lungu was guest of honour.

Mumbi’s behaviour is said to have caused embarrassment to the party leadership.

Party Secretary General Davies Mwila announced the suspension earlier today.


*C. Disciplinary Hearing for Hon Mumbi J. Phiri, MP and Deputy Secretary General*

Following allegations of gross misconduct and impropriety levelled against Hon Mumbi Phiri arising from her conduct at a Party fundraising event in Chilanga District, which event was graced by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia and Party President for the Patriotic Front Mr. Edgar Edgar Chagwa Lungu, a report was tabled before Central Committee to effect the necessary sanction.

On 5th March 2018, Hon Mumbi Phiri was requested to exculpate herself of the alleged bad behaviour reported to have caused embarrassment to the Party President and the Party membership at large and she was further asked to show cause within seven (7) days why disciplinary action should not be taken against her following the allegations. In her response, Hon Mumbi Phiri asked for forgiveness as she admitted her wrongs. She maintained the same position during her appearance before the Disciplinary Committee. She was remorseful throughout the disciplinary process and while she deserved stiffer sanctions, Central Committee took into consideration that she was a first time offender and a committed and loyal member of the Party.

Article 74, regulation 36 (a) provides jurisdiction to the Disciplinary Committee of the Central Committee “to discipline Party leaders including Members of the Central Committee”. Article 19 of the Party Constitution and the Disciplinary Code Handbook at page 13 provides for sanctions depending on the seriousness of misconduct as follows:

(a) Simple warning or caution
(b) Written reprimand censure
(c) Demotion in office
(d) Suspension from office or function in the Party for a specified period
(e) Expulsion from the Party by Central Committee

Hon Mumbi Phiri has been suspended from Central Committee and from her position as Deputy Secretary General for 30 days effective 24th March 2018.

Central Committee hopes that she will use the 30 days to reflect and learn.

This is to remind all of us that Patriotic Front has no sacred cows and shall not tolerate indiscipline from its leaders and members at any given time. Let me send this warning that leaders have a duty to lead by example and must be above board.



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    Bad for u mumbi phiri

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    Keep it cool Amai

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    Show me yo leader i will tell u who u are,namenso yalamonka at mayo nichakolwa kwati niba nani aba…….

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    U people why do we like talk about other people’s sins? aaaaaa while hiding ours, just understand her ,even Mr Lungu dricks and when is dances

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    i don’t see any problem with madam , she just did what everybody does including “ME”. don’t exclude yourself as if you are perfect..

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    She should have been given sanction b rather than 30days. She was remorseful and apologized and first.I don’t support do be fair. She is not like that pompous minister who is still boasting for what he did.

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    She has zero leadership qualities so expect such mediocre from her… Just none in pf

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