George Chellah Is No Better Than Emmanuel Mwamba – Political Commentator

A Zambian blogger Proud Aushi Musamba has put herself in the firing line to defend Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba against a scathing attacking launched by former presidential spokesperson George Chellah.

Chellah questioned Mwamba’s announcement of Roan PF MP Chishimba Kambwili’s purported evacuation before procedural paperwork was concluded.

The former aide to President Michael Sata, a very unpopular State House official at the time, labelled Mwamba excited and virtually immature lacking in diplomatic etiquette.

But Musamba is not taking Chellah’s gospel for anything other than garbage.

She writes, “Chiwamila galu- Truth be told, ‘you are no better than the person you are criticising.’.”

Musamba states that Mwamba may have his own weaknesses and not her favourite media personnel, but that Chellah was not the best person to person to launch such attacks.

“At least Emmanuel has some class, doesn’t lower himself to openly quarrel with political cadres and those with divergent views from him.

“You the person bashing him, was ever online, as well responding to Sata/PF critics. Worse demeaning opposition leaders and cadres.

“Together with your favourite PF cadres would even create fake FB accounts to unleash venom on the likes of Musamba. Anyway some of us do not suffer from temporary amnesia,” she states in reminding Chellah of his mondus operandi which including instructing ZICTA to bug private telephone conversations of those he perceived as “enemies” or “opponents” and sometimes his friends he didn’t trust.

One of Chellah’s online pages, the Zambian Intelligence News, has since grown inactive.

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